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Business Registration

Practical Guide

Natural person and legal person: case of nationals

 -A lease contract or deed of ownership indicating the full address and location of your business                                                                                                                                                       

 -The commercial name of it                                                                                                                              

 -1 certified photocopy of the CIN or passport of the business creator or managers and one of the partners                                                              

 -1 extract from the criminal record (bulletin n ° 3) less than 3 months old                                                                        

 -1 copy of the marriage certificate (if applicable)                                                                                                      

 -1 certificate of residence for the current year (the tax is paid at the estate, and the certificate of residence is established at the town hall)                                                                                                                                                  

 -3 identity photos  

 -1 fiscal stamp of 200 F CFA

Legal entity exceptions

 Drafting of the company’s statutes;                                                                                                 

-A notarial deed and proof of constitution of a capital according to the conditions set by law.

-1 copy of the constitutive report;

-1 copy of the notarial act;

-4 copies of the M0 form;

-4 deeds of deposit.

Natural person and legal person: case of foreigners

– 1 application stamped at 1,000 F

-The legalized passport or an identity document

-Certificate of residence

-1 information sheet costing 1210 F CFA and stamped at 10,000-20,000 F CFA                                       

-1 copy of the company’s articles of association,

Creation costs

Natural person are 42,500 CFA francs

Legal person are 47,500 CFA francs.

Documents submitted at the end of the creation

 -1 trade and movable credit register (RCCM);

-1 declaration of fiscal existence and number of the unique financial identifier (IFU);

-1 professional merchant card (CPC);

-1 employer notification (CNSS). The period of validity of the professional merchant card is three years.

Formalities for other sectors

Crafts: registration in the trades register

Contact details

Avenue de Lyon, Ouagadougou Burkina Faso

Telephone: +226 25 39 80 60



Opening time :

From Monday to Friday

Opens at 8:00 AM (Thu)

Closing: 3:30 p.m.

How to start a business in Burkina Faso

CEFORE (Center for Business Formalities), a structure specializing in the implementation of business climate reforms, supports micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in Burkina Faso. Its main mission is to allow national and foreign economic operators, natural or legal persons, to carry out in the same place, in front of a single interlocutor, the formalities and the declarations of companies.

It is present in nine cities including Ouagadougou, Bobo-Dioulasso, Kaya, Koudougou, Ouahigouya, Fada and Gaoua.

Its goal is to support the creation of a business, to facilitate and simplify the promoter’s procedures with the various administrations.

There are three main tax regimes in Burkina Faso :

◾ The normal tax regime (RNI) if the turnover is greater than CFAF 50 million,

◾ The simplified tax regime (RSI) if the turnover is between 15 and 50 million FCFA,

◾ The micro-enterprise contribution regime (CME) for a turnover of less than CFAF 15 million.

There are two types of companies in Burkina Faso in Burkina Faso

Each type has a different form and varying fees .

Immigration Info Benin

Guide pratique pour l’immigration au Burkina Faso

Les documents d’identification pour voyager

Le Burkina Faso délivre 4 catégories de papiers de voyage à savoir : le Passeport ordinaire, Passeport diplomatique, le Laissez-passer et la Carte National D’identification Burkinabé (CNIB). Pour chaque type de demande, les documents à fournir sont les suivants en fonction des catégories des demandeurs.
Pour Adultes:

  • Acte de naissance
  • Attestation d’identité complète
  • Attestation de résidence
  • 2 photos passeport
  • Attestation de service pour les fonctionnaires
  • RCCM pour les entrepreneurs

Pour les enfants :

  • 2 photos passeport
  • Extrait d’acte de naissance
  • Attestation d’autorisation parentale
  • Photocopies des cartes d’identité des parents de l’enfant
  • Attestation scolaire ou photocopie du diplôme pour les élèves

Frais exigés

  • Passeport ordinaire : 50.000 CFA
  • Passeport de service : 60.000 CFA
  • Passeport diplomatique : 70.000 CFA
  • Laissez-passer : 15.000 CFA


Service des passeport

police nationale


Immigration au Burkina Faso

Les formalitées d’entrer et sortie du Burkina Faso

La Police Nationale du Burkina Faso offre des services multiples aux citoyens Burkinabé et aux étrangers en rapport avec les papiers de voyages et d’autres services connexes selon la Loi.

Des conditions de sortie pour les nationaux

  • Etre titulaire d’une carte d’identité ou d’un passeport burkinabè
  • Etre titulaire d’un titre de voyage

Les nationaux peuvent entrer du Burkina comme ils le souhaitent sans conditions. Par contre pour sortir du pays il y’a certaines conditions si le pays d’accueil demande un visa préalable.

Des conditions d’entrée et de sortie des étrangers

  • Etre titulaire d’un titre de voyage revêtu d’un visa burkinabè,
  • Avoir un titre de transport retour ou une caution ou dispense de caution de rapatriement.
  • Les étrangers désirant s’établir durant une période supérieure à trois mois devront avoir un carnet de séjour, dont la demande est faite sur place, dans un délai de 15 jours à partir de la date d’arrivée sur le territoire du Burkina Faso.                                                                                                                              

Il est précisé que tout étranger en situation irrégulière sera refoulé en plus d’être passible d’une amende et d’un emprisonnement dont la durée variera d’un à six mois.

Accès au travail des étrangers

  • Quant à l’accès au travail des étrangers, il n’y a pratiquement pas de discrimination
  • Le code du travail stipule que le contrat de travail doit être conclu avant tout déplacement du travailleur au Burkina Faso.

