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Phase 1

The developmental cycle of a child starts from conception, when the mother conceives a child. Children develop in cycles from conception and approximately 7 years’ cycles, through-out each of this cycles, they have certain characteristics which need to be respected if we want to promote the full development of their different potential. Both the parents have a responsibility to ensure that the child is surrounded by too much of positive energy, a peaceful joyful environment with a standard routine is important to the developing child.

Note: Children Education is primarily for the parents so they can teach the children. It is advisable for parents to follow these courses together with the children.

Module 1: 1-7 Years

History, Culture Tradition

Computer Basics

Day to day personal hygiene

Activities & Manual Skills

Learning by Observation or Imitation



Exposure to the Environment and Nature

Module 2: 7-14 years

History, Art & Culture Pt 1

History, Art & Culture Pt 2

Module 3: 14-21 years

Adolescent responsibility

Master a skill

The 5 Ds

Pyramid of needs


Module 4: 21+ Years


Being Independent & Interdependent