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Zola Bantu 27: The Fall of the First Human Civilization & It’s Consequences on planet Earth

How did civilization fall?
When God decided, when we say God we don’t mean the source that is in an inaccessible realm. We speak of the holy spirit, GOD The creator.
When the holy spirit decided for us to come here, to do an experience of love, justice and purity. He gave us a very essential element that we call the free will. He placed this element in us. Why? Because the most high did not want us to follow good, without there being an alternative, another thing. He really wanted us to really understand that it is only in following the good, can we arrive at being happy. So he gave us a free will, a free choice. Follow us carefully. There is no free choice, there is no free will, if there are no two possibilities of choice. If you are in a house, and there is only one door for getting out, you will say, I have no choice.

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Zola Bantu Class 26: The beginning of the Human civilizations in the Physical Universe

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