Eternal Gospel
Introduction to the Eternal Gospel
Chapter 1: Pt 1:The Law of Movement
Chapter 1 Pt 2: Mother Earth is Dying
Chapter 1 Pt 3: Mother Earth has entered into a car wash.
 Chapter 2 Pt 1: Read the Bible in Spirit not Intellect
Chapter 2 Pt 2: The time of the church is OVER!

Chapter 2 Pt 3: Develop Agape, Purity and True Repentance
Chapter 3 Pt 1: Understanding the Cosmic Family
Chapter 3 Pt 2: Three types of Spirits that inhabit the Earth
Chapter 3 Pt 3: Indigo Kids
Chapter 4 Pt 3: Stages of the Time of Aquarius
Chapter 4 Pt 1: The Parable of the Weeds
Chapter 4 Pt 4: The Last Stage of the Time of Aquarius
Chapter 4 Pt 2: Jesus, Yeshua, Isa, Kongo-Kalunga Confusion
Chapter 5 Pt 1: You Are The Project Of God
Chapter 5 Pt 2: URGENT! It’s Time to Leave the 3D
Spiritual Awakening and Wake up Chapter 5 Pt 3: A Message to those in the 3D