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Ladies and gentlemen to begin, you need to first understand what Zola Bantu is about, and where do we source our information from. Because we are trying to awaken the conscience of African people, but where do we get or source our information from. Who are our teachers? Because these are spiritual messages that we are teaching at Zola Bantu. So, we did not just source our information from the sky no, we were also taught just like anybody else is also taught by a teacher.

 If you visit the sacred texts in the book of Yohani (John), you know very well that these people were our brothers and sisters of Africa, but our writings were tampered with in the council of Nicea and council of constantinople. Many of the characters in the bible were black people, but for the purpose of colonisation they whitewashed the entire bible and turned almost all the characters white. 

It made no sense to them to use a book of black people with black characters to teach black people of a white God and white angels. So, they had to change history in their favour. To do this they met in these two councils that took place way before the missionaries came to Africa to prepare the colonisation manual a.k.a the Bible for the complete destruction of African people by the use of religion.


The Gospel of John is the fourth of the four canonical gospels. It contains a highly schematic account of the ministry of Jesus, with seven “signs” culminating in the raising of Lazarus and seven “I am” discourses culminating in Thomas’ proclamation of the risen Jesus as “my Lord and my God


 So, as we were saying, Yohani was the name of our brother, but after going through the whitewashing machine, he became John, a European name. So, brother Yohani wrote in his book, if you read in John chapter 14:15-18.

 Jesus Promises the Holy Spirit

15 “If you love me, keep my commands. 16 And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever— 17 the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him, for he lives with you and will be[a] in you. 18 I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.”

 The Holy Spirit is basically another name for God the CREATOR, THE MOST HIGH. Master Yeshua came to North Africa about 2,000 years ago, his name was Master Yeshua, his mom actually called him Mfumu Yesu (Meaning: Eye of God) who was born in the Middle East. Today we know of a place called the Middle East, it is because in the 17th century the French leader Napoleon, observed that ship traders were finding it difficult and a long distance to circulate around Africa to get to North America. So, they divided the water by North Africa to create the Suez Canal to allow the ships to pass through. So, now it seems like the middle east is separate from Africa, no, the middle east is actually North Africa. So Master Yeshua came to North Africa about 2,000 years ago to teach love and show us the way back to the father.


The Suez Canal is an artificial sea-level waterway in Egypt, connecting the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea through the Isthmus of Suez and dividing Africa and Asia. The canal is a route of trade between Europe and Asia.


 Napoleon, also Napoleon Bonaparte, and later known by his regnal name Napoleon I, was a French military and political leader who rose to prominence during the French Revolution and led several successful campaigns during the Revolutionary Wars.


So, when he (Master Yeshua) did his ministry and taught the people of the land, he left them a promise, because when he came, he found us in spiritual laziness, we were not spiritually mature. And there were so many things that he wanted to teach us but was not able to because we were so poor in spirit to grasp, understand, inner-stand and overstand his message. Some of the things he was teaching we were not able to understand. So, he said to us that he is going to ask the father to send us another advocate to come and help us and be with us forever. Master Yeshua called this advocate “The Spirit of Truth”. He described this spirit truth by saying, “The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him”, John 14:17.

So, this spirit of truth, it is actually a personality, it’s a person that was to come, to elaborate and make the teachings of Master Yeshua much clearer to us, because we were in spiritual laziness and not able to understand the teachings of Master Yeshua, and he chose to speak to us in parables. 

If you open the bible, you will notice that Master Yeshua spoke a lot in parables. He spoke to us in parables because we were not able to understand most of his teachings. So, he said, “I will send you someone else, I am going to pray to the father, to the creator,” father here means creator.

Mind you, father does not mean that God is male, no. Father comes from the word in Hebrew Abba, Abba means source and sustainer. So, when we say father, we mean God the creator, nothing to do with male because God is hermaphrodite. God is both the masculine and feminine in one. We just say father for the sake of understanding, because the English language is very poor at conveying spiritual messages. Father does not mean that God has a penis, no. God is hermaphrodite, God is divine.

Master Yeshua sent his thoughts to the creator to send another messenger, who will come and elaborate his teachings much easier for us to understand.

So, this 2nd Advocate that Master Yeshua promised, actually came, and incarnated on earth, that energy of God the creator, a piece of God the creator incarnated the body of Mfumu Kimbangu in 1887. He was the son of or part of the Holy Spirit (God the Creator) that Master Yeshua promised to come and teach his people more about what is going to happen. He began his mission, he came during the time of colonization, and when the Europeans (the west) began to observe him and his message, they were very much threatened by his message, and they put him in prison for 30 years. And while he was in prison and during his ministry he wrote a book, called “Mukanda Wa Mvidi Mukulu”, it means the book of Mvidi Mukulu. Mvidi Mukulu is in a Kongolese language it means ‘First ancestor’, referring to God the creator, in other languages we say Akongo or Allah, other people call God creator as Consciousness, Energy.


Simon Kimbangu was a Congolese religious leader who founded the Christian new religious movement Kimbanguism. Kimbanguists consider him to be an incarnation of the Holy Spirit.


 So, Mvidi Mukulu sent a piece of himself, and Mvidi Mukulu is the first man found at the peak of the primordial spiritual kingdom. So, a piece of himself is what we call the son of man. Son-of in spirituality means part of. It is not a result of sexual reproduction. Master Yeshua is the son of God, a part of the divine, while Mfumu Kimbangu is the son of Man, a part of God the creator, Mvidi Mukulu. So Mfumu Kimbangu was a part of God the creator that incarnated in the earth in 1887 in response to the prayer of Master Yeshua.

 If you read in revelation chapter 14:6 written by brother Yohani, it says,

 6 And I saw another angel fly (Angel here means messenger). It comes from the word in Greek ‘Angelus’. An angelus means a messenger.

So, brother Yohani saw in a vision an angel flying in mid-air and he had the eternal gospel.

6 “And I saw another angel in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people,”

Mfumu Kimbangu came with the eternal gospel that master Yeshua promised to teach us more on what he taught us, but he hid in parables.

This book it is not possible for you to have access to it fleshly, you have to increase your vibration to a certain dimension to be contacted by your spiritual guides. Everyone has their own spiritual helpers. It means there are people in the spiritual kingdom who look after your life, others may say, “The ancestors are watching us”. When you are ready spiritually, when you leave the 3D dimension, the dimension of human government (materialism, immorality & egocentrism) and rise towards the 4th and 5th Dimension and then your spiritual helpers will guide you through your intuition or vision to find this book by Vidi-Mukulu.

In this Zola Bantu book volume 1, we have taken some information from the ‘eternal gospel’ to communicate with you, but it would be also great if you seek directly from the source and that means to have an alliance with the son of man, vidi-mukulu, God the creator. To search for vidi-mukulu means you have to live in love, cultivate purity and live in justice to be in touch with THE MOST HIGH and do an alliance with him.

Living in love, purity and justice means; Love: to love your Neighbour as yourself. Purity: Clean your thoughts, clean your words, and clean your words. Justice: Respect the laws of creation (The Laws of the Universe) this will raise your vibration out of the 3D dimension towards the 4th, 5th, 6Th dimension.

So, this Zola Bantu foundation Book will have 25 chapters, it is the guide into the eternal gospel for the preparation of the reign of a thousand years. Zola Bantu is preparing for the reign of a thousand years, where the earth will be in peace for 1,000 years. “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14.

Now if you read in Revelation 11:3, it says ‘I will appoint my two witnesses, and they will prophesy for 1,260 days”. If you see in the picture, we have Alfonso Diassonama and Ekumani Wetshi, these are spiritual helpers, they are the ones that Revelations 11:3 speaks about. There are the ones that the bible speaks about in Revelation chapter 11:3, the two witnesses that will come at the end of time, in the time of Aquarius, to speak, to make an announcement of the eternal gospel.

We are currently in the time of Aquarius, and it began in the 14th century. Each cosmic time is equivalent to approximately 2,560 years or commonly known as 2,100 years. The Cosmic times began 25,000 years ago. It began in Capricorn and ends in Aquarius. There are 12 cosmic times (Zodiac signs) namely, Capricon, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Libra, Virgo, Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, Aries, Pisces & Aquarius.

 To best understand the cosmic times, we will give a simple example. Cosmic times are periods of times where the earth aligns itself to a certain zodiac constellation so that the elders from other communities can come and help humanity grow in spiritual maturity. Take an example of a newborn child, not only do the child’s parents participate in the growth of the child. The grandparents, cousin, siblings, friends of the family all come together to contribute to the growth of the child. So as humans on earth the earth aligns itself in various cosmic times to receive different energies and spiritual helpers to contribute to the evolution of Humanity.

 Humans arrived on earth and evolved to become conscious and when they became conscious, the free will activated, and the cosmic times began from Capricorn, and it ends in Aquarius. When the cosmic times end, the earth will enter into its decomposition phase respecting the cycle of matter. Thus, it is important that at this time of Aquarius we grow in spiritual maturity to participate in the reign of a thousand years and return back to the spiritual kingdom. Master Yeshua came in the time of the Pisces, but unfortunately, we didn’t understand his message due to our spiritual laziness, stuck in the religion of the roman, so he sent another like him in the time of Aquarius to lead us to all truth and help traverse this period of judgement to book our place for the reign of a thousand years.

 As we mentioned earlier, 

So, brother Yohanni says, “And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people,” Revelation 14:6.

This angel mentioned here, this messenger is Mfumu Kimbangu, who came with the eternal gospel, Mukanda wa Mvidi Mukulu, that Master Yeshua promised to teach us more about what he hid in the parables. So, Mfumu was the messenger, the Holy Spirit that Master Yeshua promised, and he wrote this book, “Mukanda wa Mvidi Mukulu”. This book it is not possible for you to have access to it, you have to increase your vibration to a certain level to be able to be contacted by your own spiritual guides or spiritual helpers. Everyone has their own spiritual guides or helpers. It means there are people in the spiritual kingdom or in the kingdoms of light that look after your life, and who watch whatever you do and when are ready spiritually. When you leave the 3D and 4D dimension your spiritual guides or helpers will guide you to find this eternal gospel.

So, in the Zola Bantu Book Vol 1: Foundation, there are 25 chapters, and it starts with the Paradigm.



Paradigm means the way in which you see the world. Every person in the world has a way in which they see the world. They have a vision of the world, the Chinese have their own vision of the world, the Indians have their own vision of the world, the Americans and Europeans have their own vision of the world. What are you alive for? Your purpose? And destination? every person on earth has a way they see the world. If you don’t understand how another person sees the world, it will be very difficult for you to evolve. You might think, you live with a person in the house, or you work together, but if you do not know their vision of life it will be very difficult.

 Let’s talk a little about the current world order, “The way in which the world, our planet is being run”. In the world that we live in there is a vision (paradigm) that carries this world. The powerful of this world, those that have conquered this world on all international platforms, they have their vision in which they are running the world in the actual moment.

 So, who are these people? Well, if you do some research, you will find out that, there are principle 13 families or 13 bloodlines that currently run the world. You can do your own research, we have families like The Astor bloodline, The Bundy Bloodline, The Van Duyn Bloodline, The Rothschild Bloodline, The Collins Bloodline, The Russell Bloodline, the Onassis Bloodline, The DuPont Bloodline, The Freeman Bloodline, The Li Bloodline, The Merovingian Bloodline, The Kennedy Bloodline and many other minor Bloodlines like Rockefeller and Carnegie etc.

 (Let’s open a bracket. So, these bloodlines are the ones that are running the world at the moment. They took over the world a few centuries after the fall of Egypt. You know very well that the first civilization was in Ethiopia 40,000 years go and then it declined around 30,000 years with the separation of the tectonic plates, and later after the great flood that led to the drowning of Atlantis around 20,000 years ago Egypt took over the leadership in the world and reigned for 13,000 years. The Greeks and Babylonians took over from Egypt around 1,400 B.C after the death of Pharaoh Kenatu. And the Romans now around 300 B.C took over the Greeks and have been leading the world till date for 4,000 years now. Rome broke down into the kingdoms of Europa, that we know today namely, Franco-France, Belgian-Belgium, Anglo-Saxon-England, Spanian-Spain, Portuga-Portugal. The Portuguese are the ones that came to Africa first and found strong people that they found useful to be shipped to the Caribbean and America to work in the plantations as slaves and the others followed the footsteps of the Portuguese. Many of these 13 families sprung out of these kingdoms and of course a few in Asia.

Black people were seen naturally by the Romans as free labor because remember the Romans took over from the Greeks. When Rome invaded Greece, they destroyed everything, but kept the books and library of the Greeks. The Romans absorbed the philosophy of the Greeks cooked with their military power and ruled the world. In the society of the Greeks, dark skin people were created by the Gods to be slave and serve light skinned people. They even had physical traits to tell if one was chosen by the Gods to be a leader.

 Trait 1: Blue eyes

Trait 2: Sharp Nose

Trait 3: Thin Lips

Trait 4: Light skin

Trait: Soft curly hair

 If you lacked any of these traits, you were created by the gods to be a slave.

 So, when the Portuguese landed in the heart of Africa in the 14th Century and saw black people, they shouted “Hallelujah, the gods have blessed us today”. Let’s close the bracket).

 So, if you look at the great seal of the United States, it has 13 arrows and 13 stars, it is not a coincidence that in the great seal of the United States there are 13 stars and 13 arrows, it is because they depict the 13 families that currently run the world.

The question you have in mind is how do they run the world?

These 13 big families are at the top, when we mean top, we mean they are at the top board of the board of directors or founders of all the fortune 500 companies. They founded and own these companies and are not destroyed by nationalities, like Chinese, Russians; they are all in the same paradigm. These 13 families own or have majority shares in all the fortune 500 companies. The companies that are at the forefront of taking resources of Africa and making sure that we continue to demure in extraordinary poverty, are owned by these 13 families. They also own all the biggest banks in the world; they control the money and all the natural resources of the world.

 They have selected puppets under them that run organizations like the United Nations, and all its bodies, the World Bank and IMF, and world governments systems. But all orders come from on top; they decide the fate of humanity and which direction the world should go. They meet in meetings like Bilderberg’s group once a year to plan the events of the year. All heads of states have representatives in these meetings.

 These 13 families own all the biggest multinational companies in the world, and this is how they run the world from the shadows.

 The vision that is running the world and also that is organizing all the structures of our planet and communities is the “accumulation of riches”. This is the vision that these people have on how they can accumulate as many riches on the planet as possible. 

So, what is this vision? Basically, how can a person get a lot of resources or riches, how will the state get a lot of riches, or how a group of people will get a lot of riches so they can do their own financial oligarchy. This is their goal; their goal is to acquire as many resources as possible in the world to create their own financial oligarchy. This is the entity summary of the vision of the people that are running the world in the current time.

So, the world, the organization of all states, everybody in the world, the way they have driven the world for the past 4,000 years, they have installed a software in everybody’s mind that for you to be satisfied in life you have to acquire material riches. We are born into this from a young age. The TV, the media, and the surroundings always push you that if you want to be great in this world, you have to acquire. You have to have the mansion, the money, the best car, and a wardrobe full of clothes, this is their vision of the house.  

When a person is accumulating a lot of material riches, then the person is considered in the actual current vision “paradigm”, that he/she has found their purpose and sense of life. This is what they installed in humanity, these 13 big families for the past 4,000 years. To have is the sense of life., if you do not have, then you are nobody.

So, the actual vision of the current world, lies around the accumulation of riches, and in the process of the accumulation of riches it has given birth to conflicts of all sorts, they have basically put the world in all sorts of conflicts just to get the riches of the world, from identity conflicts to civilization conflicts of all kinds. The current vision of the world is essentially carried by the western world. 


For example, the Rotschild family financed both sides of the First and second world war to make money. Other brothers via their banks financed Hitler and others financed the US Government. They create the problem and set up the solution. 


The western world are the ones that are leading this vision. When we speak of the western world we mean; America, Western Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, they call them “The 5 eyes”. 

It means life and the sense of life is the capacity of someone to maximize and fill up on material goods and see how they can rationalize where it needs to be produced with the final goal of acquiring material riches in abundance. 

I checked the word rationalize, it means; attempt to explain or justify (behavior or an attitude) with logical reasons, even if these are not appropriate.

Today we have cars that run on fossil fuel, like petrol and they require combustion to happen so that the engines can function, and they release toxic gases in the atmosphere polluting the environment. But they find selfish logical reasons to manufacture these cars, even though there is a possibility of choosing the green energy way, but no, they want you to spend money to buy fuel.

Today we have abortion pills, many of these pills have negative effects or side effects into the body of our women, but the find logical explanations to justify the production and distribution of these pills, why? Because their goal under the paradigm is to make money. 

We do not even know the extent to which these pills damage the bodies of our queens. Yet they fund the media such as movies and music to show immoral thing to push people to get involved in sexual activities and later buy that I-Pill with fear of unwanted pregnancies.

They even orchestrated a virus called Covid-19 and set all sorts of useless social distancing regulations across the globe and prevented us from associating with our loved ones, deprived us of free life and movement with a logical reason that there is a virus that is killing people. All this is called rationalization. And you know you took the vaccine, now you have to do the 2nd jab and third jab.  So, after creating the virus (problem), they make the vaccine (solution) for you to buy and they can make money. And they have configured these vaccines with nano technology that destroys sexual reproductive organs to reduce the population of the world (Eugenics), they are scared to share their money with many people. “Too much mouth to feed, let’s get rid of them”, they say.

This is the paradigm that is causing us a lot of problems in the world. A paradigm that most of our leaders in Africa have embraced, why? You know many of our leaders are educated in the paradigm of the west, “I have a degree and PhD” in the paradigm of the west.  You studied economics in school, they taught you economics in the paradigm of the west. Minimize cost and maximize profit even if you have to break laws. 

You are a doctor in the hospital, you are a doctor in the paradigm of the west. To treat a patient is to lose a client is the paradigm of the west. In the current medicine, it simply makes you feel relaxed temporarily, but doesn’t treat you fully, they know the cure, but they won’t give you the permanent cure, you need to keep coming back so they can make more money. 

Countless theories in economic science explain how and what people need to do to become all powerful accumulators of material riches.

In African culture we used to meet in the market to exchange goods and services in a just manner, preferably we used to do barter trade. We exchanged things to live in harmony with each other. The market in reality should be a place that brings people together for a fair exchange of goods and services but for these people, these 13 big families through their multinational companies, the market is a place to make sure that they should earn more than other people. 

That idea of competition, Airtel vs Vodafone, Microsoft vs Apple, Facebook & Instagram vs TikTok, WhatsApp vs WeChat. So, a market instead of being a place where you can exchange things in harmony and in love, no, it becomes a competition. You have your own shop, you want to beat the other shop, you want to dominant the exchange of goods and services even in an unfair manner to make more money. Why? Because you believe and vibrate in the paradigm of accumulation of riches.

Others can’t stand the competition; they go and meet sorcerers or witch doctors to give them juju’s so as when a customer comes to the market only to buy from his shop. Some even get juju that they put under the tongue so that when they speak, they can convince the client easier and he buys, all this driven by the paradigm of accumulation of riches. People do not want to work naturally; everyone wants to make it quick in life. Too many shortcuts.

These 13 big families that run the world, they say in their heart, “I should earn more, more than another country, more than another continent, their goal is for total world domination, why? Because They want to impose their vision (paradigm)”. And they have already imposed their vision on all humanity. 

These days Russia is on the chopping block and then China is next because they have been refusing to enter into the paradigm of the west. So Ukraine is being used as a scapegoat. They want the entire world to function according to their paradigm.

As a matter of fact, 90% of the world functions according to their paradigm. You go to school primarily with what idea in mind? Not to serve humanity, for charity? Hello no, but to make money. To do what? To buy that shoe and that dream car and house, the primary objective is material riches, human values and helping humanity comes secondary. So, from a young age we are taught accumulation of riches, even in school, we compete with each other. I got 60% in the exam; I have to check what my Neighbour has got. We do not measure ourselves against ourselves, even if you get 50%, as long as you beat your classmates it is a success. We do not look on the inside, how can I improve to become better, no. 

See, my mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends and all children of the nation of Africa, the kind of economy that is meeting at the market has become the engine of the development of a person.

Back in the 1900’s if you wanted to measure the worth of person, you looked at their values, like respect, love, modesty, responsibility, kindness, love, peacefulness, gentleness, self-control, but today we measure someone’s personality by how much material riches they have, how many zeros they have after a whole number in their bank account. You hear things like I make 6 figures, I make 7 figures. You even hear women saying I am looking for a 6-figure guy, anyone below that not my level.

It means it is in the exchange of or in your capacity to dribble another on the price and be able to manipulate money for your own personal gain, that other people are called developed and other people are called less developed or underdeveloped. The countries of Africa are known as undeveloped, the famous term, “Third world countries”.

The countries of Europe and America are known as developed, because they know how to dribble the rest of the world, manipulate the economy, manipulate money to keep others as third world countries and they can stay first countries, all this driven by the paradigm of accumulation of riches.

 All of this is to look at how to be clever in the remuneration of work, they call it to be smart. Tune into the BBC, you will find countless economists debating on how to strategize to make more profit. So, when an employee performs his/her task, if you are an employer, you look for a way to pay the employee less, so that you can earn more and get joy and happiness in the world and in your nation. You as the employee can earn more, travel, buy luxurious things, escape taxes while your employees are stuck in the rat race and live paycheck to paycheck with heavy taxes. 

They have designed their education system and industries around profit base, it has to be about profit and nothing else. 

Build that Bp oil and gas company for oil and gas exploration. Setup one plant in the middle of the ocean where there has been an indication that fossil fuel is available, in the process of acquiring the oil, pollute the ocean, kill as many fish but as long as you make profit it is alright.

Suppose you have a business, and you have employees, you have to see how you can use them, use their skills to make you have more money, and pay them less in what they call salary. And you enjoy the extra profits because it is your company. This is driven by capitalism.

It means if I am a business owner in the US, I will open my factory in India, because I can pay the Indians 2$ an hour, but I cannot pay an American 20$ an hour. Let me use the Indians and pay them less and I should keep the extra profit to myself. That is the paradigm of accumulation of riches. 

 So, you see my mothers, fathers, and friends, the paradigm of the western world, the paradigm that has dominated the world for over 4,000 years since the fall of Egypt, where our ancestors led the world for 13,000 years after the great flood. Our ancestor Nimi Kongo that Europeans call Noah, left the heart of Africa with his 3 sons Zola, Ngangu and Lendo towards Kingipiti (Egypt). They built Egypt and their generation reigned for 13,000 years. We lived in ubuntu, a society of love, there was nothing like competition and accumulation of riches.

But our Egyptian civilization came to an end with the invasion of foreign nations. Because of our own stupidity we began to marry outsiders for the sake of alliances that led to nowhere. So, the Babylonians took over, then the Greeks. You know of Alexandria the great, who was gay and was part of the bloodlines of the 13 big families. And they invaded Egypt and destroyed everything, they even took all our knowledge and writings in the temple to Greece. And our ancestors were forced out into an exile towards Canaan in North Africa (Middle East) and some went back to central Africa. The Romans took over in Egypt after the Greeks and later Rome broke into the Kingdoms of Europe that again came to destroy Africans with slavery 1754-1850 and colonization 1485 to the 1960’s. 

And for this paradigm to consolidate there is a need to organize the society in such a way that can perpetuate/drive this paradigm. 


In class no.  of Zola Bantu under Module 2: Life 101 we speak of who exactly are these 13 Big families and where they come. Some call them the Greco-Reptilian beings, others call them luciferian beings or the Illuminati. They know that we are in the time of Aquarius and that the reign of Kwatulendo (Reign of Peace on Earth) is coming on earth. Their mission is to trap as many people as possible to miss out on participating in this reign. 


Political organizations are made to give a sense of syndicate to entrepreneurs, syndicate of salaries, social force, all this serves as a way to organize the society so that the economy should actually be the accumulation, repartition of material riches. And finally, the sense of the world, the sense of a person in the world is how he/she will get goods and services.

These people had a plan in Europe, they had a plan about all this on how they want to accumulate everything in Europe and America. But they said we will not end here; we also have to travel to many territories across the earth to conquer those spaces. 

It is taught in history that they sent out explorers like Christopher Columbus, and later the missionaries to find new territories, no. They wanted to take their paradigm and impose it on all inhabitants of the earth. So, they came to Africa. Unfortunately, this idea of conquering the world gave birth to the idea to build armies and organize their armies to be able to defend themselves, and at the same time it had to be and still is a key instrument of destruction to anyone who opposes their agenda. If you try to oppose their agenda of the paradigm of accumulation of riches, you are going to die. We have seen this, all our leaders in Africa who have tried to oppose this agenda are in the grave. 

The army becomes an instrument for conquering the riches of the planet earth.

 For this to happen there is a need to create all sorts of doctrines of all types. In Africa we practiced spirituality (Ki-Muntu). They brought us religion based on dogmas and precepts. And they forced this religion on our ancestors, those that refused were killed, buried alive or burnt. And they set up institutions of mental indoctrination called “Schools’ ‘ and “churches” to completely brainwash and insert their paradigm into the minds of our children for 500 years (Colonization). This project is still going on and has developed into Decolonization, it is very well organized by the use of Afri-coons (African puppets that work for the imperialists). 

They came to see that the force/power of a person/people is in their capacity to have arms of war and also the capacity to impose his/her/their vision and ideas in the world. They built their armies; they used all these nuclear weapons made from primary materials of African countries. The nuclear weapon used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki; the primary materials (Uranium) was sourced from Kongo.

That is why today as we speak, the vision that is dominating the world currently is the vision of the accumulation of riches, and when you will accumulate these riches, it places you in a position where you will be able to pass your ideas and you will be respected.

We respect these countries of Europe and America. We respect them, why? Because we have been brainwashed by their education system that they brought to Africa, that respect means when someone has so much more money and power than you then they deserve your respect. No, respect should be given to someone who has values, ethics, morals, principles, virtues. In African Ubuntu a respectful person is a person who has values and principles, but today in the vision of accumulation of riches you have to have power and money. 

 They have therefore organized the world into different categories: The engine/leading countries, which are the countries of Europe, and North America, and the third world. Our own leaders in African nations foolishly refer to them as “the deciding nations”.

Africa has no representative in the top 7 countries of the UN security council. 

We foolishly refer to these nations as the decisive in the sense and vision of their paradigm. And other nations, precisely third world nations, are simply seen as reservoirs of earth’s primary materials.

So, my fellow brothers and sisters, you need to understand that if you are an African leader and you are going to world meetings to discuss matters that concern the world, other nations only see you as a reservoir of primary materials. 

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Since these third world nations (countries of Afrika) are seen and taken to be simply reservoirs of earth’s primary materials, they have organised these nations in a such way that they should respond to their mission and vision in the world. So that they can continue to be consumers or exploiters of the primary materials of those nations.

Other nations are tolerated like those found in Latin America and Asia to give a sense of equilibrium,

while Afrika plays the role of reservoirs of earth’s primary materials. Inside the nations of Afrika that play the role of reservoirs of primary materials, they have organised it (with the help of puppet leaders/intellectuals) to serve their selfish goal, but in the engine countries of Europe and North America they structure its political space in such a way that it remains stable, so that at all times it continues to play the role to accomplish their vision of mercantilism (an economic policy that is designed to maximize the exports and minimize the imports for an economy)

 In their stable nations they create States, States meaning, an administrative and political entity that is managed by top authorities. And these authorities will define the system of management of these states in a way that they call Democracy, so that they can make the people participate in the alimentation of the structure of the state, and these people will be headed by representatives to control the good functioning of those states. 

Around these States they will organise powers. These powers will make legislative laws and also run those states to cater for people’s needs. Legislative bodies will be made to monitor how laws will be controlled and applied in their spaces to finally create a judiciary power. 

All the nations of the western world have a similar structure of organisation. Though they are variants, where others have kings, others presidents or prime ministers and also others have various ways they organise their justice system, but in brief the common goal or end goal is how the state can be an instrument of the vision of “accumulation of riches of nations”

 This is where certain families or a certain group of individuals will know how to pilot the economy of the world, the economy of the entire planet around an enterprise based on capital, to govern the entire world. And all the people that will work in the workplaces they provide, they will give them perhaps good salaries in the western world to keep them in control and motivated to continue to acquire “riches’ needs” for them.

 But in poor countries the organisation of the state will be made similar to what they have made in the metropolitan nations, but the goal and finality is that these nations of Afrika, their organisation and alimentation will at all times be run/controlled by the deciding nations or the western world. 

A few sell-out Afrikan leaders & Afrikan intellectuals have understood the game so well that all the time they visit these nations of Europe, America hoping these nations can decide how they will be chosen, so they can be the puppet to push ahead the agenda of the west.

Mothers, Fathers, brothers, sisters and friends see where Afrikans since the 1960’s, with all the conferences held in the continent and abroad by Afrikan political classes or Afrikan intellectuals across the continent have placed our continent in a situation of: how we are going to continue being the supplier of primary materials, so that west can be able to accumulate riches, and maintain the entire Afrikan population in the state of extraordinary poverty.

 Mothers, Fathers, sisters, brothers and friends voila!! The paradigm of the western world that has dominated the world for over 5 centuries. A paradigm that we all have entered into and is the source of all our political crisis and social crisis that we are in today. Sadly, we are all looking for how to play a role in this paradigm. Because, all our education systems which by the way were brought to us by the west; serve as a tool for reforming, designing and brainwashing our mental, spiritual, religious selves so as to respond to the need of the market, a need that returns to the vision of how a person can enrich himself. 

 Mothers, Fathers and Friends you have seen the western world paradigm that dominated the world and continues to dominate the world. But we, in Afrika before the western world brought that paradigm (vision of accumulation of riches), Afrikans had their own way of seeing the world. 

 How did Afrika see the world? In Afrikan cosmology, a person and the sense of life of a human being was not “to have”, it was not the accumulation of resources and not to run to other people’s territories to exploit or conquer them and manipulate the market to empty them of their resources, No! Afrika did not have this concept of life. As Afrika, that was not our vision of the world. 

 How then did Afrika see the world? Tune in for chapter 3!

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In Afrikan cosmology, a person and the sense of life of a human being was not “to have”, it was not the accumulation of resources and not to run to other people’s territories to exploit or conquer them and manipulate the market to empty them of their resources, No! Afrika did not have this concept of life. Africa we did not have a vision of the world in that way.  How then did Afrika see the world? Afrikan ancestors knew that we came into the world to grow our Ki-Muntu-Ki-Bomoto (Humanity). It means we came from the nation of our Father, and father gave us this earth so that we can become the image and resemblance of our father. 

 They believed that we came into the world to give birth to qualities of Zola (Love), and also give birth to Knowledge that is inside of us. And the place where we will live, we should live in Bopeto (peace), and this will require us to be wise in the way that we organise ourselves, how we will live and in our work so that we can be able to attain these existential objectives. For this cause they organised their life in a way that enabled them to attain their paradigm of growth in knowledge and showed how to become Moto (Human), a being that is in the image and resemblance of our creator. They organised their society around a structure and state where they had a temple, a temple that was the guardian of the character of traditions of God-father-the-Creator. 

And this temple was in charge of forming people that would rule the state. If someone has the will to rule the state, he/she will get the formation/training from the priest. So that he can learn in his mind, heart and his roots that the world that he/she wants to run, the essential goal of the people that live in this world is to learn the laws of God-The-Father-Creator. So the leader cannot lead or rule if he/she does not know and live by the laws of God-The-Father-Creator. The Afrikan ancestors walked the world in the laws of God-the father that they cultivated from nature.They cultivated the laws of God-The-Father-Creator into political traditions, cultural traditions, and all sorts of just laws that exist in Afrikan cosmology. There is a great need for a ruler to know these laws so that he/she can be the guardian of these traditions. 

 And the woman that a male ruler will marry, she needs to be a woman that will be the guardian of the sacred flame that will help the man all the time to be in proximity to the light of God-The-Father-Creator. So that he and his ministers are able to do a good job. And the people can learn by initiation the laws of God-The-Father-Creator and later show their Ki-Moto (Image of God) into the world. Ladies and gentlemen as you can analyse for yourself you can see that this paradigm has nothing to do with the European paradigm at all. 

 A man according to the Afrikan paradigm, the ancient paradigm, the paradigm of light when Afrika had no contact with the western world placed man in a social, cultural, ecological space where he can realize his goal and purpose of life with his neighbour, and that goal is to become Muntu (Image and resemblance of God). The goal of a human is to become the Christos of God, and this is in summary the paradigm that Afrikans had. What about the market? A place of exchange is no longer a space of domination or trying to accumulate riches, but a space of exchange of goods and services and not only that, the market is of the goal that not every person can produce everything, instead the society is organised into casts, one cast will produce this and another cast will specialize in a different thing.

Then all the different groups of people meet at the market to see how to exchange their goods and services in a just manner, so that everyone can have the satisfaction of his goods for temporary consumption. The goods of temporary consumption were not exaggerated, the goal of life was not for us to make sky-scrapers and to exaggerate the consumption of goods. The goal of life of course was to gain these goods of consumption, but through the gaining of these goods we learn how to live in love, purity and justice with one another.

 In the Afrikan paradigm the family was of capital importance. The role of a father, the role of a mother, the role of a child, the role of uncles, aunties and even in the society, village or community the roles were given all so that a person can be helped to become into the world. They built societies of peace, non-aggression societies, societies that had an essential goal of promoting excellence of beauty and spirituality. These are the cultures that perpetuated across history, matic traditions and this was the paradigm of us Afrikans. 

 Mothers, Fathers, Friends, and Children of Afrika you can see the two paradigms; On one side how to accumulate riches, a person is defined by how much accounts he has in big banks and when he has these accounts then he is a person of value and importance. He will hide his funds in the panama papers and many other places. The state needs to have strong armies or else another state will come and attack it. So you have to be strong in the military, and you have to dominate and rule other people so that you can get your paradigm and accumulate riches to define that where you are, you live well, but where others in the third world should continue to be providers of primary materials. 

And if they will organise themselves to get the minimum then its ok and if not that is their problem. If they will not be able to accept the minimum, the person or persons who will rule them should at all cost respond to their paradigm. But in African cosmology when foreigners came to visit the Afrikan ancestors gave them wisdom and knowledge so that when they return to their nation they should also work and become Batu (People who have the image of God-The-Creator). Mothers, Fathers, Friends here you see two visions that are at the centre of the Congolese and African crisis, a mercantile vision where many of us are in and we are trying hard to get out of this vision, but not knowing in actual sense we come from the other vision of Afrikan cosmology. 

 So during the ongoing shock of meetings the European paradigm was based on violence and it managed to take over by force, because as for us when they came we never thought that people would come to visit other people and kill them and harm them. We did not place ourselves in a defensive situation because we never thought that people in this world that God-The-Father created can live in that manner. This resulted in them colonising us. They brought and introduced us into slavery and sold us, destroyed our social tissue and with mental colonisation they removed in our children in over 5 centuries our way (vision) of seeing the world. 

 They removed the African cosmology vision by reformatting our minds inside western schools. So republic western schools across Afrika and universities are simply tools of perpetuation and reformation of Afrikans to the vision or way of seeing life. The Afrikan has a huge difficulty, the Afrikan does not know anymore how to get out of this civilization that has designed his mind for over 5 centuries. Unknowingly he has placed himself in a position where he is looking for a solution again through the same western world that is responsible for the situation that he is in by being the provider and supplier of primary materials in Europe.

 Mothers, Fathers, Friends see the two visions that are inside the world. But at the moment only one of these visions exist because the vision I just explained of Afrikan cosmology does not exist anymore. The Europeans have done all even in the terms of religion and in all sorts of areas that the approach of conserving the world and design of a person should be in such a way that only depends on accumulating riches. Economists, jurists, and all sorts of professions should come from this paradigm. They also came to notice that in Afrikan paradigm their local languages were the vehicles of the civilization of their ancient paradigm. So there was a need to remove all those languages because those languages would remind people of the ancient paradigm. 

There was a need to make the Afrikan hate his own language, and place in his head that he can only be developed or seen as developed if he is speaking the language of foreigners.A person that is seen teaching in his own local language is seen as a person who is not intelligent and whatever he is saying is not right. But if another person comes and speaks in European language there! the black formatted mind is happy. A black man takes words of wisdom from a western person and posts them in his publications, but words of wisdom of Afrikan wise men he will disregard saying they are not educated. He will feel shy to put out there the ideas of Africans because he does not know it and is formatted in the water of foreigners. See the pain of black people!