Les formalités d’obtention du visa

Access to Legal Aid

Legal Aid In Burkina Faso

Formality for obtaining legal aid

Legal aid and conditions

This is the aid that the Burkinabè state provides to indigent people so that they can have access to justice. The indigent here is the person who does not have sufficient resources to meet their basic needs such as food, shelter and health.             

Beneficiary of assistance                                                                                                                                       

* victims of acts of attack on life or bodily integrity such as serious assault and battery, acts of torture carried out by agents of the State in the exercise of their function,                                                               

* persons in charge of minor children in the procedures of alimony or contribution to the expenses of the household having no own income;                            

* the spouse in charge of a minor child in the process of divorce with no own income;                                                                 

* widows in charge of minor orphans who do not have their own income in inheritance procedures,                                

* any other person of Burkinabè nationality on condition of providing a certificate of indigence issued by the town hall of his place of residence dated less than three (03) months;                                                                                                                                                       

* people of foreign nationality on condition that they usually reside in Burkina Faso and that the Burkinabè can also benefit from similar aid in their country.

 The procedure to follow                                                                                                                                                      

The citizen who wants to benefit from this assistance must address a written request without stamp to the president of the commission of legal assistance. This commission is in the tribunal de grande instance. This written request must include:                                                           

* his names, first names, profession, domicile and nationality;  

* the subject of the trial with a summary statement of the reasons;   

* the names, first names, domicile of the opposing party;                                                                               

* the court seised or the one which must be seized of the case or, in the case of a protective act or an act of execution, the place where they must be executed with the indication of the names, first name and address of the enforcement agent, if applicable;                                                                  

* the names, first names and addresses of the lawyer, public or ministerial officers chosen, if applicable.

 the benefits of assistance

On the one hand, when the request is accepted, we benefit from the assistance of court officials. For example, a lawyer can be appointed to assist the litigant. On the other hand, the State fully or partially covers the costs of the proceedings depending on whether the legal aid granted is total or partial.

Patenting Services


Standardization and patenting of products or services

In the protection and development of their intangible assets (brands of products and services, patents, utility models, industrial designs, trade names, new plant varieties, etc.). It allows among other things:

  • Inform, raise awareness and train economic players on industrial property issues
  • Support, advise and support economic players in the protection and use of their intangible assets
  • Promote better use of industrial property to increase the competitiveness of SMEs / SMIs
  • Promote and enhance local products containing qualities linked to the origin
  • Facilitate access to services provided by OAPI and to scientific and technical information
  • Contribute to the fight against infringements of industrial property rights;
  • Ensure compliance with regional and international conventions and agreements relating to industrial property.

Product patenting is important for an entrepreneur in that it protects him against counterfeiting, piracy, unfair competition and ensures the life of the product marketed because the law protects him if his product is patented at the CNPI. The costs vary depending on what the entrepreneur wishes to patent (type of product or service, category of product or service, product sensitivity, area of ​​coverage, etc.

EVENT: QUALITY DAY (where several women entrepreneurs are awarded for their commitment to the quality of their business in all areas)

Access to Land


La DGFOMR a pour attributions d’Assurer la mise en œuvre de la Politique Nationale de Sécurisation Foncière en Milieu Rural en relation avec les acteurs concernés et le suivi de l’application effective de la règlementation en matière de foncier rural. La Politique nationale de sécurisation foncière en milieu rural adoptée en 2007 est la base essentielle de la politique foncière en milieu rural au Burkina Faso.

Loi n°055-2004/AN du 21 décembre 2004 portant code général des collectivités territoriales. …

Loi n°034-2012/AN du 02 juillet 2012 portant réorganisation agraire et foncière

Loi n°034-2009/AN du 16 juin 2009 portant régime foncier rural

Tous ces textes définissent le régime juridique de la propriété foncière en milieu rural et/ou en milieu urbain (RAF de 2012) au Burkina Faso.

 Où se renseigner :

Les femmes entrepreneurs peuvent se renseigner sur la terre auprès :

–   des Mairies                                                                                                           

–  de la maison de l’entreprise du Burkina Faso     

–  le pôle de croissance de Bagré ; 

–  la DGFOMR ;                                                                                                                                                                                

–  Les projets, programmes et ONG à volet foncier (PACOF/GRN, PSAE, Fondation Konrad Adenauer Stiftung etc.                                                                                                                                                                                        

Possibilités d’utilisation des terres                                                                                                                                           

Modes d’accès à la terre : les textes organisent l’accès sans discriminations des hommes et des femmes à la terre.

Modes et mécanisme d’accès à la terre : acquisition traditionnelle de la terre, achat, location (ou bail à ferme), prêt de terre, bail emphytéotique (bail de 18 ans au moins et 99 ans au plus), prêt de terre, autorisation de mise en valeur temporaire des terres, octroie des terres aux femmes, jeunes et migrants (couches vulnérables ) par quotas pour les terres aménagées par l’État ou les collectivités territoriales (Article 75 de la loi 034-2009)

Accompagnement dans le démarrage des activités

La direction (DLRSF/DGFOMR) ayant à sa charge, la diffusion du contenu de la loi 034-2009 portant régime foncier rural a organisé des ateliers d’information / sensibilisation au profit des acteurs dont les femmes.                                                           Le recrutement de troupes théâtrales pour la conception d’une pièce et sa représentation sous forme de théâtre forum, au moins vingt-sept mille cent soixante quatorze (27174) personnes touchées dont dix mille sept cent cinquante une (1075) de femmes.