Our Ambassadors

Nsaku-Priest | Panvu-Scientist | Nzinga-Judge

The 3 Pillars of Spirituality

Arvy Ngayaka Ngala-Ngala

Founder & Ambassador (Nsaku)

I am a student of the servant of the Holy Spirit (Ekumani Wetshi) for the awakening of the Human conscience.

Lebohang Nkosi

Board Member & Ambassador (Nsaku)

My mission is to share the knowledge of awakening the consciousness, balancing of spirituality through chakras, healing, hearing those whispers from Divine Power to endure the greatness of living in peace and embracing love.

Ipeleng Tihalel’Yah Mothusi

Board Member & Ambassador (Nsaku & Panvu)

My main focus is more on people understanding their strength within them and knowing that they are their solutions to their problem.

Zaheer Ernest

Board Member & Ambassador (Nzinga & Panvu)

My primary focus to promote love, peace and unity amongst all Africans. Together we can help build a greater Africa for future generations to come. A future that is filled with opportunity for all and social justice for all Africans.

Kagiso Kobue

Action Member & Ambassador (Nsaku & Panvu)

Coming soon…

Amani Nehandayah Israel

Action Member & Ambassador (Nsaku & Panvu)

As a spiritual healer with a mission to help in the awakening of our people, it is my desire to assist those who are in need with aligning the mind, body, and spirit through inner healing, and teaching others conversance with Self to raise consciousness.