 The question is therefore to know are we going to continue like this?, With the following mind-set!, “oh they have said, the western powers have set their eyes upon such a person“, “oh now the international deciders have said this“, “oh lets promote democracy“, “if on this law we say this, the deciders will not see us well, so let’s be careful“, “let’s get together so we can find solutions under the surveillance of the international community“, such kind of foolish speeches made Afrikan leaders. Where are we going to end with this kind of vision and mind-set? “Ah we are the opposers, ah we are opposing”, “We are the ones in power, they want to take our power and we do not want”, “I heard this person is of the same tribe as me, so I am with him“, “another says, oh for me their democracy is not alright, let us rise up and get the power by force so that I can become the leader in this country”,  

Everything revolves around the foolishness of the periphery paradigm that the western powers placed in Afrikans and with this kind of foolishness it is difficult for Afrikans to be free, because the mind is formatted and designed to function with those kinds of reflections. A Lot if intellect eminent personalities are full of pain and grief to see Afrika in that way, but they too are reflecting through the lenses of the western paradigm to see which place Afrika will be while playing the role of supplier of primary materials. So in summary Afrika is reserved as a source of primary materials. But in the ancient paradigm, Afrika was trying to look at his children so they could achieve spiritual ascension. Afrikan ancestors knew why we came into the world, and that the goal of life is Zola (Love). All temporary activities are assuring to the temporary needs and people we cannot exaggerate on it because it is not finality of existence and those needs need to be redistributed to all people. The goal was how to organize our societies so that love, justice and purity reigns inside and among us. 

What then will we do Mother, Fathers and Friends because the entire Afrikan political class currently is designed to the thinking of the western paradigm? Voila! Mothers, Fathers, Friends the profound reflection to enable those that want to contribute to the research of the solutions of this crisis so we can all come together, but I would like to give 4 stages to attain maturity, so that we can be able succeed and get out of this mess. 

Firstly, we need to do an awakening and wake up of the conscience. The Afrikan really need to be reborn in a new birth. There is a need for conscience awakening personnel’s, so that they can help the people to wake up and to be reconciled to their history. Because the current solutions that are being taken are solutions that do not take account of the history of Afrikan people and have made the Afrikan to live in syncretism. An Afrikan has become a hybrid, and in that hybridation he has devalued himself completely. Afrikan intellectuals are a shame, they will speak foreign languages all day and make mention of all types of things, but have no vision of their history and worse if he is told of his history he looks at it with hate and disregard. Every time something of Afrikan paradigm is mentioned it is seen to be nothing but witchcraft, see the foolishness of the temple-mindste of Europe. Not knowing that the temple of Afrika was a temple of brotherhood and sisterhood relations. So the first stage we have to think on how we are going to organise the awakening and the wake up of the Afrikan conscience. 

 Second step, In the wake up of the conscience we shall constitute a new Elite body. We will see how in the movement of this awakening and wake up we can be able to organise a new struggle body. And when we say movement of awakening and wake up we do not mean a fighting movement, popular uprising, put such a person in such a place, I will give you this and that we speak not of this, instead we speak of a return to a paradigm that centres love, justice, purity in development of a person. And for that we need to reconcile ourselves to our history and we need to constitute a new elite group that is grained in the history of pure spirituality. 

 Third step, we shall have a political, economic transition. As we are in the paradigm of the west we will not do a revolution as they have arms and a lot of interests. We will see what sort of approach we should take and we will talk between us and also speak to them in a way that we can negotiate a transition of civilization. We will let go of a barbaric civilization and move to the civilization of reign of peace on earth, but it will be in a transitional phase. There is a need for elders who have done that sort of political elite to be able to see off and negotiate that transition. The people will be made aware of this and also the force of progress in the western world. 

 And at the last the fourth step. We will enter into the emerging new civilization. These thereby are my reflections in 4 steps I have spoken to you of the current dominating paradigm that is an accident of history because the paradigm that drove history over a long time was the paradigm of our Afrikan ancestors, the paradigm that the Son of Man came to restore. 

 I also spoke to you on the difficult of Afrika on the paradigm that he seems not to find a way out, because the current political class available their way of seeing things and their university designed mind-set is responding to the paradigm of keeping us as the source of primary materials and this will not get us out of the situation we are in. 

 I have given you 4 steps to be able to get out of this situation. 1. Wake up the conscience and spirituality, 2. Constitution of an elite according to that wake up, 3. Create a situation of transition of civilization as the people begin to take charge of their lives and see how to negotiate with the civilization of violence, so that finally, 4. We can then make a reign of peace on earth. 

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Part 1: Introduction

 Fellow friends, the children of Africa are living a historical moment, a very important moment that will send us to think well. To think well so that we do not only give sense to our individual lives, but the lives of others around us. Because you know individual success has a sense when one’s life is a blessing to both family and community. That is why in this writing we are trying to awaken you to existential questions, so that at the end this turn that we are going through in Afrika in the current configuration we do not miss it. In the last chapter we spoke to you about the 2 dominant paradigms that are inside the world, but we came to a conclusion that the paradigm of the black people, the paradigm that our ancestors carried does not exist practically any more in the world. Because the current existing paradigm is the paradigm of the west, a paradigm that consists of the purpose of being and success in the world is the power of money, domination and the accumulation of material wealth/goods.

Everything is birthed and organized so that a small portion of the population of the planet is able to control the totality of all the material goods/wealth of the world. That is why mothers, fathers and friends you can see that this paradigm has dominated in totality the entire world. The west introduced us into this paradigm by force when Diego Cao came to our land around close to the 15th century in 1485-92 AD precisely. They entered into our space and saw that the society that we lived as our own; the accumulation of material goods/wealth was not at the foundation or cement of our society. Our society in its initiation, and also in the paradigm that we lived in, we centered evolution of a person/people on values, spiritual values whose essential virtues were love, justice and purity. 

What about the conception of the government? The social organization was revolving around values so that a person who will do his/her experience in the land of Africa, he or she should live an experience that will take him/her towards God. An experience that will take him/her into the conscience of Ki-Muntu (Humanity. And so when the west came, they destroyed everything. Today even in our independence of the 1960’s we entered our head and legs into something without a good understanding of the paradigm of the west and worse of all we were not trained or formed. You can remember that in the 60’s there were not many universities in our continent of Afrika and university students were educated according to the African conception, but learnt according to the conception of the west.

So inside their self-being there was a lot of syncretism and it was very difficult for them to be able to do anything, because the fundamental law that they were using to organize the society at the time that they got independence was practically set in place in reference to the colonial model. And so, they had no notion in the area of culture, sociology and spirituality on how they can bring to life that civilization project. To simply put it, they did not have an idea of what they got themselves into. It was already a predicted failure to enter into a different paradigm in this manner. 

 Mothers, fathers, friends and children of the nation of Afrika, today we shall see in this chaotic situation that we are in, how will we get out of it. The people that can get us out of this problem; are you the children of the diaspora! , you the intellectuals of the diaspora, you that live in the diaspora. Whether it is in Asia, Europe, America, it is you if we organize ourselves and we do a good diagnosis of our problem we can be a chance for the nation of Afrika. But we can be a chance for Afrika if only we understand deeply the problem of Afrika, and the problem of we black people. 

 Mothers, fathers and friends; you the children of the diaspora many among you have become Medical Doctors, Engineers, Professors of Universities, Qualified personnel, nurses and many other professions in the western world. In regard to your various professions, I will give a small history of our diaspora, and then you will come to see that if we do not change our paradigm or do not change our way of seeing the world it will be difficult for us despite our various professions to be a blessing for Afrika. 

 It will be difficult for us to be a blessing for Afrika because for thousands of years Africa was in the vision of organizing a society that was not necessarily based on the accumulation of material wealth. And so, when the foreigners came, they destroyed that social tissue, they destroyed the conception of a family, they destroyed our vision of the world through the western schools that we have attended, and they reorganized our economies so that we can become extroverted economies. And you can see today we always speak within the speeches of exportation of primary materials, and every time we speak of the riches of a nation, never do we speak of the riches of a nation in terms of human resource, but we always talk of resources in terms of primary materials because they formatted our economies, so it can be the supplier of primary materials to the western world. 

Even the entire concept of economy is only based on the extraversion of primary materials. They reformed our mental mind and we are completely reformed, and so even the economic science that we have done, even the medicine that we have done it is founded on scientific research of things that are possible in Europe, but we have never done a nomenclature of our jungles, forests, so we can know all the active substance that is in our soils. Our ancestors began this, but today an Afrikan doctor is complex towards the things of our ancestors not knowing there are strong active principles in the way our ancestors walked the earth. But he has studied the world in the vision of the west.

It is very difficult in this manner to be able to go far, they have given us even a new way of administering our societies which is not in conformity to our cultures and is not in conformity to the vision of the world in the way we used to conceive it. And they installed inside the soil of Africa a new political class and new management class in all areas in the scientific level, political level, and spiritual level. A political class that has foolishly adopted their ideas, but do not know that the western vision was in service of metropolis. The western vision was placed inside Afrika, so that Africa can be the third world and be the periphery to light up the metropolis. 

 So, you can see that the political elite that they are forming currently is a political elite that is deprived of vision, it’s a political elite that does not even understand how the west have formatted the state, formatted the vision concept of their world and even the spiritual elite filled with imported religions. Islam religion its temple is in mecca, and the Christians from Afrika are going to pray to the wall of Israel, others would go to Israel to access the olive oil of Israel and then come to place it on the head of people saying, “that the oil is a blessing”, you see that a black person has no intelligence.A black person thinks that the lands of other people are blessed, but the lands of other people are good because those people are the ones that took care of their own lands by working it and developing it. They are focused on doing business and do not give a damn about the walls of Jericho or the wall of lamentations, and all those oils. And the people making the oils of some of their bosses are homosexuals, but because a black person has no intelligence when he is going to mecca, he thinks he has done something special.

 You would see even in the area of politics when he gets to the western world and is received by a European leader he becomes complex, and African people who are behind him will see that this person has done something very important because he has been received by Obama, François Hollande, George Bush, and all sorts of people, so sad look where we the children of Afrika have entered into mental extraversion. We have centered a conscience that is turned towards the exterior that comes from cultural syncretism and in that way, it is very difficult for us to be free if we do not carry out a good lecture of history and take a good vision of our nations.

Mothers, fathers, relations the consequences have become serious and that is black the man has lost his identity.  Black man is completely destroyed. Africa is destroyed; Africa no longer has the posterity of development. The west has placed puppet leaders in power in all Afrikan states to supervise the interests of the west inside Africa. So, you can see that all the people that will come inside our nations their work is only to supervise the interests of the western powers inside Africa. And in that way, it is very difficult for us to develop and give a sense to our lives inside the world. But something happened that was nice, it was something bad, but we can capitalize on it. During the time of the first Afrikan presidents right after independence many children of Afrika left Afrika for a better life abroad. We left for many reasons, different people have different reasons why they left the country and now let me tell you why the diaspora can be a very good chance for the Afrika. 

Part 2: A Chance for Afrika

Many children of Afrika during the time of the first Afrikan presidents went out of the country; some went to Australia, China, Russia, Europe, and America for studies. There were many reasons that sent us out of our country and it was painful, many left for educational purposes and studied the knowledge of the west. They learnt the knowledge of foreigners, some learnt petrol chemistry, some how to fix finance of nations etc. The west built schools to teach their kids their paradigm, and the Afrikan nationals who fled their countries also got involved in it. 

But you will see that when they returned to their countries they came out as professors of big universities; they were advisers in big political cabinets, but nothing of value or worth has happened. Nothing of worth happened and it is not that they were fools, but what they learnt, they did not study their world. Yes you gained independence, but you once were colonized, and were slaves and they formatted you for over 5 centuries to work in service of foreigners, but now that you have done an uprising and said no! We are independent and we will not work in service of foreigners. But when you come to Europe again they taught you in their schools how to work in service of foreigners. 

And when you return to the country, you see! You will just do nothing. So the knowledge that they learnt, they have not done anything with it, you will see that a person will talk big inside the university, but when you put him in a position of responsibility he is not able to deploy his knowledge. And we are saying, oh no maybe it is the political will, maybe it is this way, but it is the entire Africa. It is everywhere; look at Zuma, if the western people were not in South Africa it would have been difficult. But he is an educated man.

 And what does this all mean? The western education of a black person has not helped him. But is it necessary? Yes! Because we have understood how the west functions, how the west is conserving his paradigm, so that he can dominate the world. But it is not with this instrument of domination that we can succeed to emancipate ourselves in the land of Afrika. So, there were a lot of reasons, all that came back they have not done anything, and those that remained here a life of value is not there. Very rare have they emerged in the European society and even that little emergent in European society has not helped Afrika, it is an individual emergent and that emergent in the European society will not help his children they will continue to be in difficult situations and will always be considered as foreigners, even if they get the nationality of the nations where they are in.

Mothers, fathers and relations, many also who came they became political refugees, true refugees and fake refugees we will not go into that, but in the category of diaspora’s many became political refugees, others became refugees in pain they were forced to change their names to be accepted. Some Congolese became Angolans; other Angolans became Chadians and so on and so forth. You will see that he studied and had his diploma or license in the school of the west he was Mr. Mwana Nkasi now he is Mr. Matungulu, he was Odjandeka, and he will come back and is known as Anananga. 

He is taking the money for social assistance. There are many in Belgium, France, Canada that do that, but a worthy life so that they can contribute or study in western schools that is not even doing anything it became impossible. They entered into different skills that are skills that are labour intensive so they can live. So, you can see a diaspora is in a situation that is very difficult. And those that were true and real political refugees, they returned back to the country, but with the return to the country they entered in the same logic of particracy, western democracy and have not done anything of value inside the world. 

Many Diasporas here, others have changed their nationalities, they said, “let us try to integrate into the society of the west to enable us to at least buy some houses and let us stay well with our kids here.” They entered this situation and many changed their nationalities. They became Vietnamese, Australians, Eskimos, Belgians and became all sorts of nationalities. You will remember there was a time here in the west 20 years back when one got a foreign nationality, he will call his relations back home and organize a big party; it was like God has helped him. There were other churches where the pastor will testify, see how God has helped this person he has got a Belgian nationality.

So, you can see that the stairs of success became inverted; to get the nationality of a foreigner became a grace of the almighty! It became a blessing if you got the nationality, you would call your entire family and your will party you have become French. It is like when a French person goes to India and asks for the Indian nationality and when the Indians will give him that nationality, he will call his French friends back in France and praise the father above, thank you I am now Indian. So, you can see how we entered in this pain, and in the pain the labour intensive skills that were even an instrument of humiliation it became not only a material blessing that it has integrated you into the society for sure, but it also became a blessing inside the church.

 See the level of loss of the children of Afrika! And many who got the nationality with that mentality they forgot their country. They even came to say “that country let us sell it”, but when pain caught up with them, then we came to realize that they made a mistake and shouldn’t have to spoke in that manner.Many who didn’t get the western nationality and others who were not able to integrate in the European society? They were just doing some businesses, many started to sell cars, others started selling onions, they opened shops inside Afrika to sell the clothes of the west, to sell buttons, they were importing water from Canada, and they made supermarkets to sell cheese that came from cows of the west. They sold milk that came from genetic modified organisms, and when a person who has remained in Afrika when he/she eats French fries from Europe he/she says “God has helped him/her”. When a person earns money, he will only eat MacDonald’s food and he will drink water that has come from Australia, France, not knowing that water is being recycled from dumplings/excretion zones.

 Look at where the black man has completely lost his way. Look at where our diaspora has really entered into disaster. And few people who have succeeded to eat a few African dishes in the west and have been given the opportunity by the west to eat their own African dishes, say “we are well”, but the perspective of future is not there. When a French goes to a foreign country, say for example in Australia, but his country is doing well. When an American goes to a foreign country, and when he returns to his country it is a joy for him to return to his country

But today if we are told to return to our country, take a Congolese/South Africa/Zambian/Nigerian and place him inside an airplane and try to return him back to his country, he will cry, he will fall on the ground, he will see it as funeral and he will see that his life has come to an end, look at how we have become mothers, fathers and relations? And this kind of diaspora cannot be a chance or a success for the development of our nations of Afrika because the mentality of this diaspora is not well. The mental and the mindset of this diaspora has not learnt or accessed the world well.

Part 3: What black Diasporas can learn from other Diasporas

If you look at Jews for example, when they went to the diaspora what did they do? They also went in pain; Titus by 70 AD came and overpowered them, killed them and spread them all over the world. The Jews diaspora did not only come out by 70 AD, the Jew diaspora existed even in the time of Babylon, in the time of the power of Babylon. During the time when Persia was reigning in the world, this diaspora was spread all over across the world. But what did they do when they left?  They went out with their God(s), everywhere, they built their synagogues, so they can teach their children their cultures, so they can teach their children in what manner they saw the world, so that they can teach their children their religion, their ancestors like Abraham, Isaac who prayed to their God. 

So that these children, despite being in pain, and were being taught the knowledge of foreigners nonetheless, they should not forget their culture, they should not forget their land. And today when they came back to David Ben-Gurion in the year 1948, they came back and built their land according to their cultures, and according to their roots. They conserved their languages, they conserved the names of the ancestors, even when this child Yehoshua when he came to tell the truth they refused, and did not want to change their ways. 

All those people who go to Israel, you will see that they meet the Jews praying to the gods of their ancestors and their roots. They have made touristic places for Afrikan fools, who are going to insert money in their places, but they know the true use of these places, instead they have conserved their cultures and there are teaching their kids behaviors and clothing’s of their ancestors.

 Look at the Muslims! They also left, Moroccans left and many of them left their lands, but in leaving their conserved roots, they have built mosques here in Europe so that they can build their children according to their roots. We can see their vision, the conservation of language, the conservation of names, the conservation of culture, and the conservation of the cosmos religion of the world paradigm of their ancestors. And you will see their children’s names, abubakar, mohammed, their children have the name of nabil, names like shariah, you will see that their female children have names linked to their roots so that they can show themselves as a people. 

See a wise diaspora! Take the Indians the same thing, take the Chinese the same thing, a Chinese would never go to a foreign religion, and take even the west that did something that was really horrible they knew that what they did was only to dominate the world, but wherever they go they are conserving their cultural centers.  They conserved their roots; they are teaching their kids in schools, that are driving their history, that is driving their religion, that is driving their way of seeing the world, see wise people!  That is why you always see their countries are always prospering. 

Not only that their countries are in affinity to their religion, to their roots, to their ancestors, you will see even in nursery school they will teach their children only according to their roots. And that diaspora wherever he goes he will only eat according to his roots. A French in America will drink the wine of Bordeaux, an American will drink things that come from his country, and they are trying to conserve their way of seeing the world.

 Mothers, fathers, relations look on our side! Our diaspora is a disgrace and shame! We have built churches everywhere in order to drive Christianity and worse in a bad way, praying to the ancestors of foreigners. You will see an Afrikan pastor trying to drive this religion even if he is in Congo/South Africa/Nigeria he will teach in French/English/Portuguese so that someone else should translate for him in local language, but his entire congregation do not know how to speak French/English/Portuguese, his congregation knows local languages, and he too knows these local languages, but he will prefer to teach in English or French or Portuguese, so that when he says Jesus! He will feel the anointing. Nonsense!

Look at the curse that has come upon our diaspora! But instead a diaspora, are a people who when a country is going through a hard time, when a country is being colonized or dominated, when a country is occupied culturally, religiously, spiritually, politically, diaspora will conserve the culture of his ancestors.But our diaspora conserves absolutely nothing, our diaspora when a person begins to see a bit clearly in the intellectual level, in the material level he will not even want to meet with his black friends, he will enter the train/metro and if he sees where his brother is sitting he will prefer to sit close to foreign person. Our diaspora has become complex, not knowing that a diaspora is a chance for the nation. 

All Diasporas are the ones that repaired their nations; the Chinese diaspora repaired their country, because they have cultural harmony. But our diaspora’s head and legs are not known, we have entered into the things of foreigners.  Our diaspora you will a see person will even change their manner of speaking he thinks that development is imitation of an Indian, development is the imitation of a Chinese, when he goes to china he will carry the things of china, when he goes to India he will bring the things of India, but a French, or an American where ever he is he is bringing things from his country.

 Afrikan! Diaspora you are a chance for Afrika! But we need to change our ways of seeing the world, we need to change! You are a doctor, you are great engineers, you have studied high classes of all kinds, if you continue with this individualistic vision your children will be in pain, you for example have gained, but maybe your child will not gain. The chances you have got here in Europe will your children get the same chance? So, the chance that you gain here, you need to work it so you can make people aware, to make the diaspora aware and their children so that we can go back to ancestral values. We need to learn about our ancestors, how they lead the world, so that we can make our synagogues, and we can make places where we can protect our ancestralism.

 But see the place where we plan to build our societies so much noise and fighting with mentalities like “this is a South Africa, this is Nigeria, this is Congo, and even among ourselves we are divided. You can see that there is no knowledge. We have only become people of pain and have separated, but it needed that in the places our children are learning, the schools of the west as matter of fact we have no choice, but we use our cultural centers as a place where we will insert in our kids the knowledge of our history to gain an African conscience.

Mothers, fathers, and relations it is really painful, but today we need organize ourselves, restore our political models. Go to the restaurants of Chinese, you will see that even the decorations are of Chinese culture, but go to the African restaurants you will see total disorder. Even some idols will not put it, and it will not even attract anyone, why? Because there is a lack of knowledge.

 Afrikan diaspora today I have come before you, you are a chance, you are in mission, but you are not aware of your mission. Your mission is not to assimilate with a European, your mission is not to assimilate with Americans, your mission is to profit on this little good life you have here to enter in the roots of your lineage. Learn how your ancestors were, and try to do a great lobby not to go and ask, a lobby where you will place knowledge of what politics you will need to develop to get away from the religion of foreigners. Spirituality is universal, but religion is cultural, I repeat! Spirituality is universal but religion is cultural, I repeat spirituality is universal, the spiritual values, but how to plant it in different people depends on the history of those people and in their temporal space. 

You cannot practice the Christian religion by founding yourself on Jew ancestors, you cannot practice the Muslim by religion by founding yourself on the people who built it in Saudi Arabia, and it is foolishness. It is the lack of knowledge, every person needs to understand how they can construct the world in the mental level and also the astral level so that he can work that spirituality and plant it according to his roots.

63 Science needs to first understand the state of natural space. Mathematics is universal, but practical science is cultural. It depends on the temporal needs in function of the history of a people. See where the Afrikan diaspora, one thing is missing from him, the return to roots. If we return to our roots then we will sit down and see how they have done to the world, we will know our history, our paradigm and we will know how to conserve our world, we will know how to make junction with other brothers and sisters who remained at back home so that we can build a strong civilization. So that tomorrow our children cannot be assimilated with other cultures, but be able to return to the land of Afrika so that they can also construct a civilization that will make them proud of the nation of Africa.

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Part 1: Paradigm

Thank you! Ladies and gentlemen, today we will have a look at the historical pertinence of political parties, how they are evolving in Afrika from the lenses of wise men and ancestors of Afrika. We are going to have a look to see how this concept in its historicity was designed and how it is transposed into a particular political environment of Afrika, if the concept is adapted to the vision of the world according to the prism of Afrikan cosmology.

But before we begin to analyse the above-mentioned concept, mothers, fathers, and all children of the nations of Afrika. Let me give you my greetings! You, all relations that are inside Southern Africa, Central Africa, Eastern Afrika, Northern, Western Afrika, and the children of the Diaspora, we send you our greetings from the bottom of our hearts.

Mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, if you want to observe something well, in your regard or view of that thing, you have to track the thing that you are examining from the pit/root that it has come out or emerged from. You cannot analyse a concept outside of its origins, which is why for every concept, wise people firstly learn the epistemology of that thought, the ancestralism of that thought. Where exactly did that thought come from, its roots and its ancestralism. The roots of everything depends on the vision and cosmogony paradigm of the thought of the people that birthed/created that idea/thought.

If you want to learn about family, supposedly according to Afrikans, if you do not know the ancestrality of an Afrikan family and do not know the thought/idea of why a family was made and the vision that birthed that thought/idea of how a family needs to be in Afrika, you will not understand what a family is according to the paradigm of Afrikans. And the mistake that many Afrikan intellectuals make is, they transpose/adopt certain western concepts into the universe of Afrika without taking into account that the concept was designed in regard to the vision of the world of those people that birthed/invented the idea.

So, the first thing that we need to debate is, is that the vision that we want? If yes, then we can in that moment see how we can transpose that concept in a way that will make it adaptable to the history of the people of Afrika, because we are convinced that, the vision (paradigm) that drives this concept is favourable to us.Today we are in a democratic system in many Afrikan nations, that is built on particracy and it does not work. When we say that it does not work, maybe it does not work because we transpose it wrongly into our spaces. But let’s go to the root of the issue; does the vision that produced this patricratic system perfectly adapt to our history and culture of Afrika? At Zola Bantu we always talk about the concept of ‘paradigm’ and since we always talk about the concept of ‘paradigm’ many people may not know what does this concept really mean?

A paradigm is the oneness of belief. A group of people are thinking in a certain way. Paradigms are beliefs and agreements that are shared in the scientific world, in the philosophic world and also in the spiritual world, how people think of the world in a certain way and that thought is shared by their scientists and that thought has come from a conception of how they think/see the world. It is a foundation of all their concepts, be it organisational, civilizational, and technological that comes out of that space where that paradigm is reigning.

Mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. So, a paradigm indicates fates that are acceptable as a model and the result of certain things that will enter into that thing that are acceptable.

Let me give an example of water, but we are in politics, just an example of water. You see my mother’s; fathers, sisters and brothers the whites have chosen antibiotics to destroy microbes. So, the west says we will use molecules that have the efficacy of destroying the organism that is disturbing you inside your body. They will make molecules inside their pharmaceutical industries and they will test them on rats in their labs and when they identify that molecule, they will sell it and then the pharmaceutical industries will make their profits. So, they have an approach of treating/healing, but that treatment has to be profitable to the enterprise. So, they say we need to sell the molecules. But if we come to water for example, if one day the world places an approach and discovers that there is a way to place some energy in water through oral communication. If one does an invocation on water, water can be able to capture the thought of that invocation done in a language that is crystalizing the sounds of the universe that later turns that water into a substance that treats. It means the pharmacies will be at zero dollars, just by the use of water! If the scientific world comes up with that thought, and discovers that using technology, certain appropriate languages can change the vibration so that water can heal/treat a person,

But that does not enter into the paradigm of the west. Because in the western paradigm, an enterprise; even if it is a treating/healing enterprise, its ultimate goal is that it has to be financially fruitful to provide or generate wealth. But here you are, you bring about the idea of water, the scientific community will not accept you and will not be happy with it. So, your thought and idea can be true and right, but it does not enter in the paradigm of how they conceive/view the world. So, they will fight you, you have seen the French Virologist Mr. Luc Montagnier who discovered the virus of AIDS, came to see that the Dr. Jacques Benveniste did research on water and it was something that could simplify the pharmaceutical industry into zero dollars. They called him a fool up to the point where he came to give up because he no longer had a workplace and funding.

Water memory is the purported ability of water to retain a memory of substances previously dissolved in it even after an arbitrary number of serial dilutions. It has been claimed to be a mechanism by which homeopathic remedies work, even when they are diluted to the point that no molecule of the original substance remains. Water memory contradicts current scientific understanding of physical chemistry and is generally not accepted by the scientific community.

And now, he has entered into their paradigm of profitability out of molecules which have brought with them several side effects and all sorts of pollutions in the flesh of the envelop that God gave us. And after joining their paradigm, then they came to finance his work. Mothers, fathers and relations this is the root of the problem “the paradigm”, And this notion of paradigm today we are learning about political parties, but we will learn about it in the lenses of the African cosmology, on the prism of African cosmology. A political party! What is exactly is a political party.

Part 2: Political Party

Well a political party to summarize, we will try to figurate as possibly as we can, they are durable organisations that seek to conquer and exercise power. So, people organise themselves, they organise themselves in a durable manner in the paradigm of the whites, because in the western paradigm their state is a political entity birthed from their constitution law. And political parties gain the state’s power through elections to pilot their vision of the world, in many cases 4 or five years of office. So that the power from the state gives a political elected party power for a few years to fulfil their vision,

Hence, all the people of the political parties are looking for how they can be able to gain the state’s power so as to exercise it in a temporal manner, and to exercise it in the direction that they want, and also to exercise and pilot the state in the vision that they want according to the programs or ideas well defined that they will submit to the person (s) who will represent them (President/Prime Minister/King/Queen/Chief). So it is a durable organisation. But look into our countries of Afrika, are those organisations durable?

You will see in the United States there is a Republican Party, Democratic Party. You will see that their organisations even change names so that they can adapt to their environment to conquer the power of the state and take control of the functions of the state. But their way of organising themselves as a political party in their paradigm is durable. But look on our side in Afrika, our parties are created for reasons we do not know.

One comes and leaves the commercial bank or regional bank of Africa or World Bank and creates his political party, this one comes and leaves the international monetary fund and does not ask himself necessary questions before he creates his own party. Arvy will leave as chief of project in the ministry of interiors and goes to Nigeria and creates his own party, does this look durable my mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters?

We are seeing how a political party, its roots and how it functions in the west, but our cultures are not in them. If one person is a renowned doctor, he creates his own party. You have a fight with the president of your party, you go away and form your own party and become the decider. The president of your party is a young man, but you want an older guy, you go and create your own party. If the head of the party is an older guy, and you say he might die tomorrow, you create your own party.

A political party!! A durable organisation!! A political party, an organisation that is durable, that sees to exercise power of the state in defending a certain number of ideas well defined in a particular program. What are these ideas in terms of economics? What are these ideas in the plan of existence? What is the paradigm of your ideas? Your ideas are founded on what? We do follow a couple of political debates, one will say “in fact if you select and give me power, children of Afrika will eat well, the wealth of Afrika will profit to the children of Afrika”. Is that the existential goal of life? The wealth of Afrika should profit the children of Afrika, you speak of which wealth? According to which model? To satisfy what need? And who defined that need? Is that need, a need that is inscribed in the history of the Afrikan people? To the mission of that people? That meets the culture of that people? So you see people are superficial.

But they studied in big universities; they have exercised big positions and have glowed in those positions, because they served a paradigm. We mentioned that there are ideas that are contained in a program, what is the program then? Because there is a need to explain it all, the program according to the paradigm of the west, are assembled measures that they place upon the electors, that if they accept me to work, these are the measures that I will follow to satisfy them that have chosen me. So their entire debate is turned around that paradigm and not only that their programs are what?

How to consolidate their state, because they are all in one agreement that we came to the world so that we can take the riches of the world (paradigm of accumulation of riches). So, how will we use it? That is where they are divided, some say, “let’s prioritize the enterprise”, others say no! let’s prioritize consumption” because if we give people the power of consumption, they will come to the market, so that they can buy things and that is where we will launch our enterprises, enterprise cannot be launched if people do not have money to consume. The issue there is riches. But how will we get it? By increasing consumption, we can attain the riches, or should we favour the production of goods and services because through it the production of goods and services will enable us to win/gain a lot of money.

So, they have divergence, but around one paradigm: how to accumulate material wealth, and how to become powerful in this world of consumption. And you a child of Africa, your problem in political party is what? Your problem also is how you will give people onions and enrich yourself? Is your cosmogony and way of seeing the world defined by rationalizing consumption, to consume what? Because when taking on that leadership to give people consumption, you will work with them, and when you will work with them you will make a program according to your economies and how they have defined it as economies of extraversion. Will you manage? You will now create an entire economic system based on the provision of the worldly market. And when you will create an economic system based on the provision of the worldly market, have you attained the existential needs of the children of Burundi or Senegal? Have you attained the existential needs of the mothers who are across the Benin? Those that are in Ethiopia? You see that you have not reflected well, so you have become a vector of an ancient paradigm that has begun to fail, that has shown its limits.

Mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. Today we are learning about political parties, we defined it as a durable organisation and we have seen that in our nation of Africa that durability is not there, the durability only ends when the leader of the party dies. A political party’s goal is to pilot the state, and the state is a juristic form of political power. So it is characterised into many things because in the paradigm of the Europeans they first elaborated that concept of the political party on the choice of the leader. Inside a political party there are spokespersons of their ideology, and assemblies of those ideas of the measures that they want to create, and when they take hold of political power together with the assemblies of those measures that is what they are calling ideologies. So, a leader is the spokespersons of that idea; of that program/vision that the political party has.

Do you have that conception in Afrika? The leaders of your parties are they the spokespersons of the vision that you have? You don’t even know the vision of that leader; what is his profound thought? The idea that he is driving has it come from his head? Or from the political office?Are they groups of experts inside your particracy? That have birthed a certain idea in a certain domain and it is well defined and well chastened and they have interiorised it to their spokesperson? Is that how political parties’ function in the territories of Afrika? This father or leader that you have, is he really the spokesperson of the ideas of the members or are the members his youngsters of trust, when he coughs, they all cough, you see?

Biden is not the leader of the democratic party, he is simply a spokesperson of the members, the members have interiorised their ideas, programs, vision into him to represent them, the members are more powerful than him, is this the same regard in your parties of Afrika? Are Museveni/Malema/Ramaposa/Buhari spokespersons of their political party or the fathers of the party? You have stuck your head into things you do not understand and not only that, your way of functioning when you have a leader, to you a leader is like a father and he will be the one to lead away, but instead a political party does not have that understanding. So, when you want to transpose that concept to Afrika, it will not work.

Voila, the choice of a leader as a spokesperson, the second thing, when a political party has ideas and selects its leaders, they will recruit candidates, candidates that they will present to the population so that the population can give them trust, but the candidates that they will recruit are candidates which the members have interiorised the ideas of the political party. It is not cousins, it is not the togetherness of tribal re-group-ment, it is ideas, but how come in the transposition in Africa we see that most of the political parties if the leader is of the tribe of the Zulu, all the Zulu’s are around him, if he’s a Shona, all the Shona’s are around him and this means what my mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers? it means that transposition met other cultural realities, other modes of adhesion.

But in the mode of adhesion based on tribes can we interiorise a functionality that responds to ideas? People have exposed ideas here in the west, one person in the market says I support that idea, and another says I support that idea. Their proximity is done based on ideas, in the recruitment of ideas. But your cultural environment proximity is made based on tribal appurtenance of the leader of that party. Now can that system work? Is that wisdom or foolishness? And now you will tell African people, “hey don’t do not enter into their ideas”, they do not function like that mentally, so you see. You have not taken into account their history and the reason why they function like that. They have a history, they have traditions, they are people that we can understand as to why they are functioning like that, and in that moment is it of utility to bring them particracy or there is need to conserve a system that will federate that force of functioning in that manner. 

Part 3: Finance

Mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, on the issue of finance. Because when the political parties recruit certain candidates they will look for finance, and where they are getting the finances is from their pressure groups in Europe, they are taking it from several enterprises and multinational companies, they are taking from syndicates and pressure groups. Because the enterprises of that country and groups of those countries have interiorized their paradigm of conquering of material goods, So, they are funding the ideas of political parties as support so that at that end when that party wins it can meet their needs. But now the finance is only coming from the inside, because they are organized and the population is organized and the state is there as a juristic entity representing the political power.

Now the finances of our parties in Afrika, how is it happening? In the storage of the state! Finance of our parties, how are they happening? Outside! We receive money from foreigners to fund our campaigns and we are surprised later when our leaders are selected they don’t cater for the voters’ needs.

People finance because he/she wants this person to become a leader nevertheless he is related to him. You see, particracy cannot work in Africa, a civilization project has to respond to the culture of a people. And you can see that since the 60’s it has not worked. You can see that around those parties are only leaders of the local language. And at last you need to mobilize the electors, around the promises that you have given, and try to achieve their economic interests, social interests, security interests, so that those people can join you and be part of your goal. But the mobilization of electors in Africa is done around what?

