Hannington Mubaiwa

Hannington Mubaiwa

Hannington Mubaiwa is the  visionary and design architect behind RAP’s unique economic transformation and modernization models.  His technical global oversight coupled with the ability to conceptualize the African Development Agenda is both an incomparable and invaluable asset to the team.

President Hannington Mubaiwa is the author of the book, THE RIOT ACT, that births THE RAPID AFRICA PLAN, to create new systems on every level; political, economic, social, TECHNOLOGICAL, Agricultural, Energy and the rest while carrying out a massive project of African Cultural rehabilitation and Preservation, the plan is enshrined in a book called THE RIOT ACT(The Third World Modernization Bible) what we are working on now is to pull support behind it of the youth and once that is done then it will gain power to help us negotiate for way or Force out the existing colonial structure, we have an understanding that it will take time even up to 5 years or more but we also understand that these are revolutionary moments when the right idea which we have if well packaged and presented can spread quickly in less than one month and gain momentum.

THE RAPID AFRICA PLAN’s vision is to transform not reform the whole Unified and integrated African Economy to a Leading GDP of 60Trillion in 40year from now but you can’t do this on the existing colonial Political, economic and social Infrastructure.

A Must Book to Read!

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