Zola Bantu is a Spiritual Organization for the awakening of the Human conscience.

Zola Means Love | Bantu Means People

Our Motto

We are Zola Bantu

We live in love | We live in Purity | We live in Justice

We are Priests | We are Scientists | We are Judges

The 3 Pillars of Spirituality

We bring together the best of Us

We build together

We don’t Destroy

17,000 thousand years ago Ancient Egypt took the mantle of leadership in the world after the great flood that led to the drowning of Atlantis. Nimi Kongo a.k.a Noah left the heart of Afrika and went down to Egypt to build the greatest civilization that respected the laws of the universe and it lasted 13,000 years.

A civilization of pure Spiriatuality guided by the foundation 3 pillars of Spirituality namely Nsaku, Panvu, Nzinga.

A triangular geometry of Priests, Scientists and Judges working together with an incarnated heart of Zola, Ngangu and Lendo translated to mean Love, Purity and Justice.

This was the secret strength of this amazing Civilization that respected the laws of creation and was in harmony with nature. At Zola Bantu our goal is to restore the principles that built and strengthened this Golden age civilization back to Afrika for the preparation of the reign of Kwatulendo (Millennium/Reign of a thousand years) in the current time of Aquarius.

The CREATOR & Lucifer what exactly happened??

Let’s use a simple figurative story to better explain the story of the CREATOR & Lucifer.

The story is about a man who ran an empire of several successful businesses and had three children. They lived in a beautiful mansion with more than enough room for his family. They also had 7 servants who were under the instruction of his wife.

He wanted his children to master the art of his business so that they could also help in running the empire. Unfortunately, his youngest child was not grasping the concept of the business, he was in need of more experience in order to understand the processes. Therefore, the man sent his youngest child to one of the new smaller companies on an internship basis in order for him to gain some experience.

They did not want to send him alone, so they sent one of their most trusted servants out of the seven with him. The servant had some knowledge of the business hence, he was responsible for mentoring the businessman’s son and building up this new company.

After their arrival they set up the office, with the necessities such as the boardroom, reception, bathrooms etc. The servant began to explain the various components of business to the son. He showed him the processes used in marketing, accounting, teamwork etc.

One day the servant started to think that the business should be his because of all the work he was investing. He began to desire having the business as his own and found the thought of his boss’s son running the business unfair. So, the servant switched from teaching the son how to master the business, instead he taught him the wrong things.

The father back home then noticed that his son was staying away beyond the time period that they had agreed. His internship was supposed to be over, but he still had not returned. The father assumed that his son had not yet finished learning about the business.

The remaining 6 servants at home then heard about what the 7th servant was doing with the small business. They went to report to their boss how the 7th servant had taken over the business and was wrongly influencing his son and turning him into a slave. The father was shocked and deeply disappointed. He then sent 3 of his servants to throw out the 7th servant from that small company. They went to take him out and threw him into prison. From there, the son began to learn slowly.

This is a summary of what happened between God and Lucifer. Below is the explanation of the characters.

Creator – the father

The children – the 3 spirits

1st born child – primordial spirits.

2nd born child – spirits created auto conscient..

3rd born child – gems of spirits..

Small business – the earth

Bigger business – the spiritual kingdom

7 servants – the archangels

Lucifer is the servant who was sent to help the son to learn how to operate the business. He appeared to our ancestor in the form of a cat also known as Ra. He was the bridge connecting the children on earth to the CREATOR. When we arrived on earth, we wore the body of an animal. He taught us how to operate the body. From the time we were Australopithecus afarensis up until we evolved to become Homo sapiens. When we gained conscience and had learnt a bit about the business, he began to teach us the wrong things. So, one of the archangels had to come. The Europeans call him Michael. He came to remove Lucifer and lock him up in prison.

However, the ideas that Lucifer had put into the mind of the child, continued to reign in the world for over 6000 years now. Just like weeds planted among seeds. His influence continues to control some people in the world. Which is why we have taken so long in this internship, our father has been waiting for us. We should have mastered the business by now. Instead, we have wasted time and continue to reincarnate and reincarnate but we haven’t mastered the business yet.

The physical body perishes and when it does, the spirit leaves it and faces judgement to see whether or not it has mastered the business.

3 Pillars of Spirituality





The Strategy

 Firstly, we need to do an awakening and wake up of the conscience. The Afrikan really need to be reborn in a new birth. There is a need for conscience awakening personnel, so that they can help the people to wake up and to be reconciled to their history. Because the current solutions that are being taken are solutions that do not take account of the history of Afrikan people and have made the Afrikan to live in syncretism. An Afrikan has become a hybrid, and in that hybridation he has devalued himself completely. Afrikan intellectuals are a shame, they will speak foreign languages all day and make mention of all types of things but have no vision of their history and worse if he is told of his history, he looks at it with hate and disregard.  Every time something of Afrikan paradigm is mentioned it is seen to be nothing but witchcraft, see the foolishness of the temple-mindset of Europe. Not knowing that the temple of Afrika was a temple of brotherhood and sisterhood relations. So, the first stage we have to think on how we are going to organize the awakening and the wake up of the Afrikan conscience. 

 Second step, In the wake up of the conscience we shall constitute a new Elite body. We will see how in the movement of this awakening and wake up we can be able to organize a new struggle body. And when we say movement of awakening and wake up, we do not mean a fighting movement, popular uprising, put such a person in such a place, I will give you this and that we speak not of this, instead we speak of a return to a paradigm that centers love, justice, purity in development of a person. And for that we need to reconcile ourselves to our history and we need to constitute a new elite group that is grained in the history of pure spirituality. 

 