Inside our parties, a person stays in Lagos, but if he wants to be voted for, he goes to his village, he goes to get a vote in his village, but he has come to make a national representation, but he does not stay there and he will only come to see them in that village during campaigning and those people know that we will vote him because he is a son of our village, and when he wins the elections, he goes back to where he came from and he begins to buy plots of land in Lagos where he is, is it with this vision that we will set the foundation for the 3rd millennium? So you can see that the system that you have brought is completely de-articulated as compared to the mentality of us black people, my mothers, fathers, and children of Congo and Africa. 

The history of those political parties in Europe goes back to the 19th century, the first parties gave birth in the United States, they started that side, there are local, regional parties. And in their organisations they all unite in the congress and in the congress there are intermediary instances that manage the decisions of the first congress while waiting for the second congress. Are we in the same logic? You will see what distinguishes parties are ideologies others are a bit of conservators, others are more close to the syndicate, but why inside our countries do we have 500 parties, does it mean we have 500 ideologies? What distinguishes our political parties? In the point of view of ideologies? There is nothing! So it is a bit difficult to funnel these things, it takes a lot of time and we don’t want to take so much time, it will hurt the head.

As we said today in the diagnosis and history of political parties, to have a look at that diagnosis of political parties, it is not that the people are not intelligent that it does not work or that we cannot transpose that system, It is because that system does not respond to the cultural norm of Africans. Africa has its own history, Africa has its own vision of the world, the African traditional vision of the world was the experience of love, justice and purity and all had to be organised around this, that is why the instrument of base in the organisation to attain this was the temple, and the temples today are not the churches because churches today are also spiritual parties and pastors are in competitions and in disagreements. It is just the same concept of the political parties that was brought to them. And that is why we cannot find a way anymore. 

That is why we need to interrogate our history. Let’s stop all those dis-utility certitudes we are in danger and this model of particracy, even in the west they have begun to interrogate it. There are great people in the west who have begun to interrogate this model. They have begun to see that it is full of pain. Why is it full of pain? They have come to see that their concept of a human, and the civilizational concept of a person that they created has brought pain to humanity. So we need to change a person, but to change a person, you need to first change his environment, we need to change the mechanical function of that environment. And you will get models that are degrading and the same people who have formed them come and place them inside Africa? It does not work and you can see it, there is a need for a long time for a black man to acquire maturity, like chief Kimbangu said. And he is right, a long period of time, but let’s not be discouraged, we will arrive. And nevertheless that is why we are communicating so that we can begin a debate and rise reflections and it is not to insult, but it is for you to understand that we should come to our assembly create a new form of leadership founded on our historicity and that is where we will be able to conceive an appropriate juristic form to pilot our politics and then we will know to re-educate our people so that we too cannot be assimilated in the walk of free men and women.

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All other creatures that God created in the spiritual realm continue to vibrate to the glory of God, but for humans we were given a free will in our core self when we arrived here in post creation. Genesis 1:26 (Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness; and let them have dominion)

We have abused the free will, we have used the resources of the earth in a shameful manner, we have used the resources of the earth with no wisdom. Hosea 4:6 (my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge).

We have produced acts with no conscience, acts that have unbalanced the equilibrium of the ecosystem. Ladies and gentlemen among these acts we have done wars, Genesis 11:7 (Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.”) 37,000 BC tower of babel, 15,000 BC the great flood Genesis 7:17 (For forty days the flood kept coming on the earth, and as the waters increased they lifted the ark high above the earth.) We have done all sorts of genetic manipulation, cloning of people, IVF (in vitro fertilization), abortion pills, GMO foods, sex/gender change. We have factored violence in our acts.  1st World war 1914-18, 2nd World war 1939-45, Holocaust 1941 & 1945, Slavery of people 1754-1850.We have produced evil emotions and feelings that have compromised the event of peace on earth, that have compromised harmony in the system, We live in hate, racial hate, tribal hate, hate in the positioning of one or another. September 11 2001 manipulation, invasion of Iraq 2003, Congo War that exist till today, Rwandan genocide 7th April and 15 July 1994. We live in egotism on the individual level and also at the national level. The top 1% have 80% of the wealth of the world. One man owns a house that is worth over a billion dollars in the heart of a city surrounded by millions of people living in poverty #tagMukesh Ambani.

In the level of occupied positions, we live in vanity (excessive pride in or admiration of one’s own appearance or achievements.), material sexual exploitation, we have animal pleasures, pleasures of the flesh, auto glorification, and on the level of production of emotions and feelings we are guilty. Ladies and gentlemen! Mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, dear men and women of goodwill. On the mental and intellectual level, we have produced ideologies and thoughts that are wicked. In the manner of governing the world, we have created a disequilibrium, 90% of the world live in misery, we have despised a woman and turned her into a thing, we have instrumental-zed her, and created industries of sex and play. Pornography is legal and profanity is normal in our screens widely exposed to our children, we use social media like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube with no conscience censorship.

We have imprisoned people in religions founded on obscure paradigms. Look to the cross and you are saved, he died for you, born of a virgin, Allah! wear this bomb walk into the mall blast yourself (killing innocent people) you will get 77 virgins in paradise, nonsense!

We have done the promotion of capital, and all our action are turned towards the accumulation of resources and maximization interests. And for that, as humanity we have produced industries of slavery of people with Pope Nicholas 5.

 Once Portuguese mariners began to return to Iberia with captives acquired in West Africa and West Central Africa. Notably, the treatment of “black Gentiles” was addressed in 1452 and 1455, when Pope Nicolas V issued a series of papal bulls that granted Portugal the right to enslave sub-Saharan Africans. Church leaders argued that slavery served as a natural deterrent and Christianizing influence to “barbarous” behaviour among pagans. Using this logic, the Pope issued a mandate to the Portuguese king, Alfonso V, and instructed him:

. . . to invade, search out, capture, vanquish, and subdue all Saracens and pagans whatsoever …[and] to reduce their persons to perpetual slavery, and to apply and appropriate to himself and his successors the kingdoms, dukedoms, counties, principalities, dominions, possessions, and goods, and to convert them to his and their use and profit . . .

We produced colonisation, we divided people and encouraged the mental control of people, through the production of thoughts that we have placed in university institutions. And to arrive ladies and gentlemen, one part of humanity has wisely shrewdly falsified history, the history of a people, the history of humanity has been trafficked to trouble the men of a good will who will try to search for the truth to be free. Revelation 2:9 “and I know the blasphemy of them that say they are Jews and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan”. To finally trouble the men of peace that want to find a historical repair to rectify if need be to move away from their bad direction. 

All the library and bibliography/archives texts have been manipulated, the history of humanity was trafficked. Ladies and gentlemen the conjunction of different elements has placed us today in a situation of total confusion. We do not know where to place our trust, we accuse one another. We are led by hate and anger, deception of humanity and we no longer know what is the relationship with the highest and nature. We do not absolutely know of the will of God that is inscribed in nature. We are in a difficult situation, people are at search for survival, we have in this world a politics full of anarchy. People have displaced and spread all over the world in disorder, checkout the UNHCR reports. We have produced genocides; in brief humans have no true happiness. 

Ladies and gentlemen even the sector of information has become a sector of misinformation, lies. Fake news! Source-Trump. The basement and foundation secret of the state is built on lies. Today when we speak of the secrets of the states it means there are things that vibrate in lower frequencies. There is no more leadership. The head does not exist anymore, there are no longer great heads/minds of thoughts that can drive humanity towards the right path. 

Ladies and gentlemen! Mothers fathers’ sisters and brothers, we think we are at the top of the ladder of the history of mankind. Don’t be deceived we are the bottom pit!

Feel your misery!

If we observe nature, you will see that the natural order demonstrates that in all elements there is leadership. If you observe the body of a human there is leadership, the head, you observe a family there is leadership, a woman. And for her leadership to help humanity she needs man as a king on earth. Hold on to this thought, because you do not have a lot of elements of why we say the leadership in the family is the woman. But I will explain in details as we move on.

On the level of a tribe there is a chief, on the level of a kingdom the same, even on the level of our solar system, the sun plays his leadership part. On the level of our human community, normally there’s supposed to be a people of the royal race, a kingdom of consecrated priests, to take the expression of those who are Christians, the elites that have to assure that leadership. But when we observe the actual current human society, humanity no longer has leadership, because the people who were supposed to play the role of leadership are nowhere to be found and invisible. Humanity is therefore exposed to themselves.

Even the case of the community of ants you will see that there is a queen that guides her community, where then are the people of God that nature chose to play the role not the role of dominion, but leadership? We observe the Americans they have reputation of detaining weapons of mass destruction from other nations, is that what it means to be a leader? We are not a leader because we have weapons of mass destruction. Others may say ‘oh it is the Germans’, but the Germans have improved and maximized the resonant dimension that consists of rationalizing the production of goods and services. 

Rationalize: a way of describing, interpreting, or explaining something (such as bad behaviour) that makes it seem proper, more attractive, etc. make (a company, process, or industry) more efficient, especially by dispensing with superfluous personnel or equipment.

But that is not the experience humans we came to do on earth. So, from that point of view even the Germans are not leaders. Some say the Arabs, the Spanish, the Portuguese, but these people have flourished due to slavery they are not leaders. Some say the French, the English and Israel, but these too have flourished due to colonisation. Israel today is colonising the Palestinians, that is not the attitude of “Ubuntu”.

But contrary many Christians especially in the evangelistic community, many Christians think that it is the people of the current Israel that are established as the leader. They pull this comprehension from the prophecy of Daniel, Daniel 9:2 I, Daniel, understood from the Scriptures, according to the word of the Lord given to Jeremiah the prophet, that the desolation of Jerusalem would last seventy years. And the prophecy of Isaiah where he speaks of the Hebrew people that need to reunite in a moment in history to accomplish its leadership. Jeremiah 29:10 This is what the Lord says: “When seventy years are completed for Babylon, I will come to you and fulfil my good promise to bring you back to this place. 11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

And the evangelistic community explains that it was in 1947, that these prophecies were fulfilled. Because the people of current Israel made a universal declaration in appetence to the state of Jews of 1947; we will spare you of all the history. The evangelistic community especially the Anglo-Saxon have driven an idea in the world that in the year 70AD during the revolution against the Rome Empire, that Jews were persecuted and displaced all over the world. And this is how they were found everywhere in the world, and that is a broken branch according to the prophecy of Daniel, reconstructed in 1948, with David Ben Gurion. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear men and women of good will. Let me speak to you of the story of the current Jewish people. Who are the Jewish people at the moment? Where do they come from? Do the current Jewish people have any relation with the Hebrew people of the time of the bible? Because all reasoning comes from there. They were chased in 70AD by General Titus, and they went into the world, and God promised them that he will re-assemble them according to the prophecy of Isaiah, even Daniel prayed on the same sense.  And the evangelistic community since the 1950’s, militated to support the people of today that occupy and are colonising Palestine that we call the nation of Israel, who were of the number of 600,000 in 1947 and were given that portion of land to build the state of Israel, who today are terrorizing the entire planet, and threaten the entire planet!

United Nations Resolution 181, resolution passed by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly in 1947 that called for the partition of Palestine into Arab and Jewish states, with the city of Jerusalem as a corpus separatum (Latin: “separate entity”) to be governed by a special international regime.

Sadly we African Christians are founded on the bible, and we take those people today as the people of the descendants of bible Hebrews, the Semite, and the entire theology is based on those people because Paul said, “for a certain time he rejected his people and engraved on us as his adopted child, but a time will come when he will take back his people,”

Romans 11:1 “I ask then: Did God reject his people? By no means! I am an Israelite myself, a descendant of Abraham, from the tribe of Benjamin. God did not reject his people, whom he foreknew.”

Verse 15 “For if their rejection brought reconciliation to the world, what will their acceptance be but life from the dead?”

Verse 17 & 18 “If some of the branches have been broken off, and you, though a wild olive shoot, have been grafted in among the others and now share in the nourishing sap from the olive root, 18 do not consider yourself to be superior to those other branches. If you do, consider this: You do not support the root, but the root supports you.”

Because from the point of view of Paul, according to the Paulian theology we Africans are the nations (gentiles), we are the pagans. Today we will look at the impostor, the greatest impostor of the history of humanity. And when you understand this impostor and verify this impostor, that is when you will finally interrogate yourself on the history that the biblical schools teach. And who are the true children of God? Before we tell you who are the true people of God, let me first read you a verse from the book of Revelation that concerns the church of Philadelphia and we will get to the explanation next, 

Revelation 2:9 “I know your afflictions and your poverty—yet you are rich! I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan. “The prophecy says see I give you those of the synagogues of Satan, of the adversary, I give you those who are said to be Jews, but are not. There is a people that comes from the synagogue of Satan that call themselves Jews, the prophet saw this from a distance. But he says to the community of Philadelphia a time will come when these people will be de-masked, and exposed.  For a long time in history, they called themselves Jews, but were not. But where do these Jewish people come from? Who claim to be Jews, but in reality, are not? 

Because many of the people who endorse the term anti-Semite have never read history, they have never understood the provenance of Judaism, and its history. It is then important that we give that a precision. Where do the people that we call today The Jewish people come from?The so called Jewish people who occupy Palestine at the moment, they do not come from the middle east, in the time of master Yeshua. The current Jews there are some who came from Spain, there are others who come from the Kingdom of Khazaria. It is a kingdom in the heart of Russia.  Nothing to do with the middle east because in 70AD as we are told of the events that General Titus chased the Jews from the middle east; it is not documented. There is no writing that proves that, scientists did a lot of research, even great professors of history in the University of Tel Aviv in Israel, confirmed it. 

Ladies and gentlemen. Khazaria, during the 8th century after Jesus Christ (Master Yeshua), was situated between the Roman Empire of east, roman empire of the west, and then there was Kiev, and on top there was Bulgaria and below there was Persia, Iran and Iraq and all of that together making up the empire of Byzantine. The Khazarian’s are therefore a people of the origin of Turkey. They are Turks, their life and history have been aligned to the people of Jews because they immigrated to current Syria. They are nomads normally, they lived in rapines (the violent seizure of someone’s property), and piage, we say in French (taking people’s things by force), there were people with no faith and no law. Around the 600 century those people of Khazaria, established themselves in the south of Russia, and they built the monarchy of the kingdom of Khazaria, that reached its peak by making wars, they were warlords and savages. Here we are not insulting anyone, instead restoring the historical truth and you may verify. They had a lot of wars, and by that they succeeded in occupying a large territory of the black sea, the Caspian Sea, of Caucasia up to Volga. These people were known by inhuman acts, like incest, bestiality, homosexuality and the likes. 

In 800AD (8th century) their King Shagan came across the Talmud (A book of the Semi people descendants of Seth son of Noah), and he converted to Judaism. And he later converted his entire people into Judaism, and imposed this religion on all people. You know very well that in the Jewish religion there is pros-elitism, one can become Jewish if he/she practices the act of circumcision, and so this kingdom of Khazaria, who were not descendants of the 3 sons of Noah and who had nothing of Semite, and nothing of Hebrew, who were a pagan people, a people of the origin of Turkey; when the revolution of Christianity and Islam arrived in their space, these people did not want to convert to either Islam or Christianity. So, they adopted the Jewish religion, the entire nation adopted the Jewish religion, and that is how Khazaria chose Judaism and rejected the other two religions. 200 years later all the people converted to Judaism. They adopted the Jewish religion, the successor of King Belam, Mr. Obadias, you can verify, made declaration and officialised this religion. And all the people became Jews. They called wise-men, who had profound knowledge in Judaism, to found synagogues and schools in the area, to introduce the Talmud to Khazaria and use the Hebrew writings, but they spoke the language of Khazaria. Its same how we use the English alphabet, but we speak Swahili, Shona, Ndebele, Zulu etc. and that is what happened. They had their language, but they adopted the writings of Hebrews, Semitic writings which are part of the Egyptian writings. So the King Obadias left his throne to his son Ezekiel and all the descendants have then become Jews since the time of Scandinavia.  

25 They explored the world, because it came to notice that these people had a high intellectual conscious, they were involved in business, there were a people that loved money, they were opportunists in front of God. And they invaded Europe, they colonised finance, they introduced themselves in media, up to the point awakening the jealousness of Europeans, because when they arrived in Europe, people forgot that by 6th century these people were of the origin of Turkey, these people presented themselves as the Jews, descendants of Noah but they were not. And everyone believed the impostor, they believed that these people were the 12 tribes of Israel that were chased in the time of Ezekiel and that among them were the 2 tribes of Israel, Benjamin and Judah that were chased in the time of Daniel, with the king whose eyes were gouged out by the King of Babylon. 

2 Kings 25:7 “They made Zedekiah watch as they slaughtered his sons. Then they gouged out Zedekiah’s eyes, bound him in bronze chains, and led him away to Babylon.”

 26 They appropriated that history, and Khazarians in Europe in a collective memory have been passed as the Jews, but while they are not descendants of Noah, it is not documented and not in history. These guys are impostors, go and verify this. Today in the literal world, what I am telling you is confirmed, that the Jews of the origin of Khazaria are not Hebrews, they are not the descendants of Seth, the son of Noah. 

The New York times newspapers of Wednesday October 29 1996 read “Modern “Jews” have no blood link to the Biblical Israelites”

Same paper had a debate “Scholars Debate the origins of Yiddish and the migration of Jews concluded, “The eastern Europeans Jews were not really Semitic, that they were largely descended from the Turkish Khazars, who converted to Judaism in the medieval times”

Jewish Scholar and Writer Arthur Koestler in his book titled “the 13th tribe”, go and read it.There were no white people in Palestine 2,00 years ago.

Henry Ford the founder of the Ford Motor Company assembled a staff of experts to find out the origins of the European Jews, who started entering the US in large numbers since the 1880’s, Ford’s research cost him several millions of dollars and in 1923 he established the results in a 4-volume work title “The International Jew”. 

In summing up his findings Henry Ford said “The Jews are not the chosen people, though practically the entire church has succumbed to the propaganda which declares them to be so. The boom caused chaos for many years now it is unobtainable anywhere in the archives.

Ministers today love to quote the verse Genesis 12:1-2 “I will bless those that bless thee, and curse those that curse thee”

In 1951 a retired US military intelligent officer Colonel John Owen Beaty published a book entitled “The Iron Curtain over America”.  Colonel Beaty gave overwhelming evidence that the eastern European Jews were actually Khazars and had no racial ancestry in Israel at all.

Colonel Beaty says that “By 1951, these Jews had a great hold on America politics, banking, credit and all sorts of news and the entertainment industry, American educational system, and that they were a predominant race as Judges, Lawyers, Doctors, and organised crime #Meyer Lansky a member of the Jewish Mob. The Jewish media refused to review the book, Jewish book media refused to handle the book, Christians book stores ignored it, and only a few thousand copies were distributed.

Most Americans don’t know about these two books by Henry Ford and John O. Beaty. In 1977 Colonel Curtis B Dall published a book called “Israel’s 5 trillion-dollar secret”. He was the former son in-law of Franklin D. Roosevelt (32nd President of the United States). Colonel Curtis proves again that the Jews are not Israelites, matter of fact colonel Curtis calls Israel “The greatest Hoax of the of the last centuries”.

Benjamin H. Freedman a Jewish Historian and Scholar, I quote “The Jews, I call them Jews too because they are known as Jews, but I don’t call them Jews, I refer to them as so called Jews because I know what they are,” he goes on to say they lived life in such an unfair way that even the Asianic drove out to eastern Europe.

Gamal Abdul Nasser, Former president of the United Arab Republic said I quote “I cannot respect the present Jews because they left Israel black and came back white”

Shlomo Sands, Jewish Historian Writer I quote “How can we return to Israel when (The Jewish people) were never there to begin with.

And the well-known name of Khazaria today is Rothschild. There are many Khazarian names, many origins of Khazaria even in the presidency of the Soviet Union names like, Lenin, Stalin, Koshev, Golbashev, Borisecil, all these people are from Kazaria. It is important to know this. So, when we speak of anti-Semitism today, we channel it to these people unfortunately because they usurped the Semitic origin. But they are not the Semite. They are Khazarians, the Satanists who call themselves but are not, impostors.  And this impostor, and many Khazarians who went to the United states have become great evangelizers, and they have supported the cause of these Zionists. By trafficking the interpretation of the bible, in biblical schools and theological schools. That is why today Christianity teaches unfortunately that we should pray for Israel, but when they say “we should pray for Israel” they talk about this impostor, Israel constituted according to the UN resolution of 1947 while it has nothing to do with the truth.

Ladies and gentlemen! You see the imposter, today maintained by the Rothschild family, this man Mayer Rothschild, born in 1744, and died in 1812, said something in important, I quote “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws”; “give me the control of the money of nation and I make fun of who make the laws”. 

See the philosophy of these people, that we say sadly in ignorance say that they are the descendants of Noah, and we believe through the realisation of the State of Hebrew of 1947 as the accomplishment of the prophecy of Daniel? NO! it is an impostor. Having arrived here, you will then understand that the entire history is to be re-accessed. The entire theology falls, because Khazaria is not Israel, the current Israel is not the true Israel.  But who are the true Israelites? Where did they go? What happened? It is therefore urgent to re-construct history, because for over 2,000 years the world had been led by the impostor. These Satanists, who say they are Jews, but are not, they are liars.  Therefore, all the interpretations of the tree of Daniel, the different prophecies of Isaiah, we calculated it through the calendar of these liars. The history of the world was trafficked. We are now at the end of time where true historical verdicts need to be established. So that the true people of God find themselves.

Ladies and gentlemen, dear brothers and sisters of good will and particularly the brothers and sisters of central Africa because you will see later that you are the people who need to play the role of leadership in the world. But because of your disobedience to God the first has become the last. But master Yeshua said in the time of Aquarius the last will become first, but it is important that we re-establish our history. It is important that all that hear us, the current Israel is not the true Israel, all theology falls, history is to be re-done.

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Part 1: The True Hebrew Israelites

Ladies and gentlemen, in the last episode we spoke to you about the impostor. The current Israel is not the Hebrew Israel of the bible. Ladies and gentlemen as you know we are at the time of the accomplishment of prophecies. The accomplishment the greatest prophecy; the accomplishment of the kingdom of peace in the entire cosmos. But for there to be a re-establishment of the kingdom of peace in the entire cosmos it is important that the invisible servants of God-the Simbi’s (Genius creators) that take care of nature, the essentials, to clean up the universe.

They will clean up the universe of the dirt that we humans have produced that has polluted the earth. We have polluted the earth with this dirt in our thoughts, in our emotions/feelings, and in the expression of our thoughts, our acts. The conjunction these 3 elements have done has caused the visible and invisible universe to be infected. And the kingdom of a thousand years found in Revelation 20:6 cannot begin with this infection. It cannot begin with this cancerous generalized infection that has attained the entire universe. It is then important that the beings of nature can clean up the entire universe, because in the beginning, the project and will of the creator was for this universe to be a living tabernacle to the glory of light. Matthew 6:10

But look, due to the lack of responsible leadership, the people that had to assume this responsibility of leadership are nowhere to be found and invisible. We are going to use this teaching to search for these people, and we will give indices and you will be able to find them yourself. But what is certain at this stage is, we know that the impostor of Israel of 1948 is not the true nation of Israel. These khazar’s are a mixture of Turks and Mongolia, these people never visited the Middle East in the time of Master Yeshua and have usurped the Semitic appetence.

We cannot deny or stop them from being Jews, because being a Jew is like being a Christian or a Muslim or a Buddhist. Being Jewish is not a nationality, it is sad today that they have made it into a nationality, but being Jewish is to adhere to the religion of Judaism. And this religion was led by a people that played the role of leadership throughout humanity. But sadly, due to the circumstances that we will see later, these people are nowhere to be found, these people have abandoned their position of work. And see these impostor Jews, these Satanists that call themselves Jews but are not, they have usurped through the adhesion to Judaism appetence to identify themselves as the descendants of Zola (Shem) son of Kongo Nimi (Noah).

They were ignorantly considered as the Semites, and the 2nd world war of 1939-1945 was led by Hitler, Hitler for sure sent a large part of these people to the holocaust 1941 & 45, and then for sure at the coming out of the 2nd world war the global mentality of Europe assimilated these people of Caucasia to the 12 tribes of Israel, to the 12 sons of Jacob, and with the accomplice of a number of their brothers way before 1950 since the 19th century with the protestant movement they were taken to be the Jews. How can that not happen when the protestant movement is born of ideologies of men & women of liberal thoughts, like the Red Cross, freemasons and the like.

This movement fuelled the general opinion that these people were really the Hebrew Israelites and they propagated this throughout the world and we Africans assimilated and bought that idea as well. And as you can see when they gave them that territory of Israel in 1948, everyone was happy and everyone applauded and believed that it was the accomplishment of the prophecy of Daniel.

Ladies and gentlemen there is a deep question in your question presently; you are searching sincerely to know who the true Israelites are? We will approach and then answer this question in a methodical manner. We will go step by step because we don’t narrate sterile things from or out of a crazy adventure; we are not a platform trying to wake you up from sleep so as to ask you for money, we will never ask you for money, we are here to tell you the truth and only the truth shall set you free.

Ladies and gentlemen but particularly my brothers and sisters of Afrika, you are in danger because you are ignoring who you truly are, you are in danger because you do not know who you truly are. You are in danger because you have been di-personalized, you are in danger because for over 5 centuries you have been in spiritual errancy (weakness/wandering), and this spiritual errancy began way before 1482 AD. It began ever since you were in Egypt, ever since you were in the territory of Katiopa (Ethipa/Canaan), ever since your king Solomon, David, Josiah and many others and up to the division of the kingdom into two parts (1 Kings 12; 2 Chronicles 10) 930 BC. Ever since the first deportation of 786 B.C before Master Yeshua by the Assyrians in the time of Ezekiel, you have been in errancy since the deportation of the king of Babylon in the time of our dear friend Daniel in 6 century B.C, you have been in errancy since 330 A.D with the servant Ne -Mbemba Zulu.

Even when master Yeshua came to look for you 2000 years ago the lost tribe of Israel, here we are talking of the true house of Israel. Master Yeshua left the divine kingdom, the kingdom of love to re-establish again the bridge, because the bridge was broken, and he came to look for the lost tribe of Israel that refused to take the exile to central Afrika (Numbers 32:16-17). And you murdered him, Luke 23:21 “But they cried, saying, crucify him, crucify him.”  You assassinated your brother it is said in the book of John that he came to his own, but his own rejected him, and gave him up to the romans, his own gave him to the Arabs who lived in Canaan, John 1:11 “He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him.” Remember master Yeshua when he saw that girl of Canaan that was asking for bread, but master Yeshua said “I will first reserve this bread for the lost tribe of Israel”, Mathew 15:24-27, he answered, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel.” 25 The woman came and knelt before him. “Lord, help me!” she said, and he replied, “It is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to their dogs.”

And for a long time you thought that the lost tribe of Israel was not you, but as previously we demonstrated sufficiently that the Israel that you have taken as Israel is not Israel. There are impostors. So when master Yeshua your brother came to his own, he did not come for this kingdom of khazars, he came to his own and his own rejected him. He, Yeshua came to visit the children of God that produced the 1st world civilization, the people that produced the 2nd world civilization in Egypt 15,000 BC-2,000 BC. Egypt of the 2nd world civilization reigned till Canaan, even the kingdom of Israel that was found in Katiopa (Ethiops/Canaan) was an appendix of the kingdom of Egypt.

Ladies and gentlemen! Master Yeshua said, “I will send the advocate, the counsellor, the Holy Spirit, he will drive you to all truth, he will convince you of justice, he will convince you of judgment, and he will convince you off from sin, because the entire humanity has no wisdom of justice. John 14:26 “But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.” The entire humanity has no wisdom of what is sin; the entire humanity has been deceived of the reality of judgment, master Yeshua said “the advocate, the son of man when he will come, he will not speak of himself, but he will remind us of the word of God. “Because the entire word was trafficked, all the word especially in the evangelical movement, in the Protestantism movement, much of the scripture was modified and designed to serve the impostor, all the Judeo-Christian religion was just a religion serving to convince us that the actual Israel is truly Israel.

This message ladies and gentlemen is a message for the whole Afrika; it is a message that will lead to achieving another civilization, another form of spirituality and another way of practicing science, politics and priesthood.

 Part 2: The Cause of the curse of the true Hebrew Israelites

As promised today we are going to continue with our teaching entitled “The curse of the true Hebrew Israelites”. Found in Deuteronomy 28:15-68. As we discussed in the previous chapter of “the imposter”, the current Israel is not Israel, history was trafficked. And we saw later that when the humans of the earth came down in this post creation to study (life is a school, graduation is getting back to God) the highest assigned them on a mission to construct a post creation to be in resemblance to the spiritual world, found in Matthew 6:10 (your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven).

Ladies and gentlemen, you all know that we are spirits, but we came to this material post creation and we incarnated to earth to sublimate/control the earth, and in order to sublimate the earth we need to acquire love, we need to have an elevated sense of justice and we need to live in purity and this was the will & plan of God, John 13:34 “love one another: just as I have loved you,” and this will is expressed in joy and through a living experience,  will enables men and women to live in accordance to the will of God. Unfortunately, the mission that was assigned since the beginning of time to Black people of the first Adamic and Eve civilization that resided in the heart of Afrika who did not execute it as the highest expected. We made a pact with the force of hell (Lucifer) and we moved away from the laws and principles of life that the highest gave us. Genesis 3:6 “When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it.”

And so little by little she (wombedman-woman-the recipient of the feminine activity) who was supposed to lead us and be the guardian of the sacred flame was deceived/seduced to new ideas and she succumbed in that evil and led the entire humanity to the fall. “She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it; meaning she influenced the man with the new ideas that she obtained from the serpent (force of evil incarnate-lucifer).” See what led to the end of the first civilization that ended by a great flood 20/15,000 B.C. “The waters flooded the earth for a hundred and fifty days.” Genesis 7:24, and right after the flood the highest did not abandon man, the highest trained our ancestor Kongo Mimi (Noah) to try a 2ND experience of major civilization in Egypt.

We began this 2nd experience of major civilization, and this experience lasted for thousands of years, we lived well, but again the children that we gave birth to did not know the rigor of living in love and justice of their elders when they gained power, they trained again the entire humanity in error. Exodus 1:8 “Eventually, a new king came to power in Egypt who knew nothing about Joseph or what he had done.” During this experience of major civilization many people, the Caucasians, the yellow skin, arrived in Egypt to learn knowledge, wisdom and we communicated and taught those people, but we eagerly made mistakes. We trained a part of our people, the Israelites (Bena-Kongo/Children of God), into enslavement. Exodus 1:11 “So they put slave masters over them to oppress them with forced labor

The second experience of major civilization that lasted thousands of years was good, but with the invasions of Babylonians, and the influence of foreigners that arrived in our land the lifestyle/culture began to change and we gave birth/rise to pharaohs that did not know God, black pharaohs. Pharaohs did not know the knowledge of God because it needs to be said, it was only during the time of the Greeks that knowledge was out of Egypt with the constant visitation of Greek scholars to Egypt. The fall of Egypt was already when the Kermit’s that did not know the wisdom of God arrived in Egypt, and well the Kermit’s began to enslave their own brothers. We did not live according to the law of God, and that is how finally God demanded the priests to leave Egypt, Exodus 3:17 “And I have promised to bring you up out of your misery in Egypt into the land of the Canaanites”.

You have to know that in the time of the 2nd major civilization, Egypt was run through the clear guidance of a servant of God who was once an archangel of light, at one point he led the people truly towards light, but later he created jealousy in the position of man who was practically the king in creation and had to assure that royalty and leadership, but unfortunately, this fallen archangel due to jealousy trained Egypt again towards the fall.

Part 3: The life, family and death of Pharaoh Kenatu

 In Egypt there were pharaohs that resisted this aid of light (Lucifer), Pharaohs like Kenatu (Akhenaton according to the west), but his name was Kenatu. He was someone who by initiation understood that the one who was leading Egypt moved away from the voice of the Lord, the voice of his highness. It was an impostor who wanted to take the place of the highest, so that all worship should be directed towards him. And Kenatu opposed Ra or Re with a firm resistance, Re was remote-controlled by who the bible called Lucifer; he began to transmit to the leaders of the people, to pharaohs, luciferian principles, and this led Egypt to injustice and to a society that was not in harmony with the laws of God.

 And this disturbed Kenatu because he noticed that even his own father, the pharaoh was being led by this evil principle incarnated in Re/Ra since the first civilization in the heart of Afrika trained the entire humanity in error. Pharaoh Kenatu opposed this principle, and when he took over power in Egypt he re-established the cult of the true God. He re-established the cult of the true God and it elapsed for a time, but he made a mistake, his wife was unfortunately a foreign woman. For the need of Egypt to continue to guarantee its hegemony (safety), the pharaohs began to get married to foreign women (princesses of other kingdoms) who were not the daughters of the high priest for political alliances. But according to the law in Egypt, the Pharaoh only married the daughter of the high priest.

And that is how Kenatu made an imprudence for having married a woman of Babylon and they had two children. His first daughter was Nefertiti and he had another daughter who was so much loved by her mother, and this daughter married a Prince of Babylonian. And of this union bore a child who was called Tutankamon. Tutankamon is therefore the only grandson of Pharaoh Kenatu that he had from the union of his 2nd daughter with a babylonian prince to guarantee the alliance of Egypt with Babylon, and it was a monumental error.

Because finally when Kenatu began to reconstruct the true cult of God in Egypt, and well there was a conspiracy that was birthed from the house of pharaoh engineered by his son-law the husband of his 2nd daughter, and that is where they got rid of kenatu, we will spare you all the details. Go and consult the ancients’ books to be able to be documented in regard to this topic or go and consult the archaic annals, the archives of the mwela-kongo.

Ladies and gentlemen, the son-in-law of Kenatu that married the daughter of Kenatu killed his own son Tuntankamon to get the power in Egypt and destroy all the works Kenatu was building to restore the mahat in Egypt. And this marked the beginning of the fall of Egypt, and God asked the priests those who were in priesthood as well as men and women of Goodwill to leave Egypt and go towards the heart of Afrika to try a 3rd experience of major civilization.

Ladies and gentlemen, see then where the great Exodus begins around 1400BC, many Egyptians (Israelites) started to leave Egypt and the movement marked the end of the grandeur time of Egypt the fall of the 2nd Civilization with the death of Pharaoh Kenatu, that the world calls in ignorance, Akhenaton.

Kenatu presented himself always at the service of the temple with his daughter Nefertiti, and because he was always seen together with Nefertiti in the pyramid images, later evidently with the eye of the 21st century many people think that Nefertiti was the wife of Pharaoh Kenatu. Nefertiti was the first daughter of Kenatu that refused to obey her mother, but rather chose to attach herself to pure spirituality that was driven by her father.

And (we will spare you of all the details) when they killed Nefertiti’s father, she was incarcerated in the bottom pit of the royal palace and she died in a very astrous manner, she was locked and left without water and no food to starve to death.

Voila the end of Nefertiti, voila the end of the period of light of our ancestors who built a great civilization of light, but they were betrayed by Lucifer that instrumentalized Re or Ra who was the high priest. Kenatu tried to resist with his daughter Nefertiti, but the Babylonians complotted and killed Kenatu and his daughter, and ever since, Egypt was in the days of evil and the highest decided that all the bena—kongo (Israelites) had to get out of Egypt and go to a country that flowed with milk and honey, it is this country in centre of Afrika that began the first civilization. Our ancestors left Egypt to try a 3rd experience of major civilization in the heart of Afrika. Here we are at 330BC before Jesus Christ, where the message was addressed to bemba zulu, so that he could convince the men and women of good will to finally leave,

And go to a country where God said that in the time of Aquarius he will build a Christic civilization speaking in the language of the Greeks, a civilization of light and it will be at the end of time of nations.

