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A White Brother Opens Up To Two Black Brothers
The Agenda behind homosexuality in Afrika
How well do you know your Malema?
Xenophobia “Who is the real enemy?”
Is there a hidden symbolic message behind the Animation film Lion King?
Can we count on the Youth?
Is Feminism Making the Afrikan Man Irrelevant?
Are S.A’s unaware of their relation to African people from other countries?
Are Afrikan Leaders Puppets Consciously or Unconsciously?
Why Afrikans need to be paid reparations
Types of Learners
South Afrikans should lead the Afrikan Army of the future, they are BOLD!
Be honest Afrikans! How do you plan to escape the vaccine?
Is polygamy the key to rebuilding African society?
Should Black Women trust Black Men more?
Mr. Jeffrey Sachs destroys the top 1% DAMN!!!
Tell the WHOLE story!!
Are Women Superior than Men?
We Need To STOP Calling Our Ancestors Demons!!

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