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Are you a Filmmaker or Producer looking for an inspiring Story?

Zola Bantu Introduces 2 Amazing stories worthy of a Movie Project

Story of Elizabeth

Summary: Doctor Elizabeth flees her parents’ house because they want her to serve the Lord. This leaves her parents in pain and the shock leads to the death of her father. She returns after hearing the sad news to fulfil her father’s wishes, but it is too late. Elizabeth then goes through a series of difficult events that lead to her painful death. However, something happens after her death that will have you at the edge of your seat.

Picture Credit: News Summed Up

Story of John

Summary: John meets an incredible woman at a school he attends. Later he gets married to her to fulfil his mother’s wishes. He then meets another woman on a trip and begins an affair with her. The family is disappointed as they come to find out about the affair. But then, something happens to John that changes his life forever.

Picture Credit: LORENZ FRØLICH

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