Part 4: The Curses

Master Yeshua later on would come towards the lost tribe of Israel to try and bring them back to reason, Matthew 15:24 “He answered, “I was only sent to the lost sheep of Israel.” But these people with the influence of foreigners of Rome, the Greeks at first, and then Assyrians, they turned spirituality into religion and they did not understand the message of master Yeshua. They plotted to assassinate this messenger of God, Matthew 12:14 “But the Pharisees went out and plotted how they might kill Jesus.” And people later on said “let his blood fall on us and our posterity/children.”  Matthew 27:25

When master Yeshua was alive he used to say, “the father sent you his servants”, Mark 12:1-9, “but I come from the divine kingdom to bring you light of God” John 16:28. But with evil at the surface of the world. We did not want to listen to him and we assassinated the son, what will then be our outcome? Mark 12:9 “He will come and kill those tenants and give the vineyard to others.” We were then condemned to errancy/wondering because we disobeyed the law of God and the principle that governs the universe. Deuteronomy 28:66 “You will live in constant suspense, filled with dread both night and day, never sure of your life.”

You know master Yeshua used to say “if you speak bad of his highest you may be forgiven, when you speak evil of me it may be forgiven, but if you speak evil of the holy spirit it will not be forgiven”, Matthew 12:31-32, Mark 3:28-29, Luke 12:10, you will have to pay off the evil that you do to the holy spirit. Galatians 6:7 “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.”

The holy spirit is the source of the laws that govern the universe, by this master Yeshua was telling you that if you sin against the laws that govern this creation, well the creation will react and you will face your karma. If one of you jumps off the 5th floor of a building thinking that the laws that govern the universe (gravity) will stop because you decided foolishly in your mind to jump, you will be a victim of the force of acceleration and you will die. Because you can sin against a person and that person can forgive you, and then there are no karmic returns. But, if you sin against the laws of God, against the holy spirit, an equilibrium will be done with a karmic return.

Ladies and gentlemen, you see how we Africans have been in a pool of curses for over 2,000 years, experiencing karma after karma. The bible, the old testament says “see therefore the curses that will accompany you, these curses are automatic returns of our own acts/doings.” Deuteronomy 28:66 “However, if you do not obey the LORD your God and do not carefully follow all his commands and decrees I am giving you today, all these curses will come upon you and overtake you:” And it will accompany/follow us until we will gain conscience. Mfumu Kimbangu  said, “it will take a long time for a black man to gain spiritual maturity” up to when we will change and reconcile with the son of man, the holy spirit, the laws of God. And then we will be able to chase away these evil egregores (large evil thought forms in the Astral and mental world that humans create) from our life space, so that we can aspire to live again in new love, in justice, and in symbiosis with the law of equilibrium with the ecosystem.

The Egyptian people, the bena-kongo (Israelites) people placed themselves in curses consumed through the rapture of the curtain that separated the holy place from the holy of holies. Matthew 27:51 “At that moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom” There was no more the holy of holies and the people were left to themselves into errancy, and see in that precise moment the evil times of the people of bena-kongo (Israelites) started.

Having said that, we would like to read for you a few verses of the bible that speak of this evil, because the one that came to make us be accountable of these evil times Mfumu Kimbangu born on 12th September 1887 who was the advocate that master Yeshua promised in John 14:26 “But the Advocate,* the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you everything, and remind you of all that I have said to you.” told us to continue to read the bible because in reading the bible we will catch the thief with the object that he stole.

Deuteronomy 28:15 going down, v15 However, if you do not obey the Lord your God and do not carefully follow all his commands and decrees, I am giving you today, all these curses will come on you and overtake you: v16 You will be cursed in the city and cursed in the country. v17 Your basket and your kneading trough (Vessel for Baking-Industries) will be cursed. v18 The fruit of your womb (Your children) will be cursed, and the crops of your land (your Economy), and the calves of your herds and the lambs of your flocks.v19 You will be cursed when you come in and cursed when you go out. v20 The Lord will send on you curses, confusion and rebuke in everything you put your hand to, until you are destroyed and come to sudden ruin because of the evil you have done in forsaking him. v21 The Lord will plague you with diseases until he has destroyed you from the land you are entering to possess. v22 The Lord will strike you with wasting disease, with fever and inflammation, with scorching heat and drought, with blight and mildew, which will plague you until you perish.

v23 The sky over your head will be bronze, the ground beneath you iron. v24 The Lord will turn the rain of your country into dust and powder; it will come down from the skies until you are destroyed. v25 The Lord will cause you to be defeated before your enemies. You will come at them from one direction but flee from them in seven, and you will become a thing of horror to all the kingdoms on earth. v26 Your carcasses will be food for all the birds and the wild animals, and there will be no one to frighten them away.

v27 The Lord will afflict you with the boils of Egypt and with tumors, festering sores and the itch, from which you cannot be cured. v28 The Lord will afflict you with madness, blindness and confusion of mind.

Up to verse 66 is a list of all the curses that will follow the children of God that have not followed the prescription of the eternal and have constructed a society of injustice, a society of exhortation of material things. Rather materials things are supposed to be at our service, but we are not to worship material things, see how we are in plain curses. It is said that we will be slaves, there will be foreign kings and they will come to our countries, they will speak in languages that we do not understand, they will take our women and our children and they will send some of us to the Caribbean and the pacific like it was at the time of slavery, they will colonise us and they will trouble us if we do not put to practice all the words of this law that is written in the book.

If you do not fear the glorious name of the Lord your God, your Lord will strike you in an unexpected manner and your descendants; great persistent flaws and great diseases, the plagues of Egypt will all be upon you. So, when they say that it is the Lord that will bring upon you all these curses, it is a prophetic language that simply means your acts that went ahead of you will come upon you, like master Yeshua used to say “do not be deceived we cannot mock God, whatever a man sows he will reap. We are currently reaping what we sowed when we interrupted the alliance of justice, and of love with his highest.

We ignored the priests that were charged to communicate to us the science of God and most of these priests themselves aligned to re/ra lucifer and others produced their own foolishness and training weak spirits in errancy. This is how the curses continued to build up in us and we made an exodus towards the promised land, and we arrived with a lot of difficulties, we passed by southern Africa and we went up with mama ba-ngala up to when we finally arrived in central Africa where we were between the 3 sacred mountains, and we prayed to his highness and sadly all those karmic returns came again anew. We had kings who did not walk in the fear of God, we had kings in the kongo kingdom that did not follow the prescription of his eternal and did not heed the account of this whole exode experience from departing from the middle east, up to when we were in central Africa. Once again these evil people caught up with us and they enslaved us, they colonised us, they separated families, they separated all the existential projects that we put in place.

It is partly the fault of the political elite of the time that by the wish of accumulation of riches they contracted obscure alliances with the Portuguese and they trained the kingdom into perdition.The people were left to themselves; the people were made into objects and had no value and enslaved up to the treaty of berlin of 1885 where they divided Africa; and the part of central Africa that is the bucket of Kongo was given to Leopol 2 to manage it for the better of the west. See ladies and gentlemen, we have suffered for many years, deaths on the route of slavery, and so on and so forth, you know the story so I will spare you the details. Most of the bena-kongo (Israelites) went to Haiti, some in the coco fields of brazil, and almost everywhere, they tried to resist, but like it is said in the bible, the last verse of the curses.

The Lord will send you to Egypt in boats and you will take this path as I told you, you will not come back, there are many who went to Haiti and some are in the west, the children of Israel are dispersed all over the world, because we did not follow the laws of his eternal, we did not build tabernacles in conformity to the will of God. We entered into a paradigm that was not our own, because definitely the passage on earth does not consist of acquiring millions inside bank accounts, but the passage on earth consists of having/obtaining spiritual maturity so that one day we will be able to go over to our elders who were left in the spiritual kingdom, so that we together with them contribute to the evolution of creation.

Sadly, we followed the forces of evil that have placed us in low places where finally existence has only become the appropriation of material goods, today we evaluate success by the number of zeros one has behind a whole number in your account. Which was not the paradigm of Africa, because the African paradigm, the economy, all that is the consumption of goods and services was not a problem, we could not judge someone according to the manner in which he/she consumes more or less goods and services, everything was well disposed and well distributed to the whole nation.

That is why today we have hunger which Africa did not know before the penetration of the white man/western world, and before we were only us, we have moved away from the laws of God; we made the accumulation of riches an existential priority and today you can see the gospel of prosperity where if you have this type of necktie then you are blessed by God. If you have such a house, God has blessed you, this and that and it has all become nonsense.

See then we are in deep curses like Isaiah said in chapter 19, Isaiah said “the prince of Egypt has become a fool, yes, it is folly to think that if you are a superpower in weapons of mass distraction then you are the first in the world. It is really a civilization of kids, this civilization is a paradigm that is totally foreign to our ancestors and we are now many in it and we have placed our children in these universities where we are taught that the goal of the economy is to maximize profits,

There are all sorts of aberrations like this in social science and political science and there is a manipulation of the laws of nature in production, because you have at all cost to produce the profit that profits a certain oligarchy of people and the society is completely disarticulated.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The tabernacle is destroyed, so it is the responsibility of the bena-kongo (Israelites) to realign with the laws of God, ladies and gentlemen, what I am telling you is that there is a necessity for a moment that you stop what you are doing and reflect on what we are telling you. Because often when a prophet comes to tell you things in the part of Yahweh, or his highness you do not reflect on what you are told, we are not in the same paradigm and we do not have the same vision, so, if you take these words and place them in the actual vision of the world, you will falsify your comprehension,

When a wise person hears this message he stops for a moment and verifies it in history, he stops to even talk for 3 years or 4 years to reflect on what we are trying to say, and to take resolutions so as to see where the truth is found. Today we all speak and we all speak at the same time, when we have something, we begin to teach it fast while we have not attained the profound deepness of it the way God wants you to have it.

My dear people we are in a transition of civilization, in a transition of paradigm, because the paradigm that has governed the world up to this time is a childish paradigm that is driven by people of Caucasia, the west, these people of hell. And why did this paradigm dominate over the paradigm of the mahat? We are to blame, us the bena-kongo (Israelites), now we have to make a society where we need to be worshipers of the highest. We made a pact with Re/Ra, who was in a fallout with the highest, and this has pushed us further into the evil we currently find ourselves in.

We have experienced this errancy for over 4,000 years, 4,000 years of errancy that were attained its peak where master Yeshua said in Matthew chapter 24, “they will rape women, they will enslave you, curse to the woman in labour,” the woman will be the no. 1 victim of this disobedience of God.

They fabricated for us an Israel in 1948, those who were a people that came from Caucasia of the empire of khazars, and who had nothing near nor far with the Semite in the time of the bible.  They fabricated for us these people and made us believe that the prophecy of God began to be accomplished from these people who were reunited by the society of the nations in 1948. All this was the impostor. They fabricated another paradigm that consisted of worshiping material things, but while in the tabernacle the material things were in service of humans, but what was more important was to learn to obey the laws of God.

And this is how the curses came upon us, and with time we were plunged into an indefinite knockout up to when in the Berlin conference they separated us, they separated families, they completely Balkanised us while the men of good will that were priests at the time tried to federate all the bena-kongo (Israelites) of central Africa so at the end to begin a Christic society that his highness wanted. But unfortunately there were collabo’s who collaborated with the occupant powers that came so that they could sell us with the internal conflicts within the political class of the time, they betrayed again the development of what was supposed to be done way before, and they restarted the construction of the 3rd civilization, the civilization of Kwatulendo (reign of a thousand years),

But at the end, God predicted that the 3rd civilization would be done in the time of Aquarius. See therefore my friends, ladies and gentlemen, the teaching of today the curse that came upon the Hebrew Israelites people a curse of over 4,000 years, we will not act always like the Kermit do, and accuse others to make ourselves look innocent because we ourselves did not walk according to the commandments of God, the highest. We disobeyed, if we went through all this, the path that we have subdued is because of us, and it is also through us that we get can get out if we attain conscience.

That is why we teach you to gain conscience, and on the laws of creation so that at the end you may reconcile with the holy spirit, the son of man so that you can attach yourself to light, so that at the end you can build this 3rd civilization departing from Africa, like it is wanted by our Lord, and we can be a sacrificial kingdom or kingdom of priests that will be a blessing to all the people of the earth.

Friends we will end here for now, we will continue our teachings until the time when we will leave the diaspora to go to Africa to finally build a civilization that will be for the glory of God, so that when the Israelites where ever they will be in the world; will leave the foreign land and go central Africa. It will be only at that time that the end of this branch of Daniel that was abarture for over 7 years, what happened in 1948 is the impostor because these people are not Israel, it is us who are the nation of God, for over 4 thousand years we have seen the time of the nations, but now God wants to reconcile with his people so that humanity from Africa, it will not be Asia, it will not be Latin American.

But it will be from this people that is hated by the entire world, that God will do an act that will rebuild the dignity of a human beings, and we will have a political class that will be composed of servants of God that will be reconciled to their history and they will be reconciled to the holy spirit and they will be attached to light helped by the people of pure spirituality. Then we will have engineers, scientists, that will make inventions like mfumu kibangu used to say 4 times more than what we have done at the actual moment. To finally drive new humanity towards light because a civilization final objective is not to satisfy low material needs of the animal but a civilization is of the goal that horis becomes really a mawungu-matured spirit, and that is through initiation, through a new organisation of the society so that at the end men and women to newly have access to the pavement. So, the government will be the holy place, the people of God will be assimilated to the holy, and the pavement will be the entire humanity.

Thank you.

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From the passionately burning fire in my heart I salute you! Today we will discuss on how to get out of the curses that befall us.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have seen in the previous episodes that the people that are taken to be the people of Israel, the descendants of Israel of the bible (we have demonstrated sufficiently) that they were impostors. God chose a people in the world so that from this people, light (LOVE, PURTY, JUSTUCE) can lighten the entire planet. But these people did not answer their call.

They killed all the messengers of God that wanted to help them to do their mission well and in antiquity they killed the great Master Yeshua that came to help them, because he himself used to say “I came for the lost tribes of Israel”. Matthew 15:24, But his own did not receive him, his own rejected him, John 1:11 They rejected him by crucifying him on the cross with the service of the justice of Rome and at the time it was Pilate, that executed the sentence. You remember that the priest of the time mobilized the people to say “let his blood fall on us and on our children”, Matthew 27:25.

Ladies and gentlemen, from that moment the civilization project and the responsibility that God gave to this people to construct the tabernacle of God in this post creation was in turmoil. A civilization where the world was supposed to be a school, where at the end during graduation all would become priests of his eternal. Where the holy place would be the people of God that were supposed to be connected directly to the top of creation where the son of man resides, and he would lead them, and Africa is supposed to be the holy place, the place of worship, the place where there is a beautiful perfume altar to offer to God a joyous sacrifice of an agreeable aroma.

And the pavement is supposed to be the nations that are supposed to come and offer to his eternal a sacrifice of a joyous aroma, and this is how our world was supposed to be, a world of the civilization of light where the entire world was supposed to vibrate in an uninterested love, in justice and in purity. And well this civilization project, this tabernacle that we had to construct today, we do not know how to construct it because we have become a people of needing help from everywhere. We are a people that have distinctions and degrees throughout history of killing all the messengers of God, that his eternal very well sends.  Pardon me for this ethology, ladies and gentlemen see how today we are in errancy and wondering. We will give 3 points on how to get us out of these curses, an introduction into the freedom.

An errancy (2,000 B.C to 1400 AD-4,000 years) that is symbolised in Deuteronomy (28:15+) by great curses where it is said that at the peak of this errancy master Yeshua in Matthew chapter 24 said “that women will go through periods of tribulation like the world has never known. And this period we are currently living and experiencing it with the situation that is happening in central Africa, where the people of God like the bible says, “Is encircled by the nations”. We lived in errancy for over 2,000 years during the time of the fish, the time of the nations and the nations had the grace of receiving the world of master Yeshua. “For the hearts of these people are hardened, “Therefore I want you to know that God’s salvation has been sent to the Gentiles, and they will listen!” “When he had spoken these words, the Jews departed, having a great dispute among themselves.” Acts 28:27-29. But they transformed it into a utility of colonization, to a utility of slavery, to a utility of serving other people, and they looked for the people of God (Diego Cao 1492 AD) and they enslaved them, colonized them and sold them overseas, they reduced these people to nothing.

And because nature is just, we had to experience all of that because ourselves in the time of the first civilization (Evolution to around 37,000 BC) and also in the time of the 2nd civilization (15,000 B.C to 1,400 B.C) did not follow the paradigm of the mahat (40 laws reduced to 10 by Massa), the paradigm of light. Loved ones we are in the fleshly era where this tribulation finds its apotheosis (highest point) in the suffering that central Africa is subduing, over 10 million deaths, women raped etc. At a certain time, they believed that Democratic Republic of the Congo was the capital of rape and violence. And all the countries of the world teamed up against these people and you can notice that all over the world, black people are suffering, we are in pain because the bible says when we will reject the laws of the eternal we will live in errancy. We will be hated by the entire world, we will be despised, but at the end of time, God will send us servants of light again to reconcile us with our own history, it is what Mfumu Kimbangu began, he said a lot of details on this subject concerning the time of Aquarius.

Ladies and gentlemen, today we know that we are the children of God, ancient Israel were black people, the bena-kongo that God spoke of. Light (a message of LOVE, PURITY and JUSTICE) was spoken of to Ne-Bemba-Zulu to tell him that you have been marked by the highest Akongo, and in the time of Aquarius, God will again attempt to reconcile with his people to build a new civilization that the bible calls the reign of peace on earth, it means the reign of a 1,000 years. “Also I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for the testimony of Jesus and for the word of God, and those who had not worshiped the beast or its image and had not received its mark on their foreheads or their hands. They came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years. Rev 20:4” We are then my friends in preparation of the reign of this great king, the holy spirit who himself will govern the post creation so that at last the post creation can serve to the glory of God. But those that will participate in this reign of a 1,000 years will be only those that are of a good will. Those that search for unconditional love/uninterested love, those that search the mahat, the justice, and those that force themselves to live in purity.

Today we see 3 points in the great line and summary because we cannot give you everything, you also have to exercise and make an effort to search for an individual alliance with the son of man. We will see today 3 points/3 indications on how to get out of these curses. First step to get out the curse and this errancy/wondering where we have become refugees everywhere; when one gets papers to live in the west, they call their families and hold a big party or celebration because they got refugee papers. But a refugee is a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster, what is there to celebrate? A refugee is therefore an unhappy and miserable citizen of their country, but see in the Congolese mentality and also African, Haiti, Caribbean, pacific, in this colonized mentality to have a nationality in Europe or America is a great achievement. Pastors will testify in church, the blessing of the almighty. So, the first point of getting out of this curse: we need to go back to ourselves, we need to examine our conscience my loved ones! In life we cannot continue to walk like this without giving ourselves time to ask good questions. A black man has to at some point/moment stop and interrogate him/herself and say “what am I doing?”

Is the situation that I am living in currently normal?  I’d like to send you to the parable of master Yeshua in regard to the prodigal son. This boy spent all that he received from the house of his father, and at one moment he came back to himself, and interrogated himself on his own life, “Luke 15:11–32.” You know we can be a Muslim/Christian Congolese and can interrogate yourself and ask what has it given you for over 5 centuries if for over 5 centuries of Christianity the western model has not produced anything! It is not by adding another 50 years that it will produce something, contrary as we continue to advance the thing begins to get rotten and manifests, today we see that what they brought us is foolishness. My loved ones, ladies and gentlemen, I know that you are attached/bonded to it, they have installed this in your conscience for years, and you have taken the impostor as the truth. But for us to completely get out of this impostor paradigm we have to interrogate ourselves, we have to do a spiritual awakening, that will drive to a spiritual awakening. 

Man needs to ask himself existential questions, and ask himself what have I come to do here? Where do I come from? And I have come to do exactly what? It is very unfortunate and sad that today the faith of Christians, allow me to say, to speak to you of the Christian faith because 80% of our listeners are Christians, it is sad to believe that you cannot do anything, that you believe Jesus accomplished everything in your place, it is not true. You did not come to this earth so that you can gain/obtain/have faith, but so that what you believe becomes a conviction by living/lived experience, “Now faith is confidence in what we hope (know) for and assurance about what we do not see, conviction by living/lived experience.” Hebrews 11:1 You have to work for your salvation, it is an insult to his highness to think that you are seated like a king in the palace and God as your vessel/servant will do all the work in your place. It is not for that reason that we came to the earth, because you do not understand the structure of creation, Matthew 25:14–30 Luke 19:11–27, “Parable of the Bags of Gold or Minas”.

When we were in the spiritual kingdom our ancestors the primordial, prayed to the father because it was impossible for us where we were to be able to conquer/participate/contribute to the evolution of creation. And our elders prayed to the father so that they could give us this space that is the 2nd creation so that we could do our own experience under the guidance of and assisted by the beings of light. And it is from this experience that we do, that we will qualify. See now they have embalmed/locked you in a religion which consists of doing nothing, that God by a simple prayer will help you to heal the sick, so if prayer can heal you from sickness then how will you know anatomy? We have to know anatomy so that we can find an error to our anatomy if the error presents itself in our lives. But if it is only by words that we can be healed then medicine is satanic, because can’t you see at that moment you have become people that are not at all not intelligent. Intelligence comes from God, all the difficulties that we will face here are necessary for our evolution, we have to then return to ourselves and interrogate ourselves on the paradigm that we are in if it is a normal paradigm. Can we all give and leave to God and say God will do? No! 

God has already done, he made this post creation and he has sent us and it is our turn to react and in reacting we will gain wisdom, wisdom only comes in living experience. “Let them have dominion” Genesis 1:26. We have to return to ourselves to interrogate ourselves on the voice that we have followed that is certainly a voice that they have imposed on us since 1482 AD for those that concern Africans. And those that imposed this on us did it by design, to dominate/conquer us. 

They did not do it for the nice view or uprise of the black man. You have at a moment to stop and interrogate on the sense of this paradigm that you are in. That is why God allowed that some of you arrive here in the west always in the cadre of interrogations. See even if the laws of God are not at the centre of the European civilization they are working; Their material enjoyment today is not because they prayed! It is because they have understood that in the master of work they may arrive at something. They have invented systems of government, they have invented practical sciences, to satisfy to their needs, it is a people that work, though they have rejected God in the centre of their preoccupation, but they live in work. And on level of the material they live much better than black people, who have installed themselves in laziness and do not want to work, every time there is a difficult situation we pray that God intervenes. God is not a servant. He is not your delivery boy that will come and satisfy at your needs all the time you cry to him, what will you learn now? 

Even in the education of children a there comes a time when the child becomes and adult and needs to leave the home of the parents to build a life of his own. And that is how he will grow and that is how he will acquire maturity. And so it is the same thing in spirituality. How do you plan to acquire spiritual maturity if you are incapable of inventing systems of government at your place? All you do is copy and paste and you quote the ancestors of others, but no you also have a country. You have the best country that God gave you, but you have installed/placed yourself in laziness, with this Christianity imported from the west it is absolutely not serious my sisters and brothers. This is the first point; there is a need that black man interrogates himself. The black man has to have an awakening, he needs to ask himself existential questions, what have I come to do here on earth? Did I come to this earth to move from one church to another church, pastor to pastor to pray, “Oh he has no anointing so I will go to this other pastor, NO! It is laziness and shortcuts; All these are associations with no lucrative goal made by men that pretend to be in service of God. But you are not sheep; when they say master Yeshua is the lamb of God because you do not understand the structure of creation you think that a lamb/sheep is someone who says yes! And amen to anything! A blind follower. He was not saying yes and amen to anything, he had discussions, when they wanted to assassinate him, he used to say “what evil have I done to you? Why do you want to assassinate me?” He was a man, but why do they say of him, he was the lamb of God? 

This is another teaching, when we get the time in this journey I will speak to you of it. But to be brief in the 4 living animals there is an animal that has the form of a lamb. All the sources of spirits come from this entity and so when they say he is the lamb of God that simply means in short that he is a perfect spiritual man. That is what it means to be lamb of God. And we are called to be the lambs of God. Perfect spiritual men, men who reflect light and who when faced by a calamity come together to find solutions, 

they do not go to pray to God so that God finds solution for them, that is being a child, when we were kids we were in need of our parents, but now that we also have our own houses we have to find solutions, that is the first thing that we need to do. Return to ourselves, to reconcile with ourselves, to reconcile with our own history, no man can develop, no people/country can develop if it ignores its history and does not accept its history. I hear Africans say, master Yeshua was not black, he was not African, where have you seen white people say such things?  A white person has everything consigned in his library and his universities, the history of his ancestors, he teaches, and is well organized with himself. He knows that he cannot forget his past, but he has to do everything in his future adventures that can emanate from his past so that his future comes glory to glory. But the black man is there in front of historical truth that master Yeshua was one of his brothers oh! it’s not a big deal, I don’t care whether he is my brother or European I do not care, how can a people like this develop? How can you develop with such giveaways? It is only in the black community that there is denial, it is not that he does not care, but because he denies, he does not want to accept his history, and how do you hope to be emancipated when you do not want to accept your history? 

So a return to ourselves is to reconcile with our history. It is to understand that God has chosen us as priests so that at the end we can be a sacrificial kingdom to build this tabernacle, we attempted the first major civilization in the centre of Africa, but we failed because of our own turpitude (wicked behaviour). We attempted the 2nd major civilization in Egypt and people came to us to learn science and many other things, but we declined. God sent us in the exodus of 4,000 years of suffering to attempt with us the last stage of the 3rd major civilization in the heart of Africa. We have to wake up my brothers, we have to wake up, we are here not gain likes and views or money; we will never ask you for money. We place it all at your disposal, God knows with the salary we earn at our work place, we organise ourselves to present this message of light to you. We are here to help you. We were all in Christianity; we know very well this doctrine. But there is dirt in it that leads us to spiritual laziness. This dirt has even moved forward and brought us to intellectual laziness. Since 1482AD we have not done anything, we await all from Europe, see even in the political class we run after the west in dialogues because we are simply a prolonged minority and this is not serious. We have to be capable to stop this spiritual laziness & intellectual laziness.

The west have made schools and education systems for their children, what have you done? Do you have your own universities? Where you teach the nomenclature of your plants! Where you teach your history? It is not serious ladies and gentlemen; You cannot continue to be men of a prolonged minority. There has to come a time when you wake up from this mental slumber. Wake up! And especially with the paradigm of the west, it is a paradigm that does not place the laws of creation at the centre; it is a paradigm that manipulates the laws of creation. Because they don’t hide, they have chosen to maximize profits; it is a paradigm that consists of accumulating material riches, rather the post creation is not there to accumulate materials riches, there are ways of living, but we are here to become a Muntu, we are here to become the image and resemblance of God in cultivating an uninterested love in our societies by living in justice and in a state of purity. We will organise our societies economically so they can be economically prosperous but that is not the existential goal, that is a false paradigm, but wake up my friends! How can you sleep in this manner! And when we speak to you, you choose only one small part to create a polemic or criticize, don’t be in duality it’s of no use. We are brothers we need to be bonded, we have to capitalize on the best we have in us to get out of spiritual marasmus (undernourishment), so that at the end, one day we can acquire maturity. That is the goal of our arrival on earth!

We came to earth to construct the tabernacle of God, and in the tabernacle of God there are supposed to be sovereign sacrifialists. There is a need to be sacrificialists who are in the holy place and the pavements for our children. And the children are the nations, the nations that do not know God, because we have a history with God. It is the black man who was the first to carry the gospel of his highest on this planet earth. Because you were established in the centre of the world to be the ray of God, the highest throughout the world. But look in Egypt you failed, and you got to the point of colonising your own brothers, and abused the laws of the Mahat, and that is how the nations surprised you, that is how you escaped and ran, it is you, the people of Egypt it is you. When I say you, I do not even speak of history, it is really you. Because reincarnation exists, God does not make new spirits anymore, the spirits were created when God said let there be light. Genesis 1:3, The utensil or tool or instrument of the will of God, the spiritual big bang was created. But the man of evolution that was at the time the germ of spirit, could not evolve in the spiritual kingdom and that’s why they created for him this post creation so that he could evolve in learning the laws of God, God did not abandon him, he sent him conscious spirits, auto-conscious, he even sent some primordia’s, to help him so that he would become a Muntu, a Mawangu, but they abandoned the relation that we had with God and the nations repeated the same evil path.

And the nations took the stick of command or driving wheel and they built a paradigm based/founded on economy, economy today is at the centre of existence, while economy is supposed to be only the satisfaction of need and satisfaction of goods and services. Evidently we need to rationalize our production, and the white man/the west placed economy at the centre of existence. 80% of the wealth of the earth is consecrated to only 20% of the world’s population. Which is absurd because that paradigm is not the paradigm wanted by God and today the highest gives us again the possibility to build in the heart of Africa a new civilization. Based on a new paradigm where it is the laws of God that would be at the centre of the civilization, but for that you have to get rid and get out of spiritual laziness. That consists of thinking that God is your servant, if you cough he comes, don’t be mistaken, he is a great King. 

As a matter of fact, when you say “the holy spirit spoke to me”, the Holy Spirit spoke to me, know that the holy spirit speaks to no one, he is seated at the peak of creation, it is your glorified ancestors who speak to you, or your ancestors who in the low places that speak to you, depending on your vibrational frequency. 

The Holy Spirit does not speak. He arrived and incarnated on earth and he left his eternal gospel and he went, he is there at the peak of creation. Remember the vision of Jacob, though this word was trafficked as well, but it does not block the wisdom in the story. In this story of Jacob there is a great teaching of when he saw that he was seated and he saw a ladder that touched the earth up to the heavens and he saw the servants of God ascending and descending, that’s it. You speak to a small spirit that is in the astral world and that small spirit carries your desires to the mental world and the mental world transmits it to the spiritual world and the spiritual world transfers it to the essential world and again it is transferred to the palace and it is in the same manner that your response descends. The holy spirit does not speak to you, sometimes it is your own spirit that is speaking to you, but because you do not know yourself, you think that all the voices that you hear are the voice of the holy spirit No! That has nothing to do with him. He is not there to tell you, “oh today you will not have to go out”, today cook fufu, make fish, today your neighbour or mother plans to harm you. It is false. It is not even a fall but it is decay, when people say such things it simply means they are beings that are decayed that know nothing of spirituality. And for this you have to go back to yourselves, to reconcile with your own history and accept it, accept that you are Africans, you have a history. And as matter of fact you have the most glorious story in the world. You cannot have a junction with light if you do not know and accept your history.

You have to accept; you have to accept who you are. Even you that are in America, you have to accept that you are from Africa. It is due to sad situations that you are where you are today. It is not your country, return to yourself my loved ones. And this demands an intellectual awakening, it demands that you get out of the pit. And the second thing is that you need to reject the paradigm that animates us today! The third civilization will not come into being with that paradigm that consists of maximizing profits. We need to maximize love, we need to maximize justice, we have to live in purity, we did not come on earth to be sellers of cobalt, coltan etc. We sell it to assure our wellbeing, but that is not the existential goal, some westerners today are ready to kill an entire nation to get Colton! it is an evil paradigm, a bad vision and they have built the entire economic science to be the maximization of interests. It is a science that is not right. We need to have the courage to denounce that and invent another economic science, there is a crisis of the economic thought/mind-set. There is a need of new intellectuals who will create an invention of new social science, other social science that corresponds to a new paradigm where man will be at the centre of the world.

All the social science and politics that they have created are sciences based on a wrong and false paradigm and we need to have the courage to invent a new civilization. We can build this civilization if we reconcile with our history because there are ideas of the best way to live with the social science that our ancestors left in Egypt. We have to reconcile ourselves with that paradigm, that is the true paradigm that need to drive the entire humanity. But for that, there is a need for new intellectuals, new engineers, new doctors, in everything. Today even health has become a factory of the maximization of interests. They refuse today to produce medicine that heals, they are simply making medicine that brings temporary relief, but you have to take medicine for your entire life. 

The medicine is no longer healing, the medicine simply relieves one from pain/sickness so that pharmaceuticals industries can make money, and do business, is that a good paradigm? We are not leading you astray, we know exactly what we are saying because we have experimented the paradigm of the African cosmogony and we have also experimented the paradigm of the west, and that does not mean we have strayed away or denied master Yeshua. Master Yeshua was our brother, I love master Yeshua, but you have to respect what he said, what he said has been trafficked, master Yeshua did not say cross your arms he will do all. Your son is sick you pray to master Yeshua? No! God has placed in creation all that is needed for our healing, we have plants, so we have to study the active principles of those plants, it’s a lot of work, we have to work our mind. We can’t be subjects like this! Black human where have you arrived? And this how they sell you miracle healing! The pastors circle around the world to teach you the miracle of God, it is false! 

A miracle is an acceleration of the laws of creation so that something can be done at the immediate time instead of it happening in 2,000 years when people will have the necessary wisdom to build and arrange things, it is the ability to fast forward a particular process. When we do not yet have wisdom God can accelerate the laws of creation, and that is what is known to be a miracle.  When you place yourself in a situation of purity, God will use his servants so that, that acceleration of light passes through you and at the end there can be a spectacular healing. But that does not mean that we should not practice medicine, it doesn’t mean we have to be in contradiction to medicine. We have to advance my loved ones. We do not have to live in laziness and when we say this, it doesn’t mean we have denied Christ, we are Christos, we have Christ in us. But that Christ needs to be awake, and awakened and that awakening passes by application of the laws of God in a living experience in the post creation, it is not in churches, it is in the ongoing life, being pure in the ongoing life, having an uninterested love, in your position of the president of the state, you need to have love with no hidden interests, in your post of prime minister you live in love with no hidden interest to be a blessing for your citizens. And that is the experience of love, but when you have a position of responsibility you become inflated, you are auto-insufficient, you are in ego-centeredness, and you go to church and the pastor tells you, you are blessed because you have a position of responsibility, but that is a responsibility and not a blessing, it is a responsibility, when you are the president of a nation, it is a responsibility to be the overseer of the wellbeing of the citizens, it is not by sending people to hell by killing them , No! this notion of blessings is misunderstood. 

My loved ones, see how we can get out, elaborating noble politics, with constitutions that vibrate in violate colour, that vibrate in the laws of creation, there is a need for pure judges, judges will have the personal responsibility before the tribunal of God. Lawyers hide behind laws to harm your citizens, and say “this so and so article says”, not knowing when you come before the tribunal of God, you will not be cleared/whitened because you have you elaborated this and that code, you have a moral and spiritual responsibility to tell be just according to the laws of creation. For that, there is a need for an implacable penal code, we have to define how we are going to organize our economy, we cannot build an economy based on extraversion, and an economy of primary materials to sell our soil to Europeans, no! We have to reject that. God did not put that soil so that we can sell it, we have to investigate to understand why coltan exists, why God gave us such a primary material, what can we do with it so that our citizens and the world can live in love and in peace. The wealth of the soil/land cannot be an occasion/opportunity to destroy lives, the entire lives of people in Africa are destroyed because of their own wealth. Because of a government who do not know why they are there, a president is not in power to make people suffer. That position is a responsibility and one is not only the happiest when they are president, one can be a cleaner, a sanitary engineer and be happy if we are well paid. Because we have completed a noble job, there is a need for people who will keep the city clean, so there is a need for cleaners, not everyone is called to be a politician. There has to be professors, engineers, janitors, nurses, designers, builders etc. 

That is the true meaning of politics, we need to think deep on it and be careful of the people who go into it, they have to be set apart to be able to hold the society so that at the end the people that live in the space live well. That is what is repentance! This is the repentance of politicians, today every politicians wants to become a prime minister, it is not normal! We are not all called to be politicians, where are the Panzu? Where are the Nzinga? Politicians are panzu’s to manage the society/community. You are not to distribute millions in salary while others live in precarity! It is indecent, and all this because you entered into a paradigm that does not concern us, we are talking to you with a lot of love. We have to leave that way of seeing things. So the first point is to return to ourselves, 2nd point to reject the paradigm that governs us currently to later embrace a just paradigm that guarantees the respect of the laws of creation. And the last point is the woman!

The woman, but for this point one of our ladies will teach the women to show them the right way, but it is sad what a woman is today, a woman has become anything. A woman masculinizes herself because she thinks that the modern woman needs to be masculine. Femininity, there is dignity in being a woman. There you have it ladies and gentlemen, the 3 points to get out of these curses of Deuteronomy 28:15+, and to be able to achieve these 3 points we have to reconcile ourselves with the son of man, in accepting his eternal gospel that he left for us. He left us his eternal gospel in this dense matter for sure, you have to search for it. And reconcile yourself to light and be a new people, and say never and never will we do that again, never again will we reject the messengers that God sends us. But in the past we have the habit of rejecting our messengers, but now do not reject this platform, that God has put in place for you, to show you the way. To build a just society, a society where it will be good to live, a society that we will construct for the glory of GOD.

