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Goal: Every Ambassador of Zola Bantu should grow at least 30% of their food consumption products/goods by 2030.
Description: A 4m by 4m space for a garden + 10 local chickens to raise for meat and eggs.

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<<<Food Pyramid: Seeds, Grains, Fruits, Nuts, Legumes & Vegetables>>>

Birds & Animal Rearing

Know Your Africa

KYA (Know your Afrika) Encyclopedia
Goal: An online encyclopedia of Afrika.
Description: Written content of all the 55 Afrikan countries on the Zola Bantu website for Education and research purposes.

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Education Syllabus

Goal: A new detailed educational syllabus for Afrika.
Description: Parental Education, Family Education, Children Education, service to society, choosing a life partner, preparation for marriage, marriage.

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Online Store

Goal: An online Store with various Afrikan products made by Afrikans.
Description: Clothing’s, and clothing accessories e.g.
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Goal: Practical lectures for Afrikans to lead a better life.
Description: Various Educational lectures for the wider Afrikan Community to learn practically ways to lead a better life.
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Goal: Progressive conversations that will benefit the Afrikan society.
Description: Day to Day podcast on various Afrikans problems to provide solutions that can implemented immediately into the society.

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Goal: Building a library for the future generation of Afrikan children.
Description: Gatherings of various thoughts and ideas to build a university of thoughts to serve as an engine to drive Afrikan Universities of the future.

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