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Brothers and sisters here at Zola Bantu we are here to help men and women of good will, this page is addressed only to men and women of good will, those that are making an effort to leave evil and approach light (love, purity and justice). If you are not doing this, then this page is not for you .We are here to teach so that men and women of good will can prepare in their own life and in their relationships with other people, and with God the father, in their behaviors, in their countries to commit our lives to the project of the will of God. The will of God as I always tell you are the laws of the universe that God has crystalized or inserted inside nature so that it can help all that will observe it, because in truth we came into the world so that we can know those laws and observe/put them into practice in our lives, in our relations, in the construction of our social structure, in our countries on how we will govern them so that we can show ourselves as a people, 

Like our ancestors used to say, “We are the Bantu, we are people whose heads need to function well so that at the end we can participate in this joyous aroma that began with the simbi’s (beings of nature), who are the essential creatures that Christians call “the army of the lord” but confuse them to mean angels.

 So that we can take possession of the universe. Luke 19:13 “And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them, occupy till I come”. Children of Afrika, let us use biblical history to explain this chapter well. When God the father called Moses “Massa”, to liberate the people who were in pain in Egypt, Exodus 3:1-10.

Because there came a time when the children of God were in pain, they had problems together with their own brothers and sisters in the place where they lived, and the Israelites were forced into slavery, these people suffered and called on God the father to ask if he could give them grace so they could get out of thasituation. Nature heard them, the egregores (mass thoughts) that they made from praying to God all the time, that egregore became big, and nature heard their cry.Exodus 3:7-9 “The LORD said, “I have indeed seen the misery of my people in Egypt. I have heard them crying out because of their slave drivers, and I am concerned about their suffering.”

 What did God the father do?He took aside one among them and made him enter into the house of the leader (pharaoh) of the day, Exodus 2:8 “When the child grew older, she (Miriam) took him (Moses) to Pharaoh’s daughter and he became her son. She named him Moses”. That boy was formed strongly so that tomorrow he could help his own people. He was removed from among his people and lived in the house of the leader. And in that meantime the leader was mistreating the children of God. But Moses lived in his palace, he was eating and growing through the money of the imports of slavery the children of Israel. It came to a certain time when Moses gained conscience that things could not continue to go on like this, when he gained this conscience, he began to do/indulge in certain acts that looked like rebellion towards the leader who was leading Egypt at that time.  Exodus 2:11-22

 He was forced out of the royal palace, the boy walked off, Exodus 2:15 “When Pharaoh heard what Moses had done, he tried to have him killed. But Moses fled from Pharaoh and settled in the land of Midian. “He took off on a long journey”, It is mentioned in the bible that “he went through a desert”, it is a spiritual language, and it does not mean it was a physical fleshly desert and like the Sahara Desert, Kalahari Desert and all that. He went through a desert for many years and he grew and got married to a woman while in pain with a project inside his mind, up to when it was time, he came to oppose pharaoh openly. By then the pain of our brothers and sisters became even more extreme inside of Egypt.

But surprisingly, when he began to take his people out of Egypt, calamities started between him and pharaoh and the plan began to seem like it was not working. And even he himself Massa, Moses began to say “OH lord you did not tell me it would be like this, how come these things have become even more complicated”. Because it is life, things don’t always go as we perceive them to be, the thoughts of men are not the same as of God. Isaiah 55:8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.” The children of Israel got mad at Moses, Numbers 14:2-4. See what they began to say “we were well, before you came; you are the one that has made us enter into these things”. They got mad at him, up to the point where they even wanted to replace him, verse 4 “And they said to each other, “We should choose a leader and go back to Egypt.” And Moses at one certain moment when they were going, Moses said something out of anger, or we can say he went overboard in anger and said something that was not good in the eyes of God.  Due to this act he missed/did not enter the promise land, but years after, centuries after, you hear people say “Moses was a great man!” But when he was with them in the same place they minimized him, they took him as someone who came to disturb and add to their pain, some thought he conspired/worked with the pharaoh, so he could add to their pain. 

 Children of Africa!

Let us go to another example. Master Yeshua (Jesus), when he came into the world, he was a man among his people. But when they came to see that the message that he was teaching was full of light (love, purity & justice), And it is exposing the pretentious servants of God of that time; they said “we have to kill him”. Matthew 12:14, john 11:45-57.

Brothers and sister, I will spare you all the tribulations that befell this man, because you know them. But I will point out one scenario. There was a man at that particular time, by the name of Barabbas! Matthew 27:16+. An incredible thief, he made children of Israel suffer from theft, a foreigner (Pilate) came and asked the children of Israel, verse 17, “the one who is giving you the word (gospel), he has never stolen from you, I think in the feast of Passover let us free one of them, he the one who teaches you the word (gospel), you see him as a false prophet and the other a thief. Jesus was never loved, all the rubbish we are being shown on TV, those are the tricks of cinema. He was a person who at a particular moment for 3 years he lived clandestine-in secret because the message of master Yeshua, you do not know it well anymore. They have given you dogmas, precepts and other things. The man suffered throughout his life in the ministry that he was doing. 

He was not popular; even if you read the prophecies, it is written that they never noticed or gave much attention. Isaiah 53:3 “”He was despised and rejected by mankind, a man of suffering, and familiar with pain. Like one from whom people hide their faces he was despised, and we held him in low esteem” But he came so that he could help them. The children of Israel said, “Free Barabbas who was killing us, who made them suffer leading to the situation that they were in. But Jesus who was opposing the laws of men, who was showing the right path he was the one that they killed. Today centuries after his death, you declare him a hero; everyone’s mouth now is for Jesus/Yesu, even though his teachings you do not know. You just keep getting what the Romans have written in the bible, not knowing that Yesu/Yeshua he was a child of Afrika and he came towards you, but you threw him away.

Ladies and gentlemen!

 There is a certain characteristic that is in the children of Israel, whether it is the old or the new, when we Speak of Israel, we do not speak of the impostor that is there now that people call Israel, they are Caucasians of Mongolia, the Kharzars we explained this well in the previous chapters titled “Impostor”. They did a proselytism and converted in mass to Judaism around the 6th century after master Yeshua. They took 3 wise Jews, and these 3 wise black Jews taught them the ways of Judaism. And they came to the world/land of Europe and said they were the Jews; it was an international complot/accomplice/ but the true Jews returned to Ethiopia. So the characteristics of this people is that they do not accept their prophets when they are alive, when someone is helping them they will kill him, they will create for the person great complications, look at Patrice Lumumba when he died people drank champagne, some said “He is destroying our relationship with the Belgians”. But today everyone is a lumumbist, father of the nation. but when he was alive he was misunderstood, yes they voted for him, he was popular but he was misunderstood. “Oh the whites killed Lumumba”, it us who gave him over to be killed. 

We are always like this. I am saying these things because it hurts in my heart as a muntu! You troubled Moses in Egypt but today, the God of Abraham and God of Moses. Master Yeshua that you all call Jesus, you troubled him up to the point that you killed him, but today everyone says “on the cross he carried our sins and saved us”. The person that God sends always lives among his people. The space in the heart of Africa has a great role to play in the time of Aquarius. You are making errors; luckily the plans of God do not depend on you.

That is why you will swim in individual/personal situations because you cultivated hate, you have some knowledge and you think a little bit of English/French and a little history and philosophy that you have learnt it is what will save Africa NO! It is the essential beings, the simbi’s, army of the lord that will save Afrika and they will use who they want, people who are available. This paradigm in which we have to fight for our freedom with arms is not our paradigm; it is the paradigm of foreigners, our ancestors dealt with any issue using words and wisdom. You have entered in the schools of the white and you have seen how they have done their revolutions and you think we will do the same thing? No, we do not transpose things that are not of the same culture. It is intellectual laziness. You have studied things in schools, but you do not know that those things cannot function in your culture. Fools!    

 You know in spirituality a fool is a fool, it is not an insult, like master Yeshua used to say “you race of vipers, you are of your father Satan”. Since the beginning evil spirits, you have killed the prophets! You are always like that, and then you eat your nsima at home and say it is over. We are here to bring you to light, so you can arrive at maturity. Afrika will be the tabernacle of God the father Mfumu Kimbangu said it will take a long time for a black person to gain spiritual maturity.

Thank you!

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My brothers, fathers, brothers and sisters and all the children of Kongo and Africa greetings.

Many people have no understanding or comprehension of death and of the world that we live in. That is why today in this short passage we will help you a little bit so you can understand death in simple terms. We are addressing everyone who has a good will, and this means the one who is leading his life in love, and has a need to live in purity and justice. And this is what we are calling in good spirituality a person of a good will.

For us to make you understand the notion of death, I will say this: You see this entire world let us consider it as if it is two houses, the first house is where we are currently living, but the 2nd house is a different place it is also a house and it also has planets, it has countries, people go to work just like we are here.

The difference between these two houses is that, here for you to come to this house you have to be born of a woman, so she can give you a body that is visible in this house, nonetheless I have worn the earth/soil of this house, of this universe where I am living. But inside of me I also have another body, but that body is of the inside, when I am here that body is not seen. I will give an example; you see people who practice sorcery/witchcraft, you will see at night he/she will do an incantation and gets out of his body and goes to bewitch people, but when he leaves his body to go and bewitch others, he leaves behind his body of an animal or fleshly/earthly body on the bed, and he goes out with what body?

He went out with the body that many people call astral body, when he is gone they have meetings and do their work and then they return, not only witches and sorcerers have that body, all of us do. God the father made us with that skin/body it also has eyes, legs and this country that they go to, it is a country where that body becomes a body of outside, visible outside, and the houses that these people go to those are houses that are of the same nature as that body.

So as I was saying we have 2 houses, when a person dies here, to die here it is to be born in the other house, but that other house is not in terms of distance of miles and kilometres, but in terms of vibration, you see the universe that we are in at the moment, it vibrates at 50 HZ per second, it means we see things that are vibrating at the same frequency as our eyes, we smell, taste, hear, things that are at the same frequency as our nose, tongue, ears and when I am speaking you can hear me because my words are calibrated to the frequency of this universe, but the body that is inside me, is at a different frequency that is why it is not visible

You see the radio waves, you can see their effects, you can see me now, you can see my image, but my image has gone at a frequency in the air, but when it is moving in the air, you cannot see it, nonetheless it is at a frequency at which my eyes cannot see it. But that does not mean that image is not moving in the air, it is the same thing with the body that is in the inside of us, it exists, but it is at a frequency that our animal earthly body and our brain are not calibrated to it and that is why we cannot see it.

But when a person dies, he will find himself in a different body and he will see his first body; laying down and he continues and goes to the 2nd house so he can be able to continue his experience. So, when a person dies when he goes to that 2nd house, but before he goes there he assists in his burial and so on and so forth, and later he goes to that other house, and in that house there are also many other countries, they will place him in a place that resembles him, that is why the bible says your acts/deeds will go ahead of you, that means, when he will go there if he was a thief there will place him at place where thieves live, if he was a person who walked in respect of God the father he will pass and go to another place. Here we are just giving a brief response but all the explanation in detail we will share with you here at Zola Bantu in the coming days as we begin the teachings of the son of man.

It means what, it means a black person fears death because a black man thinks that after death there is no life, No! There is a beautiful life, but that life will depend on how you walked on the earth, this body is a physical body; it is a body that at the beginning of the world we took it from animals, from the first primate. But that Christ the form of the human that we have is the form of the spirit, it is our spirit that is giving this form to our animal body, but that animal has a brain, it thinks, but the spirit also has intuitions that normally he needs to lead or direct the animal. But we have a civilization where the animal has more power, the animal has started to dominate all the desires, we have built the world according and in function to the desires of the animal, but we actually came into this world to spiritualize the world. And that means what?

To build the world according to the desires of the spirit, and for that, the people who will be our leaders there need to know that initiation dimension, they need to understand it well, they should experiment it because it is not faith. When witches/sorcerers go to bewitch, they do not go in faith, they have a technique to do it. So, the leaders of a country need to know that there is a country Zambia and also simu (Spiritual) Zambia, the Zambia of the spirit the leaders have to lead it too. Because a nation is also composed of our forefathers who have gone to the world of the spirit in the astral world.

Death is a passage to the other side, you will meet your other friends who have died, you will enter into the judgement of God the father, and after you complete that judgement, others go to prison, they go to cry. It is really great information that we invite you to be with us in this journey at Zola bantu, because the word of God that came to Africa was not a good word, they trafficked and manipulated a lot of things, but we Africans knew the sense of life, we knew where we were going and if you get there and there is no road you will return (reincarnation).

There are also laws that explain how a person returns. So, we have a spirit in us that is the real man, and that man is travelling to many different planets of many frequencies so that he can do his experience, to show himself as an auto-conscience spirit, so that at the end he can return to the spiritual kingdom.

That is what we are saying mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, when you work here on earth it is the body that wears out, or gets old. We have some of our fathers who are 80 years old, but the spirit does not get old, when he will go to the world of the spirit he will wear another body that corresponds to the house that he is in and continues his experience. But if he led an evil life, he will come to repair it here, like master Yeshua said whatever you sow you shall reap, if a person really knows spirituality he will fear God. 

He will not cheat his friends, he will be a serious man in life and he will give a sense to his life because he knows that his spirit may gain a delay, and now that we are at the time of Aquarius, reincarnations have started to finish, all that is knowledge and not by faith.

In this world if you don’t walk in fear of God the father, if you walk not in accordance to the laws of creation even if you shout and cry out for Jesus on the cross, nothing will save you. 

Let us dive deeper into the understanding of death, we are reaching out to you through these means of social media because we do not have the means, finances. Let’s use this vehicle of communication in the right way so that we can increase our knowledge, instead of passing time to insult and bring each other down.

We are all children of Africa and if we do not all bring our hands together; it will be very difficult to end this pain that we are experiencing. Our nations will only develop if we join our hands together and I recognize your merits and you recognize my merits as well, that is how we will move forward. This year we have seen a lot of deaths around the world and we have come to help you understand to a greater extent the exact comprehension of death.

What is death? Because many times when one of our own dies or when death happens people become nervous. Others think it is a defeat, when a person dies we forget that it is a natural phenomenon, Other people dive into foolishness, oh! They ate him, they did this, let’s us pray so he/she can return, we entered into such phenomena and so on and so on. It is cementing and becoming a norm inside our societies. Many are persuaded that death has come due to the sin of Adam and Eve, they sinned and that is why a human began to die. If they did not commit that sin, death would not exist, it means all the people that died in the world, billions and billions of deaths on this planet, were due to the sin of Adam and Eve. All this showing that many people do not know or understood what exactly is death. That is why today it was a great joy for us to speak to you all on death. What exactly is death?

Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends all the children of Africa, what we would tell you in this short time is, in the writings/scriptures when God the father is talking on death, he is not talking about material/physical death. He speaks of the death of the spirit. The Bible or all the sacred writings before the Bible when they speak of death, they call it the 2nd death because a human does not die but it is pre-seen that if a human spirit does not walk well in the laws of God the father, there will be a time that they are calling the last judgment. The judgement of a white throne, the spirit will be eaten or decomposed forever, because that spirit has not done or cultivated a good personality/bomoto/kimintu or led a good life in the image and resemblance of the creator.

So, that personality will be decomposed, and exist no more. The spirit during his days in the post creation, God the father has given him grace to show himself as a person by building a personality that is responding to the fruits of the spirit, like the book of Galatians 5:22 tells us, love, joy, peace, self-control, goodness, gentleness, faithful, kindness, slow to anger etc. We received the fire of God the father inside of us, meaning the spirit, so that the talents that the spirit has, that fire that it has, we can show it in our life experience.

When you have a mango seed and you plant it inside the soil, if that mango tree begins to give birth to avocados, onions, tomatoes, etc. That mango, that seeding is not normal. It is a trafficked plantation. And that’s the same thing with the spirit, God the father took us as the seeds of spirits, he planted us inside the world so that we could bear fruits, that we call the ways/behaviours/fruits of the spirit,

Those behaviours or fruits we have to produce them at work, in our relationships, in our families, in our communities, in how we are, how we are communicating, in how we are producing thoughts, words, laws that are driving our families, and our societies.  On the level of the constitutions and also political alliances we are making with other nations.  In the work we do, we need to plant the ways to be/live, so that we can be humans inside the world.

So if at the end these plantations/seeding we produce or give birth to are not good things, and all we do is produce evil personalities in our families, relationships, and nations, we will not be of use to God the father anymore and at the end, God the father will remove that fire seed of the spirit that he placed in us, nonetheless the personality that we now are is no longer the personality that he sent us into the world to build.

That is what they are calling death in the spirit, a person dies in spirit or 2nd death.  But before that punishment arrives, when we were spirits in the spiritual kingdom, we came from the spiritual kingdom and we entered into the body, in the womb of our mother. Our mother fabricates for us a body so that the spirit can penetrate. This means what?

Mother and father come together through sex, father gives his characteristics, mother too gives

 her own characteristics in the flesh and not the spirit. She gives her genetic code and it combines with the genetic code of the father and the spirit takes an animal body that has the genetic biological heritage of its parents. And see where halfway through the pregnancy the spirit will come to penetrate/incarnate. That body will grow and need to be brought up by the parents, they will teach him how to speak, how to work, all those are the preparations the parents need to make. This child grows and he/she arrives at puberty, then the spirit that is inside him wakes up, the child starts to have his own personal choices, for sure he has taken a patrimonial heritage of his parents, but the spirit begins to use that as a vehicle where he is the driver, so that he can do his experience in following the talents that God the father has placed in him.

But that body is not eternal, because it is matter, the law on how God made matter in its perfection is, matter is born, matter grows, matter arrives at maturation and matter decomposes. All matter, the perfection of matter is it is born, it grows, arrives at period of maturation of its optimal functioning, see where the spirit will use it up to when the matter will come to die. So the death of the body is a natural phenomenon and not the consequence of sin. Sin is at the spiritual level of the spiritual man that in the Bible they call the Christ.

The Christ, the nucleus of God in us, that is the spiritual man. In the ancestry of black people of kongo we call it Mawungu. If we climb to ancient Egypt they called it Horisis. That is why apostle Paul used to say if Christ lives in me, in other words, if my spirit wakes up (the one that is doing the experience in use of the body), it is an experience of Glory. Normally Jesus, or master Yeshua we cannot call him Jesus Christ, but Jesus the Christ, because in the midst of people who were asleep/dead in the spirit, he made put to function his Christos well up to when he left this world, he conquered death, spiritual death not physical death.

We are talking about death, the death of the body is a natural phenomenon, the death of the spirit is the consequence of sin, but this death that people are dying, great leaders are dying it is normal. Even though one is in good health one day he/she will die. The problem is many people do not know when a person dies it simply means the spirit has left the body. We are crying nonetheless he is now in a different matter, that our eyes of the animal cannot see. But it does not mean that his spirit is dead no! His spirit is around, and his spirit has now gone to another planet, either a planet of light or of darkness depending on the life he/she led on earth. But before you go there you will pass through the judgement of God, the elders or essential beings they will show him all the bad/good things he did when he was using his animal body.

This body that we are applying lotions and make up spending much for its maintenance, it’s good to keep the body clean and looking good, but the body is perishable. We wear the body so that we can be visible in the world, so we can leave a mark. What mark will you leave in the world? Of hate? What society will you build in the world? To show your passage in the world if you are easily corruptible.  When you have no respect for public goods? The common goods of all, you take it and start killing people. You think you are eternal? Not knowing you are in a body that has 4 phases. It was born, it has grown, it has arrived at maturity and it is now getting old. The body will leave you because your spirit will not be able to live inside anymore. The rope that attaches you to the spirit, in the bible they call it silver code it will cut. 

Now imagine if your spirit did a bad experience, theft in the world, killing people, nonetheless one thinks because he is a leader he can kill people, hatred towards people. When you die you will go to places that resemble you. See where you will go and wait for the 2nd death, and this means God the father at the end of time, note: “I’m not saying in the time of judgment”, the time of judgment is the time we are in at the moment, it is the end of the time of the nations. But we mean the end of everything when the earth will decompose because the earth too is material, she was born, she has grown and now she is old, and she is going to a black hole to decompose. It will be a disaster when the earth will enter its decomposition phase, you and your hate and evil ­heart and your jealousy, you do not want others to go forward, you are busy projecting evil to other people, sadly such people when they leave the body they go to places of pain.

We came into the world and we wore a body. The body is not you, yes for sure we have to fix it and take care of it to live as long as possible so that the spirit can lead your body by giving it good thoughts through intuition. The spirit sends thoughts to the brain via the cerebrum. Even the brain is material. The brain takes the thoughts of the human that come from the cerebellum, and passes it through the form of images to the brain and then the brain takes it out practically in the world in terms of works either in words, works through the circuit of the nerves, or in behaviours of the animal on how he is living in the world that we call education.

Other people are going through a meaningless passage in the world. On social media one begins to insult people, all their words/actions are always negative. If you study this person you will find out that he is negative and this does not mean that the world is negative, but instead it is him, on the inside he is negative. He sees nothing of good. If he sees another person, he simply sees the projections of his own evil, because in his experience in the world, he is not doing a good experience. He is spending his time doing an experience of the animal, but not of the spirit.

Nonetheless the European civilization is the civilization of the betterment of the animal, the animal should eat well, the animal should get a job, even if he gets a job he does not know that this is an occasion/opportunity for me to manifest the godship that is in the inside of me, of love, of justice, and purity.

He will go and steal people’s money, place bombs in other people’s places, but at their own place they should be well, their works on the outside are not good, that is hypocrisy. And when black people arrive in this society and wear designer clothes, you say your life has become better.

But what is life? The animal has no life! The animal is living through the spirit, but since the spirit is weak, the spirit is not asking itself existential questions, the day of death becomes the day of truth, all that is spoken in the bible is not the death of the animal, the animal is the shell that we are entering into to have our experience. Definitely we would want the animal to be good, so it will be good when we speak to each other and interact with one another, we should see that the spirit that is on the inside of us is good. See where we will learn from nature and study it and finally transpose it into our lives so that we can do the will of God the father.

Because our social, familiar, economic, fiscal, balance of payment laws on how we are going to arrange our society should be in conformity to the vibration of light inside the world and at that moment, we will build societies that will honour the spirit, societies that will make heaven to be on earth.

The death of the flesh depends on the politics of a nation, a nation where they are treating the flesh well and are living in that equilibrium, you will see that experience of life will increase and it has nothing to do with prayer. But for countries that are undeveloped you will see that experience of life is 40 years/45years, but when you enter into the process of improving/fixing your environments and you create good laws and people get good jobs the life experience of the animal will increase/elevate. It is good for the life expectancy of the animal to increase, but he should be led by the spirit, the Christos that is on the inside of him.

In the west the life experience of the animal has increased, but they do not know God, which is normal because they have given themselves or placed themselves in conditions for their animal to sleep well, eat well, though there are dead in the spirit. But the society that we are proposing to you at Zola Bantu, it is a society where the animal will be well, and the spirit too will do a good experience nonetheless we will create societies that will have the respect of a woman, respect of masculine and feminine activities, we will transpose the laws of God the father into our constitutions. In the model of the family, we will have a model of a family that is respecting the spiritual values nonetheless we came to spiritualize the material.

This is to tell you that all these things we hear around death, pray someone should wake up are misunderstood.

Let us grow in spirit.

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My brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers, we are in a difficult situation in the nations of afrika. 

if we do not place or bring our ideas together it will be very difficult for us to get out of this miserable situation, or maybe we will succeed, but it will take a little bit more time for us to conquer this major problem. It is not that puppet leaders of Afrika are powerful, these so called leaders are simply representatives of the forces that are fighting us, the fight that we are in is against the international community.

But at the same time that is where many people do not listen and do not understand us. For sure it is the economic games of the international community to keep us in misery. Ever since the Berlin conference they chose Afrika as a territory for the international community to be able to come and extract all resources that it would need. That is why they placed they placed dictators as leaders in almost all Afrikan nations to orient the entire politics of Afrika so that Afrika serves as a reservoir of primary materials. 

We have been involved in this politics since 1885 when they divided our countries. You, yourselves have to look on the inside of you, so that you can understand from the spiritual angle. The teacher Mfumu Kimbangu said, “it is only when you gain spiritual liberty, it will enable you to come together and as yourself existential questions”. And then you will understand true spirituality and you will no longer be one person on his/her side, one with his/her political party, instead we will all come together.

This is not the time to point fingers, a person can fail on strategy, but has a good heart, a person of a good heart, when he fails in strategy you will see at the end he will not come together with people who are destroying the nation. But for people who are teaming up with people who are destroying our nation, even if you have a good strategy, but if you have a bad heart it will just take us to the pit.

Let’s leave these ideas of political parties/particracy, or anyone with their own corporation looking to fulfil their interests, let us come together, but around what? Around the ideologies of our ancestors, that is why we teaching you the paradigm of our ancestors here at Zola Bantu so that you can become a Muntu and we can all together be Bantu’s. Because all the revolutions that you are asking for will not work, they will not work and God the father will not permit them, you will not succeed.  How can you not prepare the masses mentally and instead send them to the streets to protest if they do not know the forces they are fighting against?

Many people today are saying Afrikan people are now matured, No! Not yet! You have seen how political leaders are functioning, there is no maturity. That is why we are teaching, we are teaching the fundamentals of good spirituality, that will be like a path to bring light to you so you can come together,

We are here to wake up those who are called at this time so that they can help Kongo and Afrika in spiritual liberation, for the purpose of political organisation. If we continue with speeches in the concepts of the west, if we continue to have those kinds of complexities, nothing of value will happen. When we teach you here, please learn! God sometimes sends younger ones to teach the elders, to be wise is not only about age, God has sent other younger people to strengthen you, so have the humility to listen to them.

Don’t just have humility when an American call you, or foreigner calls you then you listen, Listen to Zola Bantu to help you, you all that are of a good will, on how we can return to our cosmogony enriched by our creativity, Please get rid of complexity.

Thank you.

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My dear brothers, sisters and children of Africa. An ivory coast journalist asked President Macron for a marshal plan for Africa, Sadly, there are Afrikans who think that Europeans have to elaborate a plan for the reconstruction of the entire Africa like how the Unites States of America did for Europe after the second world war. I was impressed by the response of president macron to the Ivorian Journalist. But a negative impression.

President Macron replied to the journalist saying” Africa has a problem of civilization”, and our women give birth to many children thus that is reason why we are not developed. My friends of Afrika I always tell you that in the history of Africa or in the history of humanity, twice Afrika led the world, it was Africa that was the engine of the first civilization. We produced the first civilization that uplifted the world and had an end with the flooding of Atlantis around 15,000 B.C

We produced the 2nd civilization in Egypt (15,000 B.C to 1,400 B.C) that prolongs currently in the west, but unfortunately when the west took upon leadership of this civilization with the invasion of Alexander the great, his descendants later came to enslave our ancestors.  At a certain time in history they sold black people like good and services (1754-1850) and they came and colonised us by force (1492-1960), and after colonization they imposed on us dictator leaders for the interests of metropole (1960’s till date with people Museveni of Uganda and Paul Biya of Cameroon.

Remember the economist news of western investment in Africa, that 1$ that was invested in Afrika brought 4$ for the western economy, 300% investment profit. All these western investments interests are not an investment for the wellbeing of African people, Afrikans live in misery.

President macro who says that we have a problem of civilization, president Macron forgets that it is France who has contributed to the installations and perpetuations of dictators in Africa, in countries like Mauritania, Senegal, Cameroon, French Sudan (now Mali), French Guinea (now Guinea), Côte d’Ivoire, Upper Volta (now Burkina Faso), Dahomey (now Benin), and Niger. And below are black leaders France has assassinated to make sure they continue to dominate the third world.

All this is to tell you Afrikans that, if we do not take charge of our lives, these people don’t consider us as humans, they hate us in their way of seeing Afrikans in general and of course some of our African leaders are a disgrace as we observe their puppetic behaviour. So here we would not want to respond to president macron, because he does not interest us, but to you! African people through the response of Macron, it is time interrogate ourselves, if we do not take charge of our lives, if we do not re-organise ourselves, see how they speak of us with no utter respect,

My mother gave birth to 5 children and we are all educated. My mother by having many children did not hinder her from educating and taking care of us. President macron who says that Afrika has a problem of high birth rate, that if Africa continues to have numerous birth we will not develop, what nonsense! Today Bill gates has hidden programs to reduce world population, you remember very well how they vaccinated millions of people in Africa not knowing those vaccinations had a different agenda of making afrikan sterile.

India and china’s population is way ahead of Afrika. As matter of fact India has 1.4 Billion people while Afrika has 1.3 billion people, and this means the whole Afrika lives in India, how come they are not accused of over-population? The problem of Africa is not a problem of high births; we are continent that is less populated. We are a young continent; we have a low population density. President macron who thinks that the agenda of extermination of the bantu people and people of Africa is good because the demographic rise of Africa worries the west. They are busy in their laboratories trying to come up with solutions that takes account of their interests to eliminate us from the face of the earth. We are saying this, because you know very well here at zola bantu we teach spirituality, but we have come to intervene on this issue to say it is not serious.

And if in front of him there are no intelligent people who will respond to him and not only to respond to him but, change the governance of Africa because there are other points that he raised especially the area of governance effectively we have a problem, but in partnerships they would not speak like this to united states of America because the rise of Afrika worries the west. Africa has no problem of civilization. The 3rd civilization that will bring equilibrium to the world will launch from the heart of Africa. It is Europe that has a problem of civilization.

*When a European/western woman undresses herself to a bikini for an advertisement of biscuit, there is a problem of civilization,

*When the west makes weapons of mass destruction and they are funding jihadist/terrorist organizations there is a civilization problem.

*Look at how they have used Kagame as a puppet to invade Dr Congo and steal all minerals that is a problem of civilization. 

*Creation of Aids, Ebola, covid-19 in labs to kill people.

*Profanity and violence on our screens,

*Pollution of the environment. All climates conference to deal with pollution always end up in a disaster.

*Abortion pills, in-vitro fertilization, unnatural sexual acts, and promotion of same sex relationships these are actions of decayed and fallen civilization.

*Killing of black leaders that oppose their agenda, recently President Magufuli was eliminated these are massive signs of mental problem of civilization.

*When you marry a woman who is old enough to be your grandmother this is a sign of a serious mental problem of civilization dear President Macron.

*When one goes to another country that is not his own and begins to take primary materials without a mutual agreement with the natives of the land, there is a problem of civilization.

So you see! president Macron it is you the western people and Europeans who have a problem of civilization, be warned we will not take these sort of nonsense anymore!

Ladies and gentlemen,

Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers of Afrika don’t hope for anything with this people, we have re-unite ourselves to find a better alternative.

Thank you!

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Welcome dear brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers of Afrika,

Our continent is going through a situation that nobody who has a good will can be happy with. A person who has the acceptance and love of his nation in his heart cannot be happy with the situation that we are in. We have foreigners at the head of nations who serve as puppets to western powers, our nation of Afrika is run by foreigners, the experience of life of an African in the world no longer has any sense or value.

You know we came into the world so that we can show ourselves as a people, so God the father gives different families land so that when they are their building their nation, when they are building their families, when they are ruling their country through these various activities, they will be learning how to become a Muntu the image in the resemblance of God the creator. Remember when God called our father Abraham, the primary thing that he promised him was land-real estate, because the learning process of becoming a Muntu it is not easy, if you lack land or if you live in a miserable place or if you are a foreigner, you will not be in good conditions to do have experience in the world.

We Afrikans since way back in the days we have lacked our own lands ever since the Berlin conference 1885 when they took our lands, and they still own our lands till today. Whether it is in all the politics of the nation, whether it is in works, we no longer have sovereignty to make of the universe of Afrika how we want it to be. We are controlled from left to right, today we have covid-19 and soon to travel or access certain services you will have to play by the rules they have created.

They placed for us foreigners at the head of the nation, and many of our own brothers and sisters are working with these impostors. Many claim to be in opposition to the currently government, but they are taking money from the main people in power and playing a game by maintaining their position of opposition by words of lies of insulting people who are leading the nation so as to give us hope that they will fix the nation. We entered into that phase and many of our brothers and sisters came to an awakening that for sure our nations are occupied by foreigners, and realised that it is the Americans, Canadians, Belgians, French, who are behind these Afrikan leaders, our leaders are just puppets.

And we have to come to see that even we as Afrikans we do not love our fellow Afrikans, look at what the west did to Zimbabwe with sanctions. If we as Afrikans were united, our brothers, sisters, mothers and father of Zimbabwe would not be in the pain that they are in. But the selfish inner goal of every Afrikan is to steal other Afrikans’ resources and see them suffer. This is the situation we are in.

Again we as Afrikans we lost the way, whether it is on path of humanity, on the path of living and moving forward as a people, we entered into particracy of foreigners, we entered into Gods of foreigners, we entered into a lot of things we are completely lost. Many people do not know that Mfumu Kimbangu predicted these things, it was not a way of him telling us we will experience pain, it was not a curse, but he saw how things were going, and could see from afar the pain we would face.

In the prophecy of Mfumu Kimbangu he says,

“The first leaders of our nations of Afrika by the lack of knowledge they will work with the whites/terrorist and the children of Afrika will go to the lands of foreigners and they will enter into foolishness, they will be happy on how they have arrived there, being given social housing, drinking, bathing, and eating well, but it will come to a certain time, humanity-Kimuntu will get back to them, they will begin to see and ask themselves existential questions”, see where they will gain wisdom.  And at that time the knowledge they will gain, Mfumu Kimbangu says, “they will gain wisdom, the knowledge of the spirit, and that knowledge of wisdom will touch their hearts, they will come together, and they will know how to get their nation out of misery. They will unite with their own people back home in Afrika, and they will impose their decision that in the world”, see where people will stand up as one man to chase away foreigners,

After this they will gain economic independence, because they will place Africa on the right path, they will gain economic independence and they will last longer in that economic independence, and there will come a time when God the father will send for them a great divine king to help them in a great war that will develop at that time because the people of the west will not be happy they will want to dominate them again.

Mothers, fathers, sisters and brother, for those children to begin to reason well, Mfumu Kimbangu said “a helper will come”, to help them and show them the way, first time it will be difficult, but the helper will at all-times insist up to when with the pain they themselves will experience will open their eyes and they will accept the ideas of that helper, and they will know how to chase the evil one. So that they can now enter into the phase of economic development where later the divine king will come,”

Simon Kimbangu (1887-1951) Simon Kimbangu was a Congolese religious leader who founded the Christian new religious movement Kimbanguism. Kimbanguists consider him to be an incarnation of the Holy Spirit

see therefore the prophecy of Mfumu Kimbangu.”

Listen to me my dear loved ones, we are not here to add to your pain or tell you lies, our hearts and minds are with you children of Afrika. Listen my loved ones!

When we act, any action in the life of a person for it to give birth to a good fruit behind that action there has to be an intelligence, the action can be with good intention, but if behind that action there is no intelligence/knowledge, no matter how you plan, that action will not be successful. It will just come back against you. Because the ancestry of black people is wisdom. Zola, Ngangu, Lendo, Nsaku, Panvu, Nzinga, matadi matatu mamwela kongo! (Love, Purity, and Justice, the priests (temple), the Governors (Government), the Scientists (those that study nature). These are the 3 pillars of pure spirituality that our ancestors used in Ethiopia and Egypt as the foundation of their civilization.

What separates us from our ancestors, our elders, is the human flesh/skin, they no longer have the flesh. The animal skin that we wear, we leave it behind when we leave the physical world, and go to a world that has other skins that we have on the inside us of us but it is not active now.

If our elders want to help us they will speak to us through the skin on the inside of us that resembles their skin (like in dreams, visions & trances), but for those ideas it to come out into the world we are the ones to do it. What then are we are trying to say? We are saying that the approach of spiritual magic of thinking that a person who lacks this skin will come out and fight for us is a lie, spirituality does not function that way.

For us to succeed in this fight we need to come together, let us gain conscience, there is so much pain yes indeed, but there is a need for a rise of the awakers of the conscience to wake up our people. Here at zola Bantu we have stood up, we have seen many people have woken up the likes of Joshua Maponga, Dr. Arikana

Chihombori, Zack Mwekassa, Sista Shanice, Sir Julius Malema, Dr. Umar Johnson, Mrs Chioma Philips and Samuel Philips, Brother Kwaku, Plo Lumumba, and many more. To awaken the conscience of people for people to know that if we ourselves do not fight it will not work. To fight this war, we need to first master our mental mind, fighting in the flesh if your astral is not awake, if your mental mind is not awake you will not succeed.

In everything that you do, you need to master the ins and outs of the thing you are doing. Nonetheless,

 if you do not master the ins and outs of that thing, you will work in vain, the foreigners will take that

thing and undress apostle Peter to dress up apostle Paul, and your situation becomes worse than the first. That is why a wise person, our ancestors say one hand cannot sew a cloth, we have to all unite and come together. Mfumu Kimbangu says, “the solution will come from the diaspora”.

All the forces of the nations of Afrika need to come together and we to agree on the ins and outs of our fight, see where that wind will send Afrikans out, and the action that will come out we will manage it well. I know our message is tough, but hear us, a visionary at times is thinking ahead of the people he is speaking to and they will come to understand him/her later. When a father sees something bad in the house, at times he will be disappointed with his children, but if it is something of wisdom that knowledge will be become visible.

I hear many people say, “let us inform the whites, oh let is inform the international community”, hear us out, the top one percent have no use or assurance of our freedom, we can even come out 60 million people, they don’t give a damn, as long as their interests remain untouched.

Solution: Let us leave the political cleavages that we are a part of, let us all come together. I hear many people say, “there is so much suffering” we have been suffering for a long time, 500 years of suffering, let’s take a time of reflection, let’s reconcile with our roots, even you political parties come, let us give wisdom so that we can be one hand, and let’s know what we want for a new Africa.

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Welcome dear brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers, welcome to zola bantu

Many people out there are looking for a way to get out of this crisis that we are in, in Afrika.

Other people are looking for a way to restore us to our afrikan cultures. Everyone has his or her own comprehension of Afrikan cultures, we are working in a desperate manner and that is already good. What makes us happy is that our consciences are moving forward slowly by slowly. Though we have not arrived, but we can see the effort of many Afrikans who are looking for solutions so that we can end this pain that we are in.

Today we will be short and we will speak to you on culture, because I have seen that if we are not careful the culture of Afrika will lose its credibility. Because some of those who are speaking/teaching Afrikan culture do not know it well and they do not even know the sense of that culture. This is not to tease them, but to give them a little comprehension so that they can be able to work well. There is so much work, waking people up is hard, it is not easy.

People have entered into the things of foreigners and they have studied them and gone onto higher levels so if you want to speak to these people you have to first know and understand their expertise well. If your child in the house becomes an atheist or changes their beliefs; if you see that your child is lost, telling him he is lost or he is in foolishness is not enough, he will not listen to you. You have to make an effort to understand the thing that your son is finding to be a solid foundation of what he is into. And study the thing and discover the root of the issue and explain to him why this root cannot help him. At that point your child will listen, he will see that you know the matter, and he is in front of someone who is wise, someone who has made an effort to listen/study what he/she believes in, see where you may have the chance of saving your child.

If you see that a certain formula or theory of mathematics is wrong and you want to convince the world of mathematicians that, that theory is wrong, if you do not know mathematics you will appear a fool. You will come among mathematicians and they will make a fool out of you. Nonetheless you are using/getting involved in things that you do not master. You can have an intuitive sense and feeling on the inside that something is good, but you have to learn the history of what you want to preach, learn the historical context of the thing, how did that thing come about, how did people embrace it, how was it done, you need to have the ins and out of that thing, see when you will begin to talk you will be credible.

Today we are seeing that the godship of foreigners, the fruit that it is bearing in the lives of people is not good. They themselves are beginning to interrogate on the pertinence of their way of thinking, nonetheless it is not producing good fruits in associations, in families and many aspects of the human life. So when you bring Afrikan culture to the table as an alternative way of life, if your own concept is not producing good fruits, people will not adhere to your ways or approach.

If you are developing hate, jealousy, separatism, you are preferring people who are coming from 8,000 kilometres to help you than people who are close to you in racial proximity, you are in contradiction with your own teachings, it discredits you. This was a small introduction, today we will be brief to speak to you about true African culture.

What is true African culture? How people have placed their society in works, in laws, in behaviours, how they are seeing the world, their paradigm. They have placed it families, in wealth, in various sorts of places, and say, “we will do things this way, or this is how we will do things”. Because if we do this we will call upon the light of god the father, we will be in symbiosis with God and nature and we will live well in our families in our nations.

That is why when we look into the world, we are saying that a black person in the beginning lived well in the world, he lived in peace, he knew the world and he knew himself, and he built the world in the thought, in the words, and in good works. And even though he was going slowly in the discovery of instruments (others may say technology) that could help him so that he could live well in the world, but his behaviours were showing love, justice, and purity of God the father.

So everything that we did, in our way of praying, in our way of showing ourselves as a people, in our way of living with mothers and fathers, sisters, brothers, in our way of living with children, the togetherness of these things that is what we call culture, true African culture. I heard a wise man say “culture is the soul & language of a people”, for sure, language drives the moral values of a people. Culture is the humanity, the Kimuntu, Ubuntu of bantu people wherever they are living and they are expressing it in a principled instrument of language.

That is why when we see the history of black people that began for the first time in Ntimasi, in the heart of Africa around 37,000 years before the time of the fish/Pisces up to when it went to Kingipiti/Egypt around 15,000 years before the time of fish/Pisces, up to today we can see that black people walked in peace at a certain period of their life where they had a culture that was showing the world the light of God the father that we call the culture of black people.

The true culture of black people came to a decline around 1,000 or 2,000 years before Mfumu Yesu came to the world, see where we walked in pain known as the great exile from the wilderness to Canaan. Our coming to the heart of Afrika was not because we were having a good life in Egypt and did good things over there and so God the father said leave all that behind and go to the heart of Africa (Canaan) to do something else, no! It is because well fell before God the father. We intermarried with pagan nations while in Egypt, our leaders began to worship idols, and led the entire people to perdition.

My mothers, sisters, fathers and brothers, if you want to know what kind a person you are have a moment to self-critique, an intervention, if all your things you only see them as good, good, while it is bad you will not do good in the world. We came to the heart of Africa (Canaan/Ethiopia), we left Egypt we were chased by the Greeks, the Arabs, the Babylonians because we did not walk well with God. Our ancestors forgot good ways of life that built Egypt, the good ways that gave the wisdom in mathematics, in geometry, in medicine, and in various things that the west use today that they too have developed which has helped you and me today.

So when we arrived in the heart of Africa, we wanted to start again to build another civilization, but these evil people came again after us, and they also found bad people among us, sell-outs. Let us be sincere, let us be honest. Today the west is still dominating us, why? We have evil people among us who are selling us to them. We will not build Afrika if we place ourselves on a pedestal and we are not criticizing ourselves, let us be honest we walked wrongly. Even the elders that God sent us they walked wrongly. They left the fight of waking up the children of the nation and they entered into profane politics of the west while children were left asleep, see where it has led us to.

I know it is very difficult to understand us, but we will continue to speak to you up to when you will listen. If you will not listen to us, the situation you will encounter will bring you back to our words. You will run away from it, you will interpret it differently, but you will encounter bad situations due to strategic errors you will make. Because you think that all that is born in black people or all those that are teaching African black traditional practices or customs they are teaching it in the right way. We have not come to do an apology of Africa culture, we will select things that are right and combine it with the right things that are no more, to form a strong new culture. Listen to Mfumu Kimbangu, what did he tell you? He told you to remove two things from your life:

  1. For sure a time in Afrika came where they sold our ancestors, many women were left. We permitted for social regulation to have more wives, but when Mfumu Kimbangu came he said it is over, it is enough. Every man with his wife and every wife with her husband.
  2. Taking the wisdom of Kindoki/Satanism and placing it in sorcery is over.

This is the testament of Mfumu Kimbangu, read it and you will see we are not inventing anything. But today we see your culture today in the 21st century what you call African culture, it’s a shame.

Afrikan culture is the culture of values of light of God the Father. Everything they will present you, if it does not have love, if it does not have a good comprehension, do not do it. For “You will know them by their fruits”. Let us be wise people, let us build a new Afrika with wisdom not in belief. If something happens, you have to explain to me, science is experimental if you already know the principles of how something happens, if you place it in works, the same principles produce the same effects.

To those who are teaching Afrikan culture, have wisdom, don’t just have the pleasure of opposing because you want to oppose. You will tell us not to speak in English, but your kids who are born or grew up in English countries that do not know our Afrikan languages how will they hear us? You see! You will hear people say, “I feel bad when they speak in English”, but he is speaking to Malawians, Tanzanians, Zambians in English. Not everyone knows Afrikan languages, you yourself when you go to work, you do not speak Afrikan languages, you see! emotions, the heart does not have good reception.

If we want to succeed in this thing, we need to have tolerance. Let us have tolerance for our differences. There are certain people who will teach a certain category of people, others can convince intellectuals, maybe you cannot convince intellectuals. In the foolishness that he is in, maybe another person will convince him. He will say to himself, “this person is an intellectual like me, let me listen to him “. He might minimize you in the place that you are if you are not an intellectual like him. But you in the place that you are, you are effective.

So Afrikan culture is not an apology of everything that black people have done. True afrikan culture is how to take the light of God the Father and place it in our traditions. But you need to know the structure of creation, you need to know light and how it functions. We encourage you all who are teaching Afrikan cultures, please continue but add a little knowledge on top. And you will see that there are bad things and there are also good things. For the Good things please fruitify them and multiply them, all the bad things remove, see where the healing of black people will be.

It is good work, it is great grace that God the Father has given you to stand up and teach the true Afrikan culture of black people, teach it with knowledge, teach it with wisdom. Let us be together, let us get along, another thing you may not know it, ask. Let us have that simplicity, a person who knows everything does not exist. But if we have rivalry, this person wants to surpass another, we will not do anything, and at the end we will fall. All our people who came before us, the whites took them and made them fall, nonetheless we were not united. But at this time let us elevate each other, let us be in agreement, let us love each other. Hear the few thoughts we have for you today at Zola bantu.

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Welcome my dear brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers to this episode of Zola Bantu. Today we are going to teach on women, on our mothers, on our ladies, our girls, please come in numbers let us talk, and we love you so much. This is an introduction to the teachings that will happen in the future for our mothers, women, ladies, and girls of Afrika. Nonetheless if we see our modern mothers today on social media, in their marriages, in the places where they are living it is a shame.  Even the ones who call themselves Christians, Muslims, or those who say they are of the Afrikan traditional cultures, it is a shame.  That is why if women do not rise up it will be difficult for us to be free.

You know in the Christian constitution for those of you who are religious you say our brother Paul advises by saying “a woman in the assembly of the church should be quiet, she should not speak, if she has something to say she should ask her husband”. Some argue these were not the words of Paul, but were squeezed in by some scribes who had a patriarchal agenda. This advice is found in the first letter of our brother Paul to our brothers and sisters of the church of Corinth.

The Christian constitution is made up of 66 Sections, 1,189 sub-sections, and 31,102 articles. The sections

are divided into 2 categories, the old and the new, the old has 39 sections and the new has 27 sections.

So this advice is found in the 7th section of the New, sub-section 14, and article 34-35.  For those of you are

 religious, 1st Corinthians chapter 14 verse 34-35.  When preparing for this episode I asked my girlfriend what she makes of the words of our Brother Paul. She felt it was the tradition of the day on how they minimized women, and saw them as second class, but a woman is free to express herself and her voice needs to be heard. I fully agree to with her view, but you see we are reading texts through the wrong lenses, through a wrong paradigm. The bible says in Matthew 6:22-23, “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eyes are unhealthy, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!”  In other words, if your perception or paradigm of is corrupted so will be your interpretation of the things of the world. It somehow appears as if they have denied the woman the right to speak, well considering how it is written in some versions, it feels a bit offensive and disrespectful. Take for example 1 st timothy 2:12, “I do not permit a woman to teach or exercise authority over man; rather she is to remain quiet”.

But let me tell you something, let me shock you with truth that our ancestors of Afrika had, they saw a

woman so great that her mouth cannot speak to just anyone. If she is in the assembly, she sits and she

is listening and she hears something that she doesn’t understand, she cannot speak to just anyone. She

will prefer to come to her house and ask her husband, it is her greatness, because in pure spirituality she is

 at a semi-degree superior to a man, she’s like the mother Queen of England. She cannot start asking people questions in front of the assembly, because her status will send her to speak at home, to her husband. She will say, “Father! I heard something in the congregation, but I did not fully comprehend, how did you comprehend it? It does not mean that she does not have knowledge, but if she is to speak, she needs to speak like a Queen. That is why open public questions/discussions in the past they said a woman should not engage in them. Many pastors entered in this to say, “Oh it was because women were prostitutes”, No! It is the grandness and greatness of a woman.  Dear ones the level of looseness is too much in Afrika.

Even on social media, a woman of value, joins social media for two reasons. 1. For professional reasons (especially a married woman), if she is working and she is in need of that network to help her in her work so that it can improve the business that she is doing. 2. And out of that network she has a circle of her own constraint friends not that one opens this group she enters, another opens there she enters, a woman is not like that. That is why you will be surprised in the new civilization that we are preparing in the heart of Afrika in this time of Aquarius to kick off the millennium; you will see how our women will be!

You will see a woman free in Afrika today, breasts on the outside, exposed! No bra, when she hears an afro-beat, there she is on tables twerking. There she is on social media, talking, talking, no filter or boundaries; she makes this video, and that video. She is entering into all sorts of associations, and groups. This is the fall, decay, and total degradation of a black woman! A woman is worth more than this, my mothers, sisters! That is why they are hitting on all of you, and in your culture of today if someone tells you, you are cute/pretty on social media, you a woman who is married you think that they have praised you! They have laughed at you. A true woman in a professional environment her head functions, she is gentle, but she does not allow the games and foolishness of anyone. But today women tend to appreciate professional environments because there she thinks they value her more and she has started to take the people of her professional environment more valuable than her husband, a husband who has upheld you and shown you value in the eyes of people. A woman today doesn’t care for her house, she will leave her house empty and in disorder and run after money.

The western woman is a decay of womanhood, the civilization of the west is a fallen civilization. When the reign of a 1,000 years on earth will start, you will see how women will be. Let me tell you something! A woman cannot swim in the same swimming pool with a man. The body of a woman for you to see it! The body of a mother of Kongo and Afrika for you to see it with her panties!! Maybe you can see for a western woman, but you will not see of a woman of black people, because a woman is spiritual, she is elevated!

Today my mothers, sisters, brothers, fathers you do not have the comprehension of a woman. A woman on Facebook is becoming friends with everyone and she is thinking that is modernity. That’s the fall and decay of womanhood. That is why in this time of Aquarius that we are in, a woman will rise up! We are preparing our women at Zola Bantu to help you, because you are lost. And even in Afrikan Traditional religion we saw some people are praising in Kenya and South Afrika how our mothers come out with breasts exposed in the name of culture?? What kind of tradition and culture is this? You expose your nudity in front of children in show of culture? What sort of culture is this? Look at where we have arrived with this kind of reasoning? We have fallen; we no longer know the dignity and value of a woman. Our ancestors, it is at the end that they brought out these kinds of impure traditions (Around 1,000 B.C the true Afrikan culture declined after it had thrived in Ethiopia and Egypt/Kemet), but it’s not what we did in Egypt.

My brothers, fathers, sisters and brothers I have felt so much pain in my heart of seeing a woman of today, she is considering the place of making money more valuable than her family. She will tell her husband; I have my connections and relations! I know this and this person! I am beginning to be known and popular. You do not know the value of a woman, my mothers. That is why we tell you at Zola Bantu and many other Afrikan platforms learn! These things that you are calling Afrikan traditions and culture it is the fall. These things you have adopted from the west it is decay and poison. The western woman is lost; you will see her there in heels and a short skirt and you think you see modernity? It is the fall; she has begun to masculinize herself. A woman needs to return to being a woman, in the way she talks; she is a rare product. She does not give a handshake to just anyone, she doesn’t talk anyhow, she doesn’t text people she doesn’t know on social media, she is a reserved woman!

That is why God the father said in the scripture “he looked into the world to see if he would find even one man, he saw one, but he looked and didn’t see a woman, Ecclesiastes 7:28 “while I was still searching but not finding- I found one upright man among a thousand, but not one upright woman among them all.” Women you fell, and what you are calling modernity is anarchy. If you knew the value of a woman, you would cry. But sadly your eyes are seduced by what the west have made or brought not knowing all these things the reign of thousand (The millennium) years will sweep it all away. Wonder why they say, “Behind every great man, there is found a greater woman?” she hides behind in purity. A woman in the society produces values and virtues of

 purity (She shows Modesty, Tenderness, Morality, Delicacy, fidelity and Nobleness. She does not speak to just anyone, and she does not say just anything. She does not ask questions everywhere, and she does not call everyone. All this was to tell you that you have a need to be taught. The west has turned you into fools. All the things you are seeing today of value tomorrow you will see that you have passed your time for nothing.

It is such a pain and shame for a woman, who has no self-control and knowledge, that is why they say in order to be given knowledge, they have to find knowledge in you, “For to everyone who has, will more be given, and he will have abundance; but from him who has not, even what he has will be taken away. — Matthew 25:29”. And others think we mean knowledge of the world, no it is spiritual knowledge, the knowledge of a woman declines when she starts to present her social success as an elevation before God, we are talking about spiritual success.

Normally if a man has a lot of money, look at men who are elevated in the world, their women don’t work because she cannot be directed by another man. She is so elevated that she does her own business these are spiritual values. Wake up in the night and use the metro/bus to work; it is when we don’t have money, our women are suffering, it is a life of pain, the entire femininity is over, we cry for Afrika. She’s kind to people outside, but a colonel marshal in the house. She will go to all these protests in town, “free Kongo, free Africa”: and thinks she is great person because she has 50k views on social media not knowing it is foolishness, because you have not given your men strength. Today we hear things like, women should rise up and fight for the nation, look at the pain! Women rise and fight for the nation in spirit while men hold guns, we have arrived at pain, pain, pain, we have felt so much pain in our hearts so we have made this episode for you, because many people are not wise.  We have done it in love to make you understand that when spiritual awakening arrives all this foolishness of today will fall. You are joining Facebook/Instagram and speaking to people you don’t know, you a married woman, a married woman only speaks to her own and other married couples, this modernity of Facebook is not right, it has made you fall. We have seen many women of value join these social media platforms, only if she wants to communicate her thoughts.

I have seen other women, the way she has slept, she is filming herself. Others are browsing on platforms where men and women are having sexual intercourse, and she is watching those things, it is destroying her, it is creating eggregores (bad thoughts) and tomorrow she doesn’t understand why she is always fighting with her husband. And she says her husband is not satisfied with her, and does not like her sexual organ, why? Because she entered into modernity in a bad way. She has hidden herself in fathoms and demons; she is watching things of other people. Our fathers and mothers in the past in Afrika did not have that curiosity, this not modernity, but the decay, degradation, desertification, and temporary extinction of humanity.

I know our words hurt, but we say them in love so that we can change.

We love you all.

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Hello my fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters, we have shared this pdf with you to reflect with you more on our lives here in the diaspora especially in the west where the weather/climate is different from the motherland. You know by the constitution of our physical body we are Afrikans, it means we are blacks and our natural space of existence or life is Africa. Why? Because we have melanin, it means we need to

receive by the process of photosynthesis the rays of the sun at a certain vibration and from certain angles so that we metabolize it well and it can produce vitamin D to solidify our body.

Living in the west we no longer have that, maybe for our kids who were born here in the west/east faced with an inclination of the sun and a certain movement of the wind, all of this is sacred geometry they can adapt to the climatic condition much better than those for us who spent most of our life time in Afrika. You will then understand from this fact that we who came to the west past our twenties we have formed our bodies, not only the physical, but also our astral body and mental body with the subtle, and physical matter coming from what we consumed as food in Afrika. And that has fashioned our muscularity, it has fashioned our solidarity, and it has also fashioned our life. But now we find ourselves in the west/east for some years, it is principally necessary to return from time to time to Afrika to harmonize ourselves with our energies of origin to perfect our evolution.

But instead many among us do not engage in this, we do not have that possibility with the crisis that we have over here. bills after bills and difficult situations that we are going through, many do not have the means to return to Afrika. And also because of the position of impostor leaders who are at the head of our nations, the leaders we have back home have kidnapped our nations into their pockets, many young people of Afrika are stuck in the west and cannot go back because of the political crisis back home. It has been difficult for us to go and resource ourselves in our countries to receive energies capable of re-boosting us in advantage. This is one thing.

The 2nd thing is in regard to food. You see for over 20 years when we were in Afrika, 20, 30 years, there are those who arrived here at the age of 30 years old, some even 35, you ate a certain type of food, for those of you from southern part of Africa, you ate Biltong from south Africa, Chakalaka, nshima, usipa, telele, kapenta for those from Malawi and Zambia. Smoked fish, salt fish, safu, matonge, Mbila, mbika, mafuta Mbila, bolobo known well in Congo. For those in west Africa: You ate Chicken Yassa, Tchep (Senegal), Egusi Soup (Nigeria, with some versions in Togo, Benin), Poulet DG or Chicken DG (Cameroun), Peanut soup or Mafé (Mali, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire), Foufou or Fufu (Côte d’Ivoire), Souya (Nigeria/Niger), Poisson Braisé or Charcoal-Grilled Fish (Côte d’Ivoire), Kele Wele (Ghana), jollof rice from Nigeria, Ghana. For those of you from east Africa: You ate ugali, chapati, nyama na irio-kenya, Swahili Peanut Kashata, Ugandan Curried Potatoes, Samaki Wa Kupaka/grilled fish from Tanzania. And you ate all sort of foods that exist in our nations, and that does not always exist here in the west/east. And eating all these foods

with the process of photosynthesis our bodies formed cells as a result of the nutrients that came from these bio foods. Bio-foods means natural food, food grown/raised naturally.

Now what happened, you got a visa, or others got on boats. We took the plane and arrived here in the west/east and directly we fell into things that we do not know. We now eat mostly western foods like McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, Subway, Dominos, momos, Chinese food-noodles, meat that is raised in a certain way, not always natural, and not always clean. The elements that we accommodate with the vegetables grown with the use of different chemical fertilizers and pesticides and things like that. We now eat fruits that are genetically modified, it’s terrible. And this disrupts our organisms compared to Europeans because we have a good and different food nutrition foundation that we got back in Afrika for over 30 years. We were in environments where we were exposed to a certain position of the sun and we had a climate which is different from the western climates. But here we are experiencing colds, and periods of terrible snow and all of this does not positively influence our health. So there are many factors that negatively contribute to a black person’s life living in the west/east. Because we have lived a longer time in Afrika and this has shortened our life expectancy here in the west.

Arriving here in the west, we have met a lot of problems in terms of food, climate and thirdly, we can also add to these difficulties, a male Afrikan is very much attached in his love relationships to an Afrikan woman and a female Afrikan too to her Afrikan man. So from the start we Afrikans married among ourselves. But arriving here in different cultures we made errors and we separated and attached ourselves to different people of different cultures (interracial marriages). And all of this created worries through our astral body and even in our mental body added to the factors I said earlier of climate and food. This is what makes an Afrikan not to have a life expectancy of more than 60 years in the west. Our mothers and fathers today in the west many die young at 65 years old, but instead they are in a developed country, their expectancy should have elongated being here. But an Afrikan in the west dies all of sudden by heart attack, and many other diseases through lack of alimentation and some have cancer due to constant consumption of canned foods and all that. All of this simply because we are people who have been uprooted and we have been placed in a context that does not correspond to the level of the reproduction of our cells, and we do not have previous ingredients to reproduce those cells.

On the level of position according to the cosmos we do not receive sufficient energy of the sun to burn our melanin, so that this melanin can finally reinforce us. In addition to this, the emotional problem we have here in the west, all this despite the so called good conditions of the west/east which I don’t find it to be, we have Afrikans here in the west that don’t seem to find a way out. That is why we as Afrikans being a people of mother Afrika, it is an honor to fight for our nations, yes it is true that we have not yet found the best strategy or the just strategy, we still have relational problems among us. We have hope that we shall regulate all this, so that we can give ourselves the best opportunities in Afrika to live a decent life, a natural and bio life that corresponds to the color of our skin, because this color is the dwelling of the sun. We need to live in a country with full access to the sun and we have to eat food that was produced by a certain adequate dimension of photosynthesis on the level of the equator to return us to our natural fundamental nutritional diet, or alimentation. And finally Afrikan men and women we need to love each other like our parents did, so that our marriages can last longer.

Here I would like to complete the reflection of why Afrikans have become fragile/are easily broken in the west/east. There is a dimension of the management of the melanin, there is also a dimension of food/alimentation it is very important, and finally the emotional dimension. For the dimension of alimentation/food nutrition, we advise you to return from time to time to Afrika for those who have the possibility of returning to the country, return often to the country not just to eat these foods, because we can also eat it from here, today in the west/east the leaders have made it possible for us to import our foods, but also to adjust to our sacred geometry so that we can be supported on the astral level. And we advise you eagerly to make an effort of really investing so that we can succeed in our marriages to have a good equilibrium between man and woman.

You know my sisters today you say “siaaa why should I cook for him”, these are not our behaviours, when you are cooking the fufu/ugali/chapatti/nshima for your husband then you are creating an equilibrium. The equilibrium of a woman is when she is performing her function of a helper. It is not suffering; it is your femininity. It is not that you have gone low/or are now inferior. Our mothers were not low/inferior when they used to cook for our fathers, it was their way of life and the found joy in it. And you also father’s when you are ironing the cloth of your wife, don’t feel like you are now low or inferior. Our fathers used to even wear the cloth/chitenje/liputa of our mothers to show the love he had for our mothers, you will see in the morning he comes out with the chitenje/liputa/cloth of his wife. So there is a lot what we have lost, we have now adopted the systems of the west, Europeans do not know love, they know how to look for money, and very often they come together mostly to gain money. It is a material civilization.

But we in Afrika for sure we gain money, but use it to affirm our love. If a man has money, you will see he will want to bless his wife even more. We Afrikans buy for our women houses, but now here we don’t have that possibility. Let’s us go back to our culture. Let’s return to our humanity and then our true freedom will be there. The fight that we are fighting for our countries, also on the level of our homes, we need to live well and give references to the children. Children should know how to eat our things, they should not just eat french fries, canned foods, and left overs in the fridge for 3 days. They should eat our foods, our foods have good and necessary ingredients that reinforce the melanin inside of us. And that melanin is taking the rays of light of God the father on the level of protons and also invisible lights on the level of virtues and values. Living in Europe-West/East is a prison for us. A very good strategy for the whites, let’s invade their lands, so that some of them may come to us to die young. A black person cannot live in Europe, you may say, “What about black Americans? those in America how did they live?”, those are other generation that came to be born and have adapted to the life in America.

But for us who just came, others came at 20 years old and others 30 years old, it is difficult naturally we will not spend a long time on earth if we continue to live in Europe-West/Est for a long time. So we have to look for all the ways, and God the father should help us and we ourselves should also help ourselves and look for strategies so that we can build our nations and stop moving below and underground in the metro. That is not how we should live, we have melanin that needs full access to the sun, in the future surely we will have metro but ours will be exposed to the sun.

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Take this simple analogy:

A human being is like car (body) and a driver (soul). The car has its needs e.g. fuel, maintenance, oil, water etc. The body also has its needs such as food, shelter, health, air, water etc. As much as you want to drive a car you need to provide the car with its requirements so that it can best serve you, same with the body, you need to provide t’s requirements for it to function well. The driver (soul) also has its needs, the driver may want to go to town and he places fuel in the car to get to town. The soul also has its needs well known as ‘purpose’ it uses the body to achieve this need. In Afrikan culture our ancestors knew this in depth, and this is what Ki-Muntu or a society of Ubuntu means. Ki-Muntu is putting the priority of the soul (driver) first before the car (body). An Ubuntu society is a society that focuses on helping people to achieve the needs of soul (driver) by using the car (body) effectively. Now what is materialism? A Mentality brought to the Afrika by the west, it puts the needs of the car (body) first and the driver is forsaken. This is what we call dead-in-spirit the driver (soul) becomes a prisoner in his own car, and the car becomes a driverless car. People who are materialistic their driver is asleep, has no control, the car is doing all that it wants. And this sort of mind-set will be the end of us. The body (car), loves pleasure and to have fun, because for the body (car) it only lives once, but the driver is eternal, so when one is materialistic life is YOLO (you only live once), so, your leaders will do anything to make it in this life and keep you in poverty because their car (body) want to make it now! but our Afrikan ancestors saw the future because they knew if they build a good society now they will come back and reap the benefits. If you don’t know this, you will enslave your people for temporary car (body) needs.

Mothers, fathers, sisters, you know very well that we are advanced in the fight for Afrika. There is a visible dimension that seems a bit complicated at the moment. But on the level of elevated authors, on the level of the astral world, as well as on the level of the mental world, great aspirations have been reached by the efforts of black people across the world. You know we fight not only against flesh and blood but we fight against principalities, against dominations in the celestial space that create immense negative egregores (large groups of evil thoughts, see image). National egregores that have submitted an entire people to spiritual enslavement in our continent for a long time. Since the 15th century practically there has been a lot of evil egregores that have clothed our continent with the introduction of the population of Afrika to slavery, colonisation, and all the injustice, and recently with the rape of women across Afrika, all this has created negative thoughts in the hearts of men and women. And it has created a negative energy that encircles our nations and all the people that live in our nations are directly impacted by these negative egregores that cause people to manifest a mentality that’s absolutely absurd. So there was a need for precursors of light (people that live in love, purity & justice) to come, people like Mfumu Yesu, papa Simon Kimbangu, and many others who came after him to build a bridge of light in Afrika so that little by little this evil of the astral world, this evil in the spiritual world of Afrika in the astral and also mental world of Afrika could dissipate. Because you know that the universe is stratified into various layers, starting from the denser layer to less dense layer.

If there is evil in the astral level of a country, it means there will be hate in the form of feelings and emotions among the inhabitants, people will be impolite because they are directly attached to egregores that influence their behaviours on the level of feelings and emotions which is expressed in the manner of words. And if there is evil on the mental level, it means people will have an evil way of thinking, a very wicked way of seeing/thinking about the universe, and it will be densified in the world in dirtiness, in fights, rivalries and in many other things like this.

So there is a lot of work to be done at this level, so that we can do a good follow up on the level of the dense matter/physical earth. Silent watchmen arrived in Afrika in the past centuries to bring light and because they had a nucleus that was very illuminated, and had entered into the space of Afrika, they were basically a bridge of light in this space, and their rays of light boosted/penetrated the mental and spiritual environment of the space of Afrika to liberate it. Christians say Yeshua is the way, it simply means the presence of master Yeshua on earth created a bridge between us and the spiritual world.

And as we said earlier we have advanced to bring the fall of this great edifice (evil egregores). Many Africans have risen up, this edifice will fall all of a sudden, but we fear that when the edifice will fall there will be a catastrophe in the national ladder/hierarchy and this catastrophe/disaster will lead us to a civilization of light (Reign of Kwatulendo a.k.a Reign of a thousand year). Ladies and gentlemen, all of this is to tell you that if there are evil egregores (large evil thoughts) which cover our space, our entire way of reasoning will not be in symbiosis with light. And since all our ways of reasoning will not be in symbiosis with light, it will be very difficult for us to be habituated by virtues and values. Our life will no longer incarnate virtues, our life will no longer incarnate values, and all our reasoning will be attached in a prison that we call a material civilization, a materialistic civilization.

Materialistic people are certainly intellectuals, but do not have a liaison with the spiritual world, their astral and mental layer is enveloped with fathoms and demons or evil egregores. This is what has happened in Afrika, and this is what actually explains why the nature of the majority of our politicians and our intellectual leaders is materialistic. They are not impacted by the light that comes from other subtle environments, some think they are spiritual, but in truth they are religious, religion is not spirituality.  In religion you live from the outside-in, but in spirituality you live from the inside-out. Master Yeshua gave a good example in the tax collectors house, religious people wash the outside of the cup, while spiritual people wash the inside of the cup. A spiritual person searches for values and virtues and in their environment produces fruits of the spirit, while a religious person, uses the material and earthly success as an elevation before God.

So the men and women of tomorrow, cannot only be men and women who are impacted by the astral world, and the world of thoughts (mental world). When one does not have a spiritual ray in his/her astral or mental envelop, at that moment he/she develops ego. It is ego that is developed, it is the me-me-me, because all is reduced to the material level.

Ladies and gentlemen permit me to tell you how the act of pro-creation (sex) needs to be done, or preparation for a child, and how does the spirit arrive to penetrate the matter/physical body. When a man and a woman have a project of pro-creation, it means to call a special visitor to come to their house, they engage in sexual intercourse. It means the man liberates 23 chromosomes, the woman also liberates 23 chromosomes that makes up a total of 46 chromosomes which constitute the physical hereditary characteristics of the person that will come. The person is not the envelope that the parents fabricated, the parents liberate the chromosomes in their physical image to fabricate the animal body or physical body, but the spirit that will come to incarnate in these different envelopes comes from the spiritual kingdom. Parents provide the physical envelope, but before the spirit comes the genius creators cover him/her already with two other envelopes in the level of matter.

He/she receives the first material envelope that we call the mental envelope and the spirit enters into this mental envelop, in all truth it is the spirit that has the form of a human. The morphology that we have is the morphology of the spirit. He receives the first envelope which is the mental envelope that enables him/her to think, that enables him/her to create concepts, notions, to invent a cosmogony. And then he/she descends again semi-degree inferior and he/she receives the astral envelope, this astral envelope it enables him/her to have emotions, feelings and be able to express him/herself in the manner of words. And finally see a man and a woman on the earth do an act of pro-creation/sexual intercourse and this spirit incarnates the body half-way through the pregnancy into the 3rd and last envelop which is the physical envelope.

And throughout his education before 12 years for a girl, and around 14 years for a boy, we have to form this child. He/she enters in nursery school to discover the society, and then enters primary school to learn how to calculate, read, to situate him/herself in space and time through the interest of geography and history, and then he enters in secondary school that has two levels, junior secondary school and senior secondary school. All this is to give this child sufficient information, on the level of his/her mental body, not the spirit because the spirit comes from the spiritual world. The spirit in the spiritual kingdom needs no information technology, a spirit in the spiritual kingdom needs no expertise in masonry, the expertise that the spirit comes to cultivate here are; fruits of the spirit like it is mentioned in the book of Galatians 5:22, love, peace, joy, etc.

All these spiritual virtues that we have in us potentially, but we incarnate in the physical world to manifest it through the various activities that we will do. The assignment is to turn that potential energy to kinetic energy (movement/action). So here is where comes the interest to form the human envelope, to form the mentality of the person, to form his/her astral body (his/her emotions and feelings), to give him/her sufficient languages so he/she can open to the world and to form him/her through the physical body through gymnastics and sports and the like, so that his/her spirit feels good.

But unfortunately because the materialistic have dominated the world the formation does not take account of the spirit because for materialistic people the spirit does not exist. When a materialistic says, “this man is a great spirit”, in truth he wants to say this man has a developed intellectual animal mind, they confuse knowledge in the level of the animal intellect (brain) to the spirit.

The mental knowledge and all the expertise that we have, as an engineer, a doctor, a nurse, an architect, a builder, a minister and many other occupations, are knowledge in the physical matter that is encapsulated in the brain, and once you die, you leave all this behind. The materialistic think that the spirit does not exist, they have then minimized spiritual concepts to physical concepts. Love has become a fleshly act, peace becomes because we have large accounts in the bank, finally all spiritual notions are requalified by the intellect, and man is deformed.

And when the spirit wants to emanate (pilot) his/her body it becomes difficult, because in truth the body is the car of the spirit, it is the spirit who is the driver, but since our formations in schools and universities we were formed by materialistic people; even doctors the entire biology that they know, it is an animal biology. Our doctors have no understanding of the astral body, they know nothing about the mental body, they confuse the mental to the brain while there is an entire mental body that comes from superior universes. All this is erased by materialistic philosophies from a young age. And the entire science and development of western science today is minimized to the flesh because they have reduced all formations to the physical human body. The formation of the receiver of the spirit are not adapted to synergize with the spirit. And when the matter opens to sexual energy through the elements that we eat, through many other things, you grow and at a certain moment you arrive at sufficient energy of matter (sexual energy) to make a connection/junction with the spirit, so that the spirit, the owner of this body can pilot the body, but unfortunately the body was deformed by material teachings.

You will see a person who finds himself/herself as a politician with a body formed with concepts such as, “you will be powerful if you have such and such amount in your bank account”, “If you have many women, if you are popular if you are this or if you are that”, then you are a great person, so, all values are inverted. And the spirit is no longer able to evolve in the body, the spirt is like in a prison in the body. This is what master Yeshua used to say, we become dead in the spirit. So there is a need to change this behaviour. The politicians of tomorrow have to be men and women who are awake spiritually. It means they have to have a conscience that they arrived on earth to do an experience of virtues and values, through divine attributes which are love, purity and justice and like this we will organise our schools in accordance.

In our schools we will surpass the dense matter to penetrate even the subtle matter on the scientific level, so that the leaders of tomorrow can understand that there is an interaction between what we do and what we receive from the astral and mental level, and why not on the spiritual level.

So ladies and gentlemen, you understand now that this new paradigm prioritizes the action of the spirit in the matter, because in all truthfulness when the spirit enters matter, it comes to spiritualize the matter. The matter is also elevated to a certain level of frequency, thus our science needs to evolve, our anthropologic construction needs to evolve, our sociology needs to evolve and our theology needs to evolve. At the moment it exaggerates that we understand the mechanism of the astral world, mental world, world of light, and the spiritual world. At the moment it exaggerates that on the level of our formations we need to understand that we are spirits and we are encapsulated like an onion, in different bodies, in total there are seven bodies (envelopes). But here we are experimenting 3 bodies, the body of the elaboration of thoughts, the body of elaboration of feelings and thoughts and then the body of actions.

So there is a need on the level of elaboration of thoughts, that we should have thoughts that are just, our thoughts should show justice and thoughts of light. When you are in the field of masonry, you have to be just in your relationship with the one that has given you the job. When you are an engineer and you are a project director you have to place love in your work, in your project you have to take account of the laws that govern the visible and invisible nature so that you are not at fault with the universe. So there is a need for new men and women, open minded men and women for the light in the Afrika of tomorrow so that we can build a civilization of light.

Today political men and women are egocentric, centred on themselves, enclosed in a shell of the dense matter, branding their university formation as a trophy, but what are you among these 7 billion people? And this formation is a formation from the cadre of a materialistic paradigm. A paradigm that lacks even a physical dimension and also lacks a spiritual dimension. We have had formations that do not transcend matter, how then can this formation bring happiness to humanity? We are part of universe where materialism is so elevated, that leads to divorces, divertissement of a woman, a playful material society where we are ready do anything for material things, with foolish philosophies like “all roads lead to Rome”, “the end justifies the means”, you see no wisdom in such statements. But in African tradition it was a paradigm that transcended matter. Yes, we are in need of matter, but we transcend matter because we know that it is the spirit that needs to do its experience.

Voila we need to re-access and re-think our way of thinking when we want to practice politics. The politics of tomorrow will not be a politics that will be carried out by ego-centred people, it will be politics that will be done by men and women of light that will take Afrika to excellence and we shall be happy and full of love.

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My mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, we send you our greetings.

The work that we are doing of waking up Africans is not easy.

There are other people that will take it in their own way. They will speak things to you and criticize you, and if you do not have the force of God the father, you will be led to discouragement. The work that we are doing when it is arriving to you, you are not aware of the sacrifices that we are making, the sorts of insults we are receiving and misunderstandings. Another person will see you as if you are proud, another person will call/text you to say you made an error in English at a certain place, all those are road blocks that we ourselves as Afrikans are placing on the road, that are slowing down the process of getting our people and nations of Afrika out of pain.

But nonetheless if you are called to work for God the father, it is not at the moment where you have started, or you are in the middle of the work that the work will bear fruit.

If a person is asleep, a wake up can be brutal, one can trouble you; why did you wake me up? I wanted to wake up at 4pm, why did you come to shake me, he will create troubles for you, he will see as if you have disturbed him, and you have seen him as a kid, you have mistreated him.  All of that for you are who are fighting for Afrika, have a patient heart, the heart of a parent, the heart of a mother, the heart of a mother is a heart of patience. Because in this fight the level of mental enslavement is very high, many people are lost.

Today we have come to discuss something that is important in our community here in the west. That has made us lose our way; the value of money. Apostle Paul as many of our listeners have a Christian background. Apostle Paul says “the love of money is the root of everything” the root of all evil, 1 Timothy 6:10. This is not to say that money is bad. Money, if you have it, you can be a good father of the family, you will be able to meet the needs of your family, you will make your children happy, you will send them to good schools, you will feed them well, you will live in a home where they will have good health and you will also make your wife happy. So, money permits us to satisfy our needs.

That money also has a history, back in the days, some of you see it as a primitive age, or underdevelopment, people were involved in barter trade, it means they were working and then they would go to the market, one person would bring a piece of a goat and take chicken depending on the weight, another comes with chicken and takes wine and so and on and so forth up to when the world began to produce a lot of things that brought with them some complications on the side of the market. People came up with an idea, let us make a certificate, that certificate is equivalent to a certain amount of money and let us fix everything to that equivalent amount of money, so that those inside their banks that will have that equivalent amount of money, they will be given that certificate also known as fiduciary money, it began there; paper money.

This money that we call paper money 10$, 20$, it was firstly equivalent to a bank of the weight of gold or material riches that you have and they were giving those certificates for one to be able to do exchanges in the country. The paper did not have value on its own. Paper money was a certificate that was showing the amount of work that you have done, so they would give it to you, and it also had an equivalent inside the bank, (here we are really simplifying in summary) so that you could access goods and services in exchange and be able to gain other things. If you bought other things and remained with a little money, you could be able to store it in a bank so that when you had other needs you could be able to use it.

But the world evolved and evolved, the bankers played with us, we will not speak of it here, as we still want to do the work of the Lord, those who are wise have understood. The certificates that they have begun to give, or the fiduciary money that they are placing in the market at the moment, it no longer has any equivalence to the weight of gold in the bank. They have lied to people, and begun to give people plain papers, empty papers while inside the bank it is not equivalent to anything. Inflation has gone up, today paper money has become something that has value on its own. But instead in a good economy that we shall restore in the land of Afrika, money cannot have value on its own, money needs to be a reflection of the real economy that is in the society.

For you to understand me, for those of you who are of the generation of our fathers, you would see our first presidents of Afrika, they would take money and change them to dollars and begin to throw it to people on the streets, not knowing that money is just paper, that is theft, the world cannot function like that.

So, why are we saying all this? We have entered into a mentality where the value which was a family, the value which was a relationship of us in the world, values that where virtues, values that were inside our lives, we have placed them all aside, and we have begun to cultivate materialism, material things. You will see when a person buys a car, it is good to buy a car, it helps us to move from one place to another much quicker and safely. But when one buys a car today, the car becomes an element of comparison and boasting to others that he/she is better than them, it has become a measure of one’s life to another. We are supposed to buy houses to give us shelter, and the surface area of that house would depend on the size of a family not like today where we have people who live in a mansion with 14 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, but only 2 people live in the house while other people in the world are homeless and sleep on the street. Material goods are simply a means/way of assisting us in the world so that we can have a good experience. But you see if a person buys a car or house, he/she sees these things more valuable than his family, brother, sister, or friends.

You will see a man completes school and he had his wife, the wife was helping him financially to study, because she knew that if my husband studies, he will finally get a job and he will work, and they will pay him and he will take care of our needs, no issue let me sell this and that to finance his studies. Sadly, when the man finishes school and now he is working, he begins to make the life of his wife miserable, with words like, “Oh back in the days, you were like this, you were like this”, why? because now that he has money he wants to fulfil selfishly earthly pleasures. See where families have been destroyed, children have dispersed. Ubuntu and humanity have left us, we have started to take money as value. But sooner or later when we become old the truth catches up with us. You will see many old people here in the west, the children are separated, he’s left alone, the kids have placed him in old people housing so they can sell his things and divide his wealth among themselves.

All of this is the world has not been built in the right way, that is why mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, we need to ask ourselves what kind of society do we want to make/build. Many of our relationships have been destroyed because of money. Even in protests/donations, I hear people say, “we will contribute, who will keep the money?” Because we don’t have a master of what we call money, many do not know its history or many do know, but it has surpassed our heads. The love of money!

Money is a servant that permits us to fulfil our pleasures, it is our sweat, in our language of Kongo they call “Nzimbu” work, “Mutoki Nanga”, my sweat. It is basically work that I have done, and now I am going to exchange it to eat at a restaurant. If I am left with a bit if that work, I go and exchange it to buy for my wife or kids this and that, that is it. And when I am going to work, yes of course I am contributing to the society, but the money that I gain from the work, my happiness is that I bring pleasure and provide to my family.

Today because of the love of money, you will see a man or woman works, one begins to disrespect the other person, respect now depends on the social status that one has. A man or woman will begin to do certain things to humiliate their partner. Nonetheless they see that they now have money.

Mothers, fathers, sister and brothers

Let us begin to reflect inside our families on what level of importance are we placing money? What sort of management do we have and let us have peace in regard to these things, see where we will be able to appreciate life. How can you know that money has destroyed you? When your work becomes a subject of conflicts in the house. When the money that you are gaining has become a subject of discussions in your house, it means you are still far from spiritual maturity.

Man is a spirt, the spirit came to incarnate inside the physical matter, for sure he is in need of this matter to organize himself, they have placed money in this experience to permit us to make exchanges, but around those exchanges we are learning love from our children, from our nation, from those close to us. When we leave this earth, we never leave it with the money that we have in the bank account, but we leave it with the things that we have gained in learning of love in the family or in the society. The love that you gave your wife, the love that you gave your husband, the return that you have gained in that love, that is what will make your astral body and your mental body to be in peace and you will go to good places when you die.

Many people today have got wounds in their astral body, and also in their mental body, you will see that you helped a friend, despite your weakness you help a friend, but when your friend now gains, your friend begins to remind you of your weakness, it becomes a public discussion. Some chase their wife away because of money.

Money my dear ones, we inflated its importance, money is just sweat that is helping us so that we can satisfy our needs to give us pleasures in the world. See today a person will be given a position of responsibility in government and he begins to buy houses everywhere with the money of the people, he begins to chase women everywhere; he begins to hide money in foreign accounts #tagpanama papers and Swisbanks, why? The love of money! Because he has no notion that in the position of responsibility that he has, he does not need all those things. He does not need to have bank accounts in foreign lands in millions, it leads to nothing. It will not increase your happiness; many wealthy people live in misery. To accumulate all that money is avaricious, extreme greed, it will not elevate anything in you, contrary you will begin you steal from other people and you will cause a disequilibrium in the society.

In Afrika money has led us to theft. Here in the west money is dividing families, it is leading us to ego-centric behaviours, we are destroying our culture, our families have been destroyed, our relationships have been destroyed, because of money!

If you do not know how to live with the means that God has given you so that your family can be well, and if the means that God has given you despite the reasons that you will give it divides your family, know that in you will get to old age in pain, nonetheless you have the love of money. And the bible says it is the root of many troubles. And this will be born when you have no love, one day you will see that the people you helped, even your own kids begin to remind you, “no father you were like this”, you will see that you will come to a bad old age. If you want to arrive at a good old age, understand the value of money.

I see many people say, “a family is of no importance” let me do all that my heart desires in the society, let me travel and know the world, I do not want any kids, see today many of these people are stuck in old age homes with no one to visit them, regretting if they had lived differently. Don’t say a family is of no importance, it is really not that way, it is the lack of the comprehension of the value of a family. A family is the cellular base or foundation of a nation, without a family how will people come to the world? People come to the world where a family is, children are formed in a family, children are instructed there, they are educated there. If today our world is continuing, nonetheless our ancestors took good care and protected the family. But today we have arrived at a material civilization, we take care of our cars, they last longer than most relationships, your degree is more valuable than your friendship, a TV or phone or your work is more valuable than your wife or husband, you leave home in the morning, kids are asleep, you return at midnight kids are asleep, and you are surprised later how your son is drug dealer, how your daughter got pregnant for your garden boy. A house is more valuable than your wife or husband and at the end, we are ending bad way, we are ending with hurts and during all this time all we do is blame others.

Let us have the wisdom to know how to manage the means that God the father placed in our disposition. These were our words for this session my great ones of Afrika. I know many of our brothers and sisters of Afrika are not understanding us, many are saying their own things, but later on you will understand that God the father sent you people in your lands to help you.

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My mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers we send you our greetings from the depth of our hearts,

Welcome to Zola Bantu.

Today we would like to talk to you about a very important subject. It is painful to speak to you in foreign languages, thus black people are a victim of a world agenda that began with the division of Afrika like a cake in the Berlin conference of 1885.

I’m proud that we had a leader in Tanzania like Mr. Magufuli who spoke to his nation in their home language

of Swahili, and we hope that in the near future we all can communicate and trade in one local language of Afrika. I heard Swahili will be the best alternative. It is sad that Afrikan leaders attend these United Nations meetings and speak to the world in the language of foreigners, when they can speak proudly in their home language. If the foreigners will not find translators it is their problem. We speak to you in English because many among us are alienated. For them the language of foreigners is superior to our languages of Afrika. You hear Afrikans say, “Your English is amazing! How can I become like you?”. If we ourselves do not value our languages, I don’t know who else will give them value.

I send you greetings, children of Afrika. Today we will speak with on Alienation. An alienated person is someone whose mind has been abducted and has things placed in it things are not of his roots. This person is living for sure, but his/her way of thinking and his way of doing things, he/she believes that to live in the world like other people, to be a copy of other people is development, but it’s not. In the language of foreigners, they call such a person an alienated person.

Papa Ekumani gave an amazing story of alienation, as he spoke about a discussion he had with his friend while preparing this message on alienation. Papa Ekumani said, one of his closest friends, papa Tshibangu said, ’an announcement was made in Zaire, now Congo DRC, that there is something very important

that the president of the nation would like to say’, by then Mobutu Seseko was the president of DRC Congo. Everyone was waiting for this message, even the Congolese in the diaspora gathered together to hear this important message. People said “we are waiting for certain information from the president, it will shake the entire world”. People were thinking maybe President Mobutu has died, or maybe he wants to give up power, ‘oh what will happen?!’, and so on and so forth.

And then some time in the evening, the president came up and spoke. He said, ‘Zaire and Egypt’,

by then Mubarak was the president of Egypt, and Mobutu was the president of Zaire, he said, we have found the cure of the virus of HIV & AIDS. And they gave this medicine the name MM1, and they said, MM2 would come out later, but the professor Doctor Luruma of Zaire had discovered the cure for aids.

People were discouraged, people said, ‘oh no it was political manipulation’. What does he want to do, it really irritated the people! People felt let down, they were probably expecting to hear something else. And international news channels/reviewers stayed silent, they never spoke of the matter.

Professor doctor Leruma was an intelligent man, because in our heads we said, ‘ahh the president said this to draw our attention away’ to something else. But my dear brothers and sisters the news was true, he really found principles in the beginning that could give a comprehension of how that virus is functioning inside the body. But because he was/is a black person, so who will listen to him? And western media was silent, no news, nothing on the issue. They gave orders among themselves, to make sure this news can never come out, a black man has discovered the cure, never! But a black man himself did not give that news any importance. Shame! The pain when alienation has a hold on us. Even the invention of your own brothers and sisters you will not like it.

White people, one thing I like about them is they are not alienated, a white man believes in his brother,

A white man values the work of his brother even if it is small, but he knows that it comes from their roots, he will continue to support it, and it will work, it will succeed.

But a black man does not believe in his brother, he will be the first to criticize the work of his brother, ‘oh he is lying’. But if they tell him, Mr, Vandepit, oh yes Mr, Vandepit we know him, he completed at Harvard, yes! He is very intelligent man. But his friend also completed at Harvard, but Vandepit is intelligent, and his brother is not. He cannot do what Vandepit has done, the brain is messed up, a dead brain. For such people it is impossible to give them a responsibility. Look at the amazing intellectual ideas that president Magufuli had on the covid-19 crisis, but because he speaks it in Swahili, and no western media is speaking of it,

black people say, ‘ah there is nothing of importance there’. Our leaders prefer to buy covid-19 vaccines from abroad. So things that are good are things of foreigners, it is a shame when alienation has a hold on us.

My mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers it is painful, a black man needs to trust, we need to build a new trust in our brothers. If we do not trust our own, it will be very painful because no person can develop if they don’t trust their own.

Let us move to a second example, Papa Ekumani tells of a story of his life in Belgium: He says, “I used to have asthma, the disease of difficulty in breathing, we were together with my Belgian friend, we are of the same promotion, he is the head of a hospital here in Belgium, and his wife was also sick with asthma, like me, and we were both using those asthma inhalers/nebulizers of western medicine. At that time a certain brother called me from London, he said, I heard you said in one of your shows that you have asthma, I know how to treat asthma, I said how do you treat it?

He said, take garlic and pound it very hard and place it in a little bit of water, so that all the active principles of the garlic pass into the water. Place it in the fridge for 3 days, and then remove that water, when all the active principles have passed into the water, drink a spoon of it mixed with coffee once every evening for one week. At first it Free Inhaler Cliparts, Download Free Inhaler Cliparts png images, Free  ClipArts on Clipart Librarywill be painful, because asthma is thick sores of bands of muscles surrounding the airways, and western people have not yet found its cure.”

“I did as this man told me, 6 days after all this my asthma vanished, up to today it has been 10 years, I was happy, the wife of my friend who had asthma came and saw that I have no more asthma, she saw it with her eyes, my dear friends, she witnessed it, she would come to my place and was surprised, but she saw that I am ok, she said Daniel what did you do? I said I treated it using the ways of my ancestors, traditional medicine, she said please explain to me, I explained to her in detail, the white woman refused.  She says, ’as for me as long as my medical doctor does not tell me what to do, I cannot risk to take in things of Afrikans.’ I clapped for her, in shock! See a white person, she is not alienated.”

Something that will come out of black people can be as great as possible, but they are not impressed. But a black person if I tell him this, he will say please spare me all that crap and nonsense. These things of black people will come and create for me problems. But he will prefer those chemical inhalers and it might heal him and probably bring to his body many other complications, or side effects. When alienation has a grip on us. A white person is not alienated, but look at us! How are we going to fix our nation of Afrika?

This term that they are calling modernity, what does it mean? Modernity means to take something of your roots, in your traditions, and make it conformed to your current time. So that you can use it well, to place wisdom on top of the wisdom of your ancestors, so that, that thing can progress, so that it can move forward and evolve. But when we are blinded by alienation, to move forward is to throw away the things of your ancestors, and taking the things of foreigners.

You all call the state of white people, a state of the law, women and women are getting married, men and men getting married, fornication is everywhere, living together, we have taken these things, it is not our ancestry. A woman you leave your father’s house to go and be with a man without being married, it was something of shame, because it is not in our ancestry. But when we are alienated, we have started to normalize it, we have begun to bring up our kids here in Europe by those principles. A white person that is in his ancestry, it is the advancement of his society the way he has reflected, but the Arabs are also a people, but they don’t follow white people.

When alienation has a grip and stronghold on a black man, a black person has lost his way. When a black person is at work with a white person, he develops a complex of inferiority by being so happy around white people, and he will appear later before his friends and say, ‘God has blessed me’. But if he is employed by a black person like him, it is temporary, but if it is a white person he will say, “God has blessed me”. An alienated people! Their heads are in the world of foreigners, how are we going to fix Congo and Afrika?

We are seeing in secret that other children who are so wise are inventing little things and the things that they are inventing, white people also began that way. But the difference is, because the white is not alienated, he supports, he funds his people, so that, that research can be developed, and today it has led to the creation of cars, and airplanes, but it was at first not a plane, but small, small things that were dying, but they continued up to today it has worked, so that their ancestry can progress.

Mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers, When alienation has a grip on us, even the invention of a black person has to be sanctioned by white people,Oh! On that idea/invention what have white people said about it, that conflict of the dam between Egypt and Ethiopia what had the international community said, what do they think of the covid-19 medicine of Tanzania and Mozambique? This new app of supafrika, developed by this brother from Sierra Leone, what do the whites say about it? Have they approved it? Oh that Afrikan online trade route started by Mrs Chioma Philips and Mr. Samuel Philips from Msingi Afrika Magazine, what do western economists think of it, can we trust it? Has he not copied from the whites?

But if it is a white person who has done it, he will place it on YouTube and on Facebook, he will not ask any questions, mental alienation, cultural alienation, return to being human!

When alienation has a grip on us, a white person has become a child of Maria. But Maria was a black person, “oh a white man, a child of Maria!”, even if he vomits on the table, he is the child of Maria, he kills, rapes and destroys your nation, oh! No slaves obey your masters the bibles say, nonsense!

But your own people, you have Afrikan leaders today, but when alienation has a grip on you, you see them as useless. You are like your fathers, they arrested, Nelson Mandela, Thomas Sankara, Mfumu Yesu, Patrice Lumumba, Julius Nyerere, Samora Machel, Vita Kimpa, Muammar Gaddafi. But nonetheless you could have been different from your forefathers. Our forefathers were colonised they used to fear the white man. They even used to say, “Evolution is to eat on the table with a fork and spoon, and speaking French, or English, eating with the hands is for low class people”. But what do you use to clean the fork and spoon?

But we were not born in that time. But when alienation has a grip on you, you can sell the house of your parents to come to Europe. When you are told you are going to America, you abandon your African

school.You say, those your schools of foolishness of Africa, I am going to America, no need to study anymore. You are abandoning school because you are coming to America, alienated fella. A white man will quit school because he is going to Africa? Impossible, never! Because a white person is not alienated.

You are getting angry at your wife in English, to seem important, because you work for a foreign company and when they speak their language, you see them as developed. An alienated people can do absolutely nothing! That is our obstacle, nonetheless, the people that can get us out of this pain, is just we black people.

Mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers we have chosen to help you, this is the sense of our mission at Zola Bantu, when alienation has a hold on you, there is no hope. The medicine of a black people, is the most magnificent medicine on the face of the earth, but when alienation has a grip on you, you prefer the medicine of the west. An alienated people, are a people who will end up being dominated, an alienated people is not matured.

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Mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, children of Afrika we come before you again.

You will notice that lately we come very often to your screen, nonetheless it is a job that we have taken up,

and for the past few years of really asking existential questions it led us to discover some truths about life that we share with you here at Zola Bantu, to give thoughts of light of what is happening inside our families, inside ourselves and in our lives, and also inside our nation of Afrika, through the path of the word.

We do not do this so that we can be givers of lessons to you, or to appear as if we know it all, and we are teachers of life, no. We are also among a group of people growing and learning about life like everyone else on the planet, from the situations that we come across in this journey or school of life.

When we are doing this work, it does not mean that we are holy, it actually means we are fighting and we want you to join us so that we can fight together. So that we can move ahead, as a people, and begin our lives, with our nations of Afrika, on the path of light. Nonetheless we have reflected that to walk and protest, to chase such and such a person from power when in our own lives we have not asked existential questions, we will simply undress saint Peter to dress up saint Paul. We have seen it in the history of black people, the people that we are protesting to chase from power, we are placing again people who are worse than the people we chased away.

So let us do an intervention, many will say “but people are dying, people are doing this”, be patient. If we do not ask serious questions and deeply question our lives, nothing of true goodness will happen/be in our lives.

You know my dear ones, the one who wrote the book of Matthew, because it was written well after the death of Master Yeshua, found in Matthew chapter 7:24-27 he said something inside his writings, and in his writings, he was saying, see how master Yeshua used to speak, “A person who listens to my words, and places them inside his works, is a prudent person and builds his house on the rock, the rain came, the wind came, it did not do anythingto this house, nonetheless this house has not fallen because it

was built on the rock”. When God the father created his world, he made it to function in a certain way. You see when you want to enter a house, you will look for a door, you will not push the wall or walk through the wall to get inside the house. It will not work, you will remain right there, and you will not move. Because you are trying to force something that was not made to function that way. You have to look for a door, to enter the house. If you want to go up to the rooms, that’s if the house is a multiple storey house, you need to use the stairs, you cannot fly up. What does this mean my friends? It means this universe has principles of its functioning.

There are laws that make the universe function, so if you build a house in accordance or in respect to those principles, that house will be well/good, and strong. It will be well built, and it will have stability in the world.

To have stability in respecting the word of God right now in the world with how the world is being run,

under the current paradigm of accumulation of riches, is a difficult journey/path. It will only be a journey of peace and happiness only in the millennium, the reign of a thousand years. But for a person who wants to walk with God the father in stability now it is not easy. Nonetheless, when you want to walk with God the father you have to obey laws, there are laws of movement. If you are not progressing in your spirit, you are dead and you will regress, you will have to repeat a class/classes, because movement needs to go in the direction of light.  Another person can progress in the direction of darkness, he even becomes rich and wealthy, and gains a lot of opportunities in the nation, or in his life, or in his marriage. But the path that they are on is taking them straight to the pit.

But how the world is running today, if you want to carry your life towards light, if you want to carry your family towards light, if you want to carry your tribe towards light, it is a rocky route with a lot of stumbling blocks. Those stumbling blocks on the path it is not someone else that placed them there for you. It is your own dirt’s/slags that have placed it there.

That is why when you are going towards light, the first principle is, do not accuse anyone for the evil that befalls you. Look for solutions. If you see that the path you are on is a path leading to darkness, and you see that you lied to yourself, the path that you’re on has so many difficulties, and these difficulties are indications to let you know that this path is not right, begin on a new path, it is your choice. If you will go towards death, it will be your choice.

In spirituality we have a free will. But if you see that it is a path of light, do not insult anyone, don’t go and place your pain on someone else. Nonetheless when you came to where you are, you came alone, you made a choice in soul and conscience, freely. You said to people, “oh for me I choose to come to Europe/Asia/America/Australia”, “oh I have chosen to study such and such a field”, “oh I have chosen this path”. Please listen to us, don’t look for old age in the things of God, in the things of God old age doesn’t count. Spending 30 years in the work of God it does not mean this platform of Zola Bantu or other leaders who are teaching black conscience cannot teach you anything, these are complexes to show that your spiritual movement, you are taking it on your own way, and this is without any consequences, you will later face the consequences.

That is why to build a house which is guided by the laws of God the father in the world today,

has become very difficult. Very, very difficult to build a house on the path/in accordance to the will of God. Nonetheless when your karmic returns will hit you, you will look at people, you will think people have harmed me, or done something bad to me. You might say “My wife has treated me bad, she has chased me from the house”. For sure your wife has chased you from the house, but you need to ask yourself why has my wife chased me out of the house. Maybe you chased people out of your house once, you were a well to do leader and you chased people out of your house, we are not justifying it, but what we are trying to say here is that all that happens to us, it is us who are responsible for it, if you see yourself as a high fella, you will not solve the matter.

That is why to solve the problem of building a house on a rock, it requires humiliation and often maybe humility. Humiliation of who? Not you the spirit man, but humiliation of the body. Your body, the animal human has no part in the heavenly kingdom, the animal man loves to be good, but he will never be well/good if he has a lot of karmic returns. So he deceives himself saying “Rachel is the cause of my pain”, “my family is the cause of my pain”, you begin to view your friends and family in a certain way, you separate from your friends and family, not knowing these people were just a mirror of your own evil.

Nonetheless, all that happens to us is not by chance, if something will not befall you, it will never befall you not even one day.

Here’s our teaching of today dear ones, when we are building our lives in light, those of you who are growing on the platform of Zola Bantu, know that it is not easy.  Light is not easy and it comes against the interest of the animal man, the animal man will place ego first, and he will see as if he has really lowered himself, the path of healing in movement towards light is like that.

We just had the international women’s day, and many black mothers in the west have destroyed their families. Many parents today are modern slave masters, destroying the lives of the children leading them to being alienated. But we keep saying no! no! we are not blame, this and that, that is a luciferian mind-set, it is time to be responsible. That is why to build a house on/in a rock, it is to take resolutions, it is not easy. To build a family like our mothers built a family and are living today is an ocean to drink, it is not easy. We are not able to build a family because we do not have strong hearts, we instead are reinforcing the animal man.  But for a spirit to build a family and for people to become a blessing of God the father to the society without a solid place, it would be a disaster.

Today many of you have the responsibility of your children, to build a house on the rock is to sacrifice for your children. We ask for children from God the father, Mother says, “I will give them love, so that they can be responsible adults,” Father says, “I will help them so that they can become responsible adults”. If in the middle of the journey you give up, and those kids get to 25 years and lose their way,

It means you have failed your life, and failed them, when they get lost, you need to know whether it is the animal man that is lost or the spirit man.

Here we are teaching you, let us build on top of a rock and the passage continues to say, “rain came, wind came”, wind has consequences, it does not mean because a house is built on the rock it will not face the roar of the wind, maybe even one part of the roof might fall. It will never leave you with no consequences/difficulties, wind will come, and wind will come in the nature of the state of life that you are leading.

So mothers and fathers of Afrika, where we have arrived, it means for us to build Afrika, we need to have a strong will and when we will build it we will face a whole lot of problems. When the brothers of light will be in our nations, it does not mean the overthrow of the government will not happen, maybe many among us will die, maybe the evil people of the world, will try to harm us. But all this can be prevented if we build our houses with a strong foundation and avoid giving the animal man so much of importance or materialism.

We are really trying to do our mission well, to do a mission well, is to have humility. You will see some mothers/fathers in their marriage, asked their husband or wife for an apology just so that he/she can conserve his/her marriage. But today you see in the civilization of the west, “ehhh it is too much!”, that is the animal man speaking. But see them at the end of their life, it is painful.

Fathers don’t follow the life of the whites, I know it is painful, you can face some difficulty with mother for a time, you are a man and you need some fresh air. I understand, but there is a need for a lot of wisdom, because to build a house, on top of a rock that is your salvation, it is the salvation of your family.

To build a house on the rock, you have to carry that rock, in your life, you need to absorb it, and you have to remove all the grains of soil that were at that place, re-foundation requires hard work, so inside with this platform of Zola Bantu, we are enforcing a re-foundation.

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Mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers welcome to Zola Bantu,

Lately we are all talking and we are also listening to our brothers and sisters from other platforms.

Let us all place wisdom and knowledge on the table,

The children of Afrika and especially those in the diaspora are waking up, just a bit.

We are fighting but let’s fight towards a common goal,

And we want to place this debate on the surface, so that we can all participate in this debate,

To know where we are and what we will do so that we can move ahead.

Nonetheless the way of saying, “fight in your corner, and me on my corner” while we are a community that will be led by the same instances, it is not really wise, so let us know how to position ourselves where exactly we need to go, to move forward.

To share our thoughts, we are going to give a parable.

There was a man who had a beautiful car, this car was so amazing and could help him in all his displacements so that he could achieve his objectives of life in the world. He was not alone, there was another man also who had his own car, an amazing car that could also help him in his objectives in his life.

When the first man drove his car, he arrived by the roundabout and he began to drive and circle the roundabout, he kept encircling the roundabout and admiring his car. He kept going round and round this roundabout with his car, enjoying the ride. And when the fuel of his car began to get low he left the roundabout and went to the petrol pump or filling station to re-fuel his car. And after re-fuelling his car, he went back to the roundabout and began to encircle it again, up to when all the fuel that he put in his car finished.  And he goes back to the fuel station, and does the same routine over again.

People saw what was happening and observed him in his car, and what he is doing.

He noticed people’s faces and he says, “this is my car and I will do what I want with MY car

The people said, true it is your car, but this fuel many people are in need of it,

we cannot continue to re-fuel your car with petrol just for you to rotate and circle it round the roundabout and we are not seeing anything of value you are doing. The goal and purpose of this car is not to enter in the rounder bout and begin to encircle it.

Ladies and gentlemen follow us careful,

The second man enters into his car, and his objective was to go and meet one director of a certain company, so they can work on a few things and discuss a few things regarding his life. Both men had the objective to drive, but the 1st man is a fool, all he did was encircle his car by the roundabout. The second man drove and drove, and was really going towards his objectives. And when he arrived at a certain place, his fuel finished, he passed by the petrol pump they re-fuelled his car and he continued and continued on his journey. But when was about to arrive at the house of the director his fuel finished and he stopped by the petrol pump for a refuel. But there was less fuel, and the petrol people refused to re-fuel his car. Men of the law came and said “no! you have to give the second man fuel because he is moving forward to the objective of his life, but this fool, the first man, don’t even think of re-fuelling his car, as a matter of fact take away his car, and give it to someone else so they can use it and make it of good use”.

Mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers we all are looking for change in afrika,

But before we explain further on change in Afrika let us decode the parable.

Take a few minutes and see if you can decode the parable,

Decoding the parable: The car is the body that we have worn, those two men are the spirits that have worn the body, people are actually spirits and we wear a body, so that we can carry our spirits towards their objectives. So in order to enter into that objective, the body has needs, it is needs to eat, to dress, to sleep well, to live in a good place, so that the spirit can carry this car to its objectives.

See the pain, we Afrikans have become like the 1st man, a fool, we are busy encircling the roundabout, we do not know what we want, using up the fuel, but no progress, zero progress and no objectives.

Master Yeshua said something interesting, “man shall not live by bread alone (fuel), but will live by the wisdom of God the father, so that it can take him towards his/her spiritual objective of why he came into the world”, see how we are seeing things at Zola Bantu.

Today we are saying children of Afrika should rise up and fight for bread (fuel), it is good, but our goal at Zola Bantu is, we will get the bread (fuel) for sure if we become a Muntu, if we give a sense to the direction of our lives. Let us not fall into the trap of white people, who have built their society of eating fast foods and consumption, but no existential goal is there. Inflation everywhere, spiritual corruption, all these are just time passers around roundabouts.

The civilization that we want to build in the heart of Afrika it is not for bread and butter (fuel) surely bread and butter are necessary, but there is a need for an Afrikan to return to being a wise person that will show the way in the world. And then when we fix our thoughts in that area, we will now know to see, if the propositions/proposals of solutions that we are giving to solve the black crisis are aligned to the path that we are going, or not.

We at Zola Bantu refuse and cannot give fuel to someone who will just go and rotate by the roundabout,

using a car and losing the direction of life that God the father sent us into the world to follow, a person who has no idea of the 5 questions of life.

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Mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers,

Welcome to Zola Bantu.

Please listen to us very carefully because what we are about to tell you is very important, there is a lot of confusion in the notions. Person to person we are in the same place-the earth, we are in this world for sure, but our conception of life differs from person to person, country to country, nation to nation, continent to continent. What we are about to say is very important because, that confusion has gone up to the political arena, on the level of religion, even on the level of science.

First case:

You can be a person, and you grew up in a family where you were told that the value/measure of a person is the wealth/riches that he/she has. When one visits your house and finds out that you have acquired a number of wealth/riches then you are a person of value. If you do not have wealth/riches then you are not a person of value, other people grew up with this conception of life. So, what then will happen? You will see a person who has grown up/or was brought up with that kind of mind-set/that paradigm of life, that kind of behaviour, the day he/she lacks wealth he will feel as if her life has no sense. And he will look up to people who have great wealth with great respect. He will think that if these people are in his proximity, he/she is blessed, or he/she is at the verge of emerging and other people who do not have material riches/wealth she will not consider them or see them as valuable, why? Because these are the notions of life that she has.

If he will pray to God the father, even if it is on the path of spirituality, as matter of fact to him to be elevated before God or to be in ‘heaven on earth’ as they say is to have material wealth. And therefore to him, anyone who lacks material wealth does not have God, or know God, he is cursed. He will construct his world based on these ideas.

Second Case:

If another person is brought up in a family where he is told to be a successful person you have to dominate others, if he grows up in that paradigm of dominating others, you will see that this person’s notion of living with people is comparisons, he has to be the first no matter what. Even if he gains, but if he does not dominate others, he is unsatisfied, you will see that even if he builds a house, he will look to build a house better or greater than other houses. You will see him building a house of even 5,000 stories, so that people of his level and who are like him can say,” ah this person has succeeded in life”. He has succeeded to build that skyscraper, he has succeeded to have great luxurious cars, why? He has the need to dominate other people. Even in the construction of his religion, he will feel the need to dominate other people.

So, from person to person, family to family, each has their own way of seeing the world.

At Zola Bantu our conception, our life has a sense only if we are a blessing to others, we basically thrive to obtain values, and experiment them in our lives. It will not be easy, there are things that we shall fail, other things we might succeed, but at the end of the account we need to distribute that love to others. For us, a society is a place where we can grow by being a blessing to others, see therefore our fundamental way of life at Zola Bantu. That is why you are seeing that we have created this platform, we always speak of the word of God with people. Day and night, we speak the word of God to people. We are in the paradigm that was first in the civilization of the construction of humanity. We came into the world to show ourselves and bless our brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers. See the sense of the ancient paradigm that we call the Afrikan ancestrality, the paradigm of Ubuntu, becoming the image and resemblance of our creator.

But unfortunately the world evolved and people changed their mind-set, nations changed their mind-set, the world is no longer a place where people can live to be a blessing to other people. The world has become a place of competition, now that you have gained, you want to affirm your personality, because you have gained material wealth. Values like respect, honesty, trust, integrity, harmony, love, peace, solidarity do not exist anymore.

Here we are speaking to you about the ‘paradigm’. If you live with a person and you do not know his thoughts you will be surprised one day, if you have relationships with other nations and you enter into their paradigm, but they have dwelled a long time in that paradigm of domination for centuries, they have built their nation in dominion, and you are in a paradigm of ‘life has a sense if you are a blessing to others’, but when they see you, they want to dominate you, you will be surprised.

What kind of politics will you do then in your nation? You will call them deciding nations! You will admire the fruits of domination that they have manifested in the construction of their nation? Will you change your behaviour, and your conception of life when dealing with them? what will you do?

See therefore at Zola Bantu we bring you solutions of our own, so that we can remain in our humanity. But these solutions will send us to revisit our way of being, reassess our ways of thinking about God. Reconstruct our way of living among each other, and how to live with these foreigners. So there is a need of intelligence-Nzinga, that is the God-ship on the level of politics. The intelligence of living in truth, but at the same time taking account of the circumstances of the moment. But to place the children of Afrika in submission to other paradigms, paradigms that have destroyed our families, just to be wealthy is not our way of life. You will see that if a man gains wealth he becomes admired by everyone. A woman when she gains wealth she sees her husband to be of no use, insulting him, she forgets that her husband is her privileged partner, why is this happening? Because, we have entered into paradigms that lacks wisdom, we need to conserve the world in a different way.

This paradigm is what we are calling our ancestrality, why are we calling it our ancestrality? It means in the origins, this is what existed, like master Yeshua used to say, “in the beginning it was not like this”. In the beginning of the world, when people were not yet scattered like it is mentioned and symbolised in the metaphor of “the tower of babel”, everyone was black, they led the world in love, in peace, in knowledge, and wisdom, that is our ancestrality.

We are here to return people to the ancestral ways of humanity. But when the ice age came, people’s skin changed, and so new languages emerged, others suffered in pain and the heart became evil, paradigms changed, see where the word fell. So when we are saying let us return to the paradigm of our ancestors, it is not racial hate, we have many friends of different races, we don’t hate them, we love everyone. But it is time to set our people free, and it is time to spread knowledge to bless our people. We will not continue to place our wisdom to be a periphery of the paradigm of foreigners, no!

We have come to understand that this paradigm has given birth to their universities, and their science. It is not using the good way of justice, neither the good way of the world. That is why we need at the centre & heart of Afrika, to build the 3rd civilization of light, we will do it through the institutions that we shall build, we will build them in the languages that we ourselves will use. We will observe the good that they have done, we will adopt, learn and develop, and merge it with our roots.  But will shall not be a slave of anyone in this trade of giving and receiving (international relations).

We need to re-define what a family is, you will see when a black person comes to Europe or America he becomes a fool. He thinks a job is more valuable than his wife or her husband, you will see that when a black person has money, travels by metro and uses the elevator, escalators, he thinks he has arrived in heaven. See the behaviours of black people, we will fix all this rubbish.

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Mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers of Afrika receive our patriotic salutations.  This is a special article

Because you are going to re-discover the History of the Evolution of Humanity. It is important that you all that have been called for the restoration of our land of Afrika in this age to know the structure of creation, what is creation and what happens in the above kingdoms or intermediary kingdoms to finally guide the entire humanity especially the children of God to an appropriate process that will drive us in the coming centuries to the peak of the reign of peace on earth (The Millennium). That is why it is important that servants of light at this end of time need bring light on the structure of creation to enable servants of good will to join their hands together,

Today in this in this article we have come again to briefly brush you on the evolution of humanity, because you need to place Afrika and the true children Israel (Bantu’s) in their true history to have a right comprehension of the events as it unfolded. This will permit you to recapitulate on certain things which are norms today, but in reality it is wrong interpretation of history. The illuminati took total charge and control of this information to distract the entire humanity about the true identity of the true Israelites.

Ladies and Gentlemen we will see in 5 stages how did humanity evolve.

Stage 1

So, creation is there and God by the intervention of primordial spirits that surround his house,

they sent brains of energy so they can form the universe. The plan was received by the essentials, and it means the beings of nature who then placed the foundation bricks to construct the entire universe. It is these essential beings (genius creators) of nature that are constructed the all the tissues in chosen spaces. They created everything as small as atoms, oxygen and all the elements that Sir Dmitri Mendeleev placed on his periodic table.

Note: Dimitri Ivanovich Mendeleev was a Russian chemist and inventor. He is best remembered for formulating the Periodic Law and creating a farsighted version of the periodic table of elements. (Born 8 February 1834, Died 2 February 1907) source: Wikipedia

And from this tissues they are other essentials beings who are working to elaborate the minerals of the earth such as the wind, air, fire, and water, etc. And for the combination of these elements, they are also other genius creators that the Kongo ancestors call the simbi’s that create trees; they enter a trees or stay on the outside of the trees to push the trees up in a chosen space, in the cosmos and later they formed nature. It not a lesson of science that we are teaching you here, but to be brief the visible nature and the invisible nature as we will explain better later of the 7 cosmic communities found in revelation chapter 2-3 coded in an initiation symbolic language were constructed by the simbi’s. They were constructed by the genius creators of the universe that are known as the army of the lord in ancient texts confused by religious people to mean angels. These genius creators of the universe encapsulated all the brains of energy and they created a lot of things in the universe. Today in science many scientists are beginning to discover atomic quantum physics and brains of energies, but back in days’ humanity had only stopped by protons and electrons if you remember in chemistry class, but today as we have advanced in science we have found out that there are Quantum energies that constitutes and atom and so on and so forth.

So, this means that spirituality is not in contradiction with good science. Good science built on truth, built on good comprehension of energy has to normally be aligned with spirituality, because spirituality is in advance as compared to science and science moves steps by steps to catch up with spirituality. Now, in the 7th level of this post creation all the elements created unite to form the ecosystem or nature so that humanity can finally carry out their experience.

Finally, the gems of spirits descended into the post creation coded in scriptures to say, “And God breathed into their nostrils the breath of life, and men became living beings”. The innovation here is that the gems of spirits arrived from the subtle planet of the spiritual creation and they passed by 6 others planets/kingdoms of light that are subtler than here where they were enveloped by a shell/envelope/house of that universe. They wore the clothes that is making our morphology best known in the east as the 7 chakras or 7 centres of energies found in our human anatomy that serves as a door or location of where each universes are. For anyone today, a human has a spiritual nucleus, a fire/energy will of the Holy Spirit (God the creator), and in this spiritual nucleus is found a human’s spiritual potential also known as fruits of the spirit mentioned in gelation 5:22. We arrived on earth y passing through different universes, various universes, 6 in total, up to when he arrived here on the earth.

Stage 2

Now the question is how did we arrive here? Our first ancestors that the bible calls in a coded language Adam and Eve (the adamic and eve civilization). How were they made? They came from heaven and came out as people on earth? who made them wear this animal skin? Bible says there were in the garden and after the sinned they discovered they were guilty and God killed an animal to dress them up, but chased them out of the garden, Genesis 3:21. Was the garden of Eden here on earth? Or was it a spiritual place? If it was spiritual place and not on earth, how can they sin in the spiritual kingdom? Or did they themselves felt the need to leave the spiritual kingdom to experience life physically on earth? Does this contradict the text that says, “God chased them out?”, these existential questions we need to ask ourselves. This is your assignment to solve. Let’s move on.

How were they made? How did the human appear? Quote, “and man became a living being”. All this happened in the heart of the equator in Ntimasi in afrika. There came a time, a chosen time in the animal reign a special primate that has disappeared. It disappeared because it was prepared for this project. When these primates arrived at maturity (of age) at their last act of procreation (sex) instead of making a call (having sex), to a soul of the specie of the family of those apes in the higher kingdoms there was instead a cosmic turn (“And God breathed into their nostrils the breath of life, and men became living beings”.). When we say a cosmic turn, it means something new has entered into the universe. When these primates arrived at maturation, instead of the soul groups of animals that constitute the characteristics of primate to come encapsulate in the female flesh (womb) of these animals, God allowed (God breathed into their nostrils) his highest allowed through a mathematical and high guidance that the gems of spirits should enter in to the animal flesh.

When we say a human is an animal, we do not mean animals in the sense that we have the spirit/soul of an animal inside of us, no! It means that when two primates mate through sexual intercourse, habitually they were calling the soul of the animal that correspondence to that race to continue the procreation, but this time around there was a cosmic turn, when two chosen primate mate and formed the envelope (infant in the womb of the female) instead of the soul of the animal to come and incarnate that pregnancy it is a gem of spirit that incarnated.

Bible says God breathed in the breathed of life, into man and man became a living being, Genesis 2:7. This happened so that the gem of spirit, the human be introduced for the first time in creation. A human came from the spiritual world in the garden of Eden and they made him wear the skin of an animal so that he can live well on earth. And all this happen for the first time at the centre and basket of Afrika.

Where do we get this information? What are our sources? Well, 1. From the “archives of the Mwela Kongo” found in the 4th kingdom of the Spiritual world, 2. The revelation of the Lord our creator thorough our Afrikan ancestors, and 3. From the lecture/study and decoding of the word of God in the sacred texts such as Quaran, Bible, Surat, Egyptian book of the Dead, Ethiopian Bible, Buddhist and Hindu texts, etc.

Man came out of afrika for the first time. The first humans when they arrived for the first time on earth, it was due to the primate, thousands of primates, that God prepared. God prepared this evolution of the animal reign, up to when among the animals there where specific primates who were chosen.  Our ancestors called them children of then soil, Bana Ba Ntonto. The children of the soil, got married with the children of the zulu’s (stars). The children of the soil are the animal primates evolved from the soil, the plants, the mineral reign, that the essentials beings of nature elaborated. Genesis 1:24, “And God said, “Let the land produce living creatures according to their kinds””. Proof and evidence right there in the scriptures that animals came from the soil. So when the scripture says, “And God formed man from the dust of the ground,” it does not mean that he formed man using the soil like sculpture artist, no. It simply means these essential creators of the universe with the guidance of God, guided this incarnation of the children of God into the body of the chosen primates.

Among the children of the soil, Bana ba Ntonto, and Bana ba Zulu (gems of spirits), a marriage happened. This does not mean that the humans came to have sexual intercourse with the daughters of men, like it mentioned in the old testament in Genesis 6 quote, “oh the sons saw the daughters of men and took them as wives”, that text we will explain later, it is coded, we will decode it at later time for better understanding. But here we are at the beginning of creation, but that text is an early text of around 15,000 B.C.

It means instead at the peak of the evolution of the children of the soil the gems of spirits incarnated. It is like Master Yeshua, when Mary was pregnant a divine nucleus came and entered into the envelope that Mary was carrying, and had prepared during her pregnancy. It is also a cosmic turn, because a divine being entered into the skin of a human. And well before this cosmic turn there was the first cosmic turn where the spirit entered in the flesh of the animal. It was then at the base and basket of central Afrika that the first humans needed to master first the envelope that they wore. To do an evolution of their envelope.

Science speaks of Australophitcus Afarensis to Homo Habilis, to Homo Erectus, and to Homo Sapien the modern man we have today. So in the first time of the dispensation/dimension of unconsciousness there was a need for man to first develop the aptitude of better master of his body, and this took millions of years. Many came it was not easy some died immediately, because they had to master nature. The animals of the time were furious dangerous animals that brought them misery, nonetheless there is a combat/fight in nature up to when man became a Homo Sapien and knew who he was and that he came from a different place, 150,000 years ago.

Stage 3

Dear servants of God ignoring this is having potholes in your theology. Creation does not exclude evolution. When you have a child, the child is not born automatically auto-conscient and becomes a man, there is a need of a procedure of evolution from his young age up to when he comes to an age of adulthood. Thus it is the same thing, but in greater ladders in the level of the evolution of the human. All this happened in central Afrika. Central Afrika was not solely the theatre of evolution up to the evolution of Homo Sapien, and then he went to Europe no. We built the first civilization in centre of Afrika, in the centre of Katiopa now called Ethiopia. This civilization arrived at a great peak and history confirms it. When you study Ishango Bone 20-22,000 years before Master Yeshua check where we see great sources of mathematics. It means that we the true Israelites the Bantu people knew mathematics in the first civilization. It was a civilization that evolved massively.

It is a civilization that was guided in the first time, God sent a great archangel with other many beings of light and angels to help humanity specifically to master nature. To master the evolution of the human body. This great archangel his name was Lucifer, Lucifer was the carrier of light of the time, he was charged by the highest to help humanity so that this humanity can build a society of light (Society that lives in Love, Purity & Justice). A society to the glory of God and we did it for the first time. For the first time my dear one’s dear servants of the God there was a great civilization at the heart of central Afrika. The humans lived in harmonic relationship with God, stop being a child by thinking that right from the beginning the first man fell, those are typologies the first civilization was well lightened. The first civilization produced sophisticated technologies, how come we the Bena-Kongo-Israelites call a car Mutuka if we never made it? How come we call a train Egunduka where did we get that name? How come we call a plane Pepo if we did not know it?

So in the first civilization that was destroyed it arrived a peak more than what you see today, you are impressed because of what is happening in the west nonetheless you don’t know your history. But for more than 50,0000 years we made it and we made more. It was a civilization that had the master of nuclear technologies. It was a civilization that reached the peak. But sadly men moved away from the voice of God,

and through the coded story of the fall of the first civilization where the woman (feminine activity of helper), the serpent (Lucifer), the fruit (egocentrism) by the use of symbolic language, Genesis 2:19. It is said she was seduced, her who was called to be the guardian of the sacred flame and helper of humanity she became egocentric and she wanted everything to be consecrated to her that led to a lot catastrophies that we will not speak of in here. The responsibility is shared, she gave to her man (the masculine activity) and he ate also. And from this responsibility thermos nuclear wars took place in the civilization of the time. It was a thermos nuclear destruction where the tectonic plates where cut, do you know these things? South America was attached to Afrika. There were no continents we were all in one place. All got separated due to this thermos nuclear war. Do you know that this earth had two moons, another moon was fell and it made the land mass that we know today as Australia? You will know the truth and truth shall set you free,

When will tell you this, you are light, eish this person is he part of some mystical science, no we are the servants of God, light is an initiation language to mean love, purity and justice, john 1:4, ‘in him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind, the light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome

it’ A person who serves God is above science, he is in advance as compared to science, First Civilization came to an end around 22-20,000 years before master Yeshua, before the time of the Pisces, time of the fish, the world divided, the land separated, The consequences of thermos nuclear affected people,

And many of our brothers who were left in central began to give birth to short people that you call pygmies, a person was a giant, big in form, let’s say in the language of Christians adam and eve, the adamic generation, Tall before, well built, they were living long up to 800 years, strong bones,

But because of the manipulation of the laws of creation, and egocentrism, make note of this term,

A servant/child of God if you are always me, me, me, it is the beginning of your fall, God the father came to speak to our ancestor nimi kongo-noah, go down there to Egypt because the north was towards south africa, south afrika is North Africa, the white has lied to you in despicable level, the north is there,

It is them, in Europe who are in the south, but we will not teach on that today.

He said go down to a country called Egypt, your brothers have gone everywhere due to the destruction of tectonic plates, Others have found themselves in what we call Europe today, others in asia, genetic mutation happened, the earth turned, glaciation, life became difficult people died, People died, You think oh God is a God is merciful God, if you do not respect the laws of creation you will not be spared you will be punished,See where our fathers left kasai, katiopa, kenya, base of Kisangani, they came to kingipit-egypt so they can try again a 2nd major civilization.

We always Egypt is the cradle of mathematics because it has been seen in the writings,

but the cradle of medicine and that mathematics it was from us on katipa-ethiopia in centre of afrika, right there in kongo, beautiful civilization reigned there. And so people went down to Egypt and built the nation according to heart of God, Because when God blesses a nation he gives them riches, he gives them science, he gives them all so that people can progress well, People came from everywhere, where their skin pigmentation changed, Others became albinos, others became whites, others red like Indians, others yellow like Asian, they came there in Egypt, the Sumerians, Phoenicians, back in the days they were black people,they took knowledge, of how to lead the world, of how to lead the world in purity.

The episode of Egypt that is mentioned in the bible, it is sad/trafficked episode, but Egypt was not like that, Egypt spent 15,000 years of civilization, up to when they came to colonize their own brothers and sisters, it was not people who came from afar. Abraham never left Mesopotamia to go towards Egypt, Abraham was in the north, this side on our side, by Cameroon then he came to Egypt.

The true Israelites did not cross over the red sea, as a matter of fact, this thing that napoleon made the Suez Canal it did not exist at that time, afrika was attached to the middle east, this canal was made recently, in the 18th century. Moses was not a fool to know that there was land over there

and he instead goes towards the red sea, it is because you do not understand history.

Egypt uplifted the world, and conflicts came, starting with those brothers and sisters who came from kongo, cameroon in the heart of afrika, our ancestors they heard that Egypt was now a powerful and rich nation, the God that had sent them to Egypt through the leadership of nimi kongo-noah had blessed Egypt so they came to look for food, genesis 41:55. See where they lived there in and conflicts came about,

this nation of bena-kongo-true-israelites they left Egypt, and when they left Egypt they did not cross over the red sea, because at that time the Suez Canal where they divided water so that ships cannot waste resources by rotating all around afrika to arrive towards the indian ocean, so they divided water by Mediterranean, it was right here by the 18th century during the time of napoleon, when that project took place, there was no water there, it was dry ground with drought,

So they crossed over that dry ground and went to the other side and it was a colony (Goshen) protectorate of Egypt, genesis 47, It was their own brothers, in terms of the flesh-black, or thoughts and acts,

there where the same people, the same culture, but different families. Nimi kongo when he came to Egypt, our ancestor he gave birth to 12 sons, and together with the bena-kongo-true-israelites-bantu who are the children of nelu kongo (Jacob), it is them, they went to the middle east (Goshen), they gave them a space by their brothers in Egypt in the love of God the father, so they can build a new way of living, it did not even last.

The first king Saul, let use the language of foreigners, then king david, then Solomon and it ends there from rehoboam, he did not follow the ways of God, and jeroboam took over the nation divided, up to when we arrived to king jehoakim and played with them, all these people black people, now read the bible with joy it is your story black people wake up! And then they returned to central afrika, others remained, tribe of Benjamin and Judah, in the days of Macbeth, they fought with the whites who came from Greece, Ptolemy Dynasty 2, here we are at 330 during the time of the Pisces, up to when messiah came to meet them there for the lost tribe of Israel black people, the bena-kongo-true-israelites-the-bantus’s, they killed their own brother. See where our pain began,

God said let is return to central afrika, he will build a new civilization there but at the meantime, he punished us, it means, to punish does not mean he began to make us suffer, our own evil and karmas came on us, we move a long in exile and became fools in the world, they sold us, they raped women, they did all that they wanted, my brothers and sisters it was painful, so painful, it was difficult, and God said, ‘salvation” it means to looking for spiritual healing, it became an individual matter at that time. It became that you yourself should protect your womanhood or your manhood because there was no nation that had the light of God the father, after the death master Yeshua there was darkness on the earth, and if you read the parable of the ten virgins, each virgin has to carry their own lamp, and wait for the groom,

This meant people gathered themselves in groups so called churches to maintain their relationship with God, but the groom came, the friend of the groom is here already calling on the virgins to come to the large banquet.

The good things that the nations, the gentiles took in Egypt they have misused it, they have a made a civilization based on to have, accounts in the bank, is what measures the wealth and value of a person,

We started to make atomic bombs, and many other things. The race of our little brothers and sisters which lost the melanin evil spirits entered in them, they have done and trafficked the army, they came and gave us food, and made us feel dominated, and we felt like they came to afrika our wealth,

but their primary goal is to destroy the bena-kongo-true-Israelites-the-bantu-people. We dispersed, we came to Europe and America, so painful, so sad.We started praying to mfumu yeshu-jesus we now consider him as a white man, but he was a brother we no longer know our history, we completely destroyed,

People have entered in theology, the study of God, they have taught them foolish things,

Busy discussing things they do not know. See my mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters,

Others have emerged as prophets on such things, lies, they do not know history, they do not know anything at all, and darkness was all over the world, darkness entered the world, nonetheless you rejected the helper of God the father, the world entered into darkness.

The religious leaders so called elders of zion took upon this information coded it in texts entitled, “the protocols of the elders of Zion”. They cooked this information with what they learnt in Egypt and they created their church/religion and there are doing crazy adventures in there, locked people in mental prisons and they have dominated the world.

They created democracies, they have liberalized a woman, she dresses this way and dresses that way,

A woman has become a sexual object they call it modernity even the bena-kongo-the bantu have entered into this foolishness hashtag twerking, feminism, it is my body, my life, you will see a bantu woman all her thighs outside, she says “it is my liberty, my life”.See the pain of the children of afrika,

The children of afrika are suffering, in pain, completely destroyed, see therefore my mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers. I am exalting the historiography line of human history. A people that ignores its history is a useless thing that will always be at the mercy of domination of other people,

It is you at the beginning you were at the peak of humanity, see today where you arrived! If you win the lottery of US here you are dancing in happiness. You get a nationality of Europe; you say “oh father God has blessed me” you hold a party at your house! What about a bantu myelinated gold nationality?

the most noble and best nationality in the history of the world, people who built the world and showed their behaviours and perfect lifestyle in the entire world,

We have started to hate ourselves, hate each other, we no longer love one another, Bena-komgo-the bantu people of shame,

We end here because we want to be short, God the father in this reign he is putting an end to the barbaric and savage reign of the nations, He wants to raise you again for the 3rd time, the rise of afrika that will lead you to the reign of peace on earth, reign of a thousand years, so, that you can be an exemplary for the nations,so that you can save the world from the foolishness that is happening now. Please think.

Stop this gospel you are teaching, go to the world and tell everyone and make them my disciples, it is over that gospel, all these churches today, the time of the church is over. We passing a period of transition of civilization, where the sons and daughters of God will be the ones that will take control kongo and afrika,

They will take control of the science of kongo and afrikca, they will take control of the spirituality of kongo and afrika, we will reform all, all that the father did not plant, will be uprooted.

Let me announce to you the good news, you are the people of God, everyone is a people of God, but God will construct somewhere and from there good people will be born, those that built and uplifted the world will again return.

Zola bantu is here today to prepare the land, it is mission that is very difficult, there my mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers is the line of history, a great line because I have spoken to wise people, our ancestors say to be given knowledge they need to find knowledge in you, he who has will be given more, if wisdom is inside you, you will understand these things.

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My mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers we send you our profound greetings wherever you maybe,

The purpose of this message is to awaken our conscience on how the world is evolving as we plan to develop Afrika. We are sensitizing you all to make you aware of what is happening so that we can all come together as one man, in one spirit and mind, to face our enemy with a great resistance.

Today it will be a subject that is of an interest to all of us, we know you are hearing debates from all governments, they have come to a conscience realization that the world is not being run in the right way. The world or Mama Ntonto, our mother earth she is suffering, the temperatures keeps increasing, you all heard about the heat wave that recently occurred in Canada, Russia that led to the death of dozens of people and as the temperature of the earth keeps increasing it will create a lot of problems. Nonetheless if the temperature continues to rise the oceans will heat up, and the ocean water levels will rise up, due to the melting of the glaciers/ice caps, and this will lead to flooding in many areas across the earth. Other places/countries will disappear and seize to exist, especially areas like India, Bangladesh, China, Vietnam, Pakistan, Indonesia, Egypt, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Brazil, Thailand, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, and Cambodia. Other places will become deserts nonetheless there is so much global warming and rain is no longer falling in these areas, namely: north-eastern Brazil, south-western Argentina, the southern Sahel, Zambia and Zimbabwe, Sub-Himalayan India, and north-eastern China. It will be a total disaster.

So people (leaders) in the world have come to a conscience realization, many Governments across the globe are discussing on this issue of global warming. But sadly we are seeing that the leaders of Afrika, those that representing us in the level of politics or in the level of science, they are not really interested in the issue of global warming, because they do not understand its functioning, they busy enjoying their various puppetic roles.

So in this cadre of awakening of the conscience, in your platform of Zola Bantu, through the guidance and mentorship of Papa Ekumani we will explain a bit in simple terms this issue of global warming. I believe you are hearing all the time on this issue of global warming, that the temperature of the world is increasing, they have begun to see that some gases that we are producing in the world, it is increasing the temperature of the world called them greenhouse gases.

So we want to help and explain what greenhouse effect is. The gases that are increasing the greenhouse effect what are those gases, and how are those gases increasing the greenhouse effect which is leading to the earth warming up. Our mother earth Mama Nonto she is in pain, and in trouble, so in this episode we are going to give a support to you all ambassadors of our platform on this issue, so you can gain conscience that it is not only in the path of prayers, and shouting shangalalala! that you can solve problems, but also in the path of knowledge of understanding the world that we can bring about solutions.

We speak to people in all domains and fields of endeavor whether in the side of politics, in the side of science to bring a comprehension of this natural phenomenon, and also in the side of ethics, so that we can have good behaviors in our families to be able to save our planet, Mama Ntonto, mother earth. It is one of the major preoccupations of the 3RD millennium civilization; nonetheless we are in demand of this earth so that we can do our experience especially in the reign of 1,000 years, there is a need of a good climate for us to do our experience.

Mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, greenhouse effect, most of you learned about this in geography, so this will be a revision for you, and we will add more to your knowledge my kings and queens of Zola Bantu.

What is greenhouse effect? You see the sun is shining on the earth, we will explain in all simplicity, when the sun shines on the earth, it sends all sorts of rays, there where the sun is, it sends ultra-violet rays, these rays on its ways to the earth it transforms into photos of light and hits the surface of our earth, mother earth. Our mother earth receives these photos of light that came from the rays of the sun, when she receives it, she feels good, she heats up, and then she also take out rays of light that are a little softer than ultraviolet rays, that we call infra-red rays. These infra-red rays rise up in the world, when it rises up in the world, it will not return to the space where the sun is, nonetheless our world, mother earth, she is encapsulated in an atmosphere, there is a layer that encapsulates her or surrounds her, scientist call it ozone layer. It will prevent the rays that mother earth is sending back to her husband the sun from all returning to him, some can go back to him, but some should remain in the world and naturally warm up the atmosphere, that we all say “oh today the temperature is 37 degrees, oh over here it is 27 degrees, there in our nation you see maybe 34 degrees, this is beautiful we are living well

So the sun sends his light, his light touches mother earth and mother earth distributes it to the world. And when she will distributes it to the world, not all of it will return to the sun, some of it will remain on the earth; nonetheless there is a layer that is holding back that warmth/heat that is coming from mother earth. And that layer they are calling it greenhouse effect, or ozone layer. It means it has enveloped the world-the earth, so that all that the sun is sending to us it should not all return to him, it should remain with mother earth to permit us to have a good temperature, so greenhouse effect/ozone layer is amazing. It is a good phenomenon, because when we are receiving things from the sun, if mother earth returns everything that she is gaining, sunlight will not be with us, temperatures will be below zero degree Celsius, nonetheless she will send back all that wind of heat, that will not be good for us. That is why God the father created around mother earth, a shield/envelope that is blocking/closing the temperature that is coming from the sun to allow us to live, known as the greenhouse effect and ozone layer.

You will see it even in the circle of water, water will evaporate, but it will arrive at a certain altitude, and then it will become clouds and then it condenses, and become clouds. It will travel there above, and by humidity it will return to us in the form of rain. So we also have a natural greenhouse effect of the evaporation of water of how it is rising and falling.

But my mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, the gases of greenhouse effect it is not only water, the largest gas of greenhouse effect is that which is coming from carbon. For example, for those of you who studied chemistry you are very much aware of what they call carbon dioxide, carbonic gas. This carbonic gas partly comes from human respiration, when a person is respiring/breathing in a natural manner, we are taking oxygen from the air, and we use it inside his body, it enters the body through the nose and joins the blood through the help of Hemoglobin, a protein that carries oxygen to the cells, many of you know how this works as explained in biology. And later we exhales a little of carbon out of our body, it goes out to the world.

Industries also use oxygen and energies of the universe to produce various their products, to provide for us food for consumption, and all sorts of products and services. Those works in the industries requires them to take energy from the universe, they use it and you will see they will take out fumes in the form of carbon dioxide unto the world.

The heating of our houses, especially in western and eastern nations, in their houses, they have the need to heat it up or cool it down, due to high or low temperatures. They will take the energy of the world and use it in Air conditioning and heaters, and later these instruments take out carbon unto the world,

To move in the world, we require cars, airplanes, boats, and many other modes of transport. All these things take the energy of the universe, use it and send back to the universe carbon gas.

And this carbon, even when we are planting food, suppose we are planting maize or millet or wheat, especially if we are planting them in an intensive manner, we are using methane gases, this methane gas that they call in chemistry ch4, this gas also has carbon that it sends out to the world.

But God the creator he made his world perfectly and he knew that people will create work, people will be in need of respiration, people will use heaters, people will travel and all these activities will take out pollutants unto the world. That is why he created trees, so that it can take those carbons and make organic matter and then it return to us oxygen so that they can be equilibrium in the world. He made oceans so that it can take those carbons, and it feeds the fish in the water, and then it take out for us oxygen to breath so that there can be equilibrium in the world.

In the past centuries and thousands of years back, that equilibrium was perfect and beautiful. We were releasing the gases of greenhouse effect in good proportions. In respirations, people were walking with horses, there were no cars, many people were in Katiopa-Ethiopia there was no heating of houses. See where the carbon that we were emitting unto the world it was around about 600 Giga torn of carbon per year, forgive us here we cannot simplify. And world too was returning to us oxygen in the same proportion, so the nature had the capacity to absorb 600 Giga torn carbonic gases that we produced and used it in the level of the plants, in the level of oceans and returned the same proportion of oxygen to the world and equilibrium is maintained in the world.

But now we have arrived at a moment where the west/white people brought in their development of the society of consumption, they have begun to produce carbon in an exaggeration manner in the world. In the automobile industry, in heating, in construction of sort of types of buildings, it is bringing a need of use of Air conditioning everywhere. And also in the intensification of agriculture, they have produced enormous greenhouse effect gases of over 150 Giga ton more/extra to the 600 Giga ton that the world can normally absorb. Mother earth is no longer able to absorb those greenhouse gases. What does this mean?

It means if mother earth is not able to absorb these gases of greenhouse effect, when the sun will send us his sunlight, and mother earth will send out infra-red rays of light all of it will remain in the world, nonetheless the greenhouse gases that has been added up, it has raised up that ozone layer (thickened), it is no longer possible for that energy to return to the sun, all of it is remaining with us here on the earth, and we are in heavy heating here on earth, the world is heating up, in summers so much sweating and we all need air conditioning to survive.

So it means, development that the whites and the Asians, we are not scared to say it, have brought unto the world will lead to our extinction, humanity will cease to exist in the coming years. Ignorantly many people are enjoying this materialistic development of the west and we are dancing, eating, some of you twerking like you have arrived in heaven, partying everywhere hash tag Afronation, not knowing your future generation will live in misery. It is sending a lot of carbon unto the world and it is thickening that ozone layer. The heat that mother is returning back to the sun, it is no longer going to space, but all of it is returning to us, ‘that is why we are seeing the temperature of the world is rising. When those temperatures are rising, glaciation areas are melting fast, the oceans are taking water out by flooding many regions, and it is a disaster. When that temperature is increasing, it is sending the evaporation of water; it is going above, instead of it going to condense in 3,000 metre of altitude for example, it is condensing at 6,000 metres of altitude nonetheless it has a lot of heat. Now at 6,000 metres of altitude of condensation, it is very cold, thus it is travelling with high cold, it is becoming humid, and not able to fall as rain in other zones, and those zones are becoming deserts.

So mother earth due to our foolishness and stupidity is dying. That is why people all of sudden have come to a realization, that in the centuries to come if we continue to walk this way, the temperature of the world will rise from 1 degree Celsius towards 6 degrees Celsius, it will be a great disaster.

They met up in Paris Agreement/COP21. Nonetheless Zola Bantu is observing this very careful, they came to meet up in Paris, they said no no, we have seen since we met in the last COP up to now, many countries have augmented their gases of greenhouse effect, So if we continue like this, disaster will come unto the world, animals will die, flooding everywhere, it will be a disaster. What can we do?

In the meeting points was raised, the leaders said, “the United States we have seen that, if we have look at your population, on a minimum, one America is producing 6 ton per year of greenhouse gas, this is a disaster”, Europeans per person you are producing 3 ton per person year of greenhouse gas”. We in Afrika we produce nothing, for sure we are producing but not in the proportions of tons like you the west and the east are producing. The meeting leaders said,Americans sign for us this agreement so that you can reduce your production by 8%, Europeans reduce it by 7%. Americans said, “We will not sign it”, The U.S. officially exited the Paris Agreement in Nov. 2020. American leaders said, “We cannot accept this, we have to continue our development”. Nations of Europe some accepted to sign. The Chinese said, “hmm it cannot be like this, we will continue to produce those gases, because we are currently developing now, you guys in the 19th and 20th century you developed and stole the production proportions of greenhouse effect, freely in the middle east, in petrol, you produced your things, now that we have arrived at our phase of development, you want to prevent us from developing, never! We will continue to produce up to when we will arrive at our goal,”

See the reasoning of people? My dear Afrikans! Mother earth is at the verge of dying, others are saying, “you stole, let us also produce when we will arrive at your level, then we shall see those things, or when you will reduce your greenhouse effect gases, then we will we see reflect on that

Mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers these things are difficult! Europeans have entered into productions of transportation systems that will not consume a lot of energy; they want to make green energy. They want to make electric cars, all this so that they reduce their carbon emissions. The Chinese have said we will continue, but we are seeing in our countries of Afrika, there is no reasoning around these propositions. We keep saying we are the reservoir of the world’s greenery, but how are we going to develop? If they prevent us from using products that produce greenhouse gases, like how white people have done all these centuries? They will end up saying let us adopt renewable energies, in a durable economy, what will we do? Is there a solution? What is surprising is, the leaders of the nations of Afrika, they are not able to enter into these debate. Foreign people now are saying, “We will continue to produce to maintain our level of development, because you in Afrika you not are producing, we will come to invest in your nation, in renewable energies, so that your quota of greenhouse emission we will take it so that we can continue to produce”. See the mindset of the people of the world??

Mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers it is requiring for us at Zola Bantu to wake up awakers of the conscience, to wake up Afrikan scientists, political men and women of Afrika, so that we can enter into development with an approach that will satisfy, and regulate the problem of global warming and climate change, but with just solutions, than solutions that are negotiated, “oh let me steal my quota, you take mine, I  will give you money, it is childish, in the resolution of climatic problems”.

Thus is this is what we wanted to share with you today, so that you Afrikan intellectuals, when will enter into the civilization of 3rd millennium, we can take good approaches, If we have arrived here, it is the end of our words, be blessed and read more on this issue and let us raise a debate on this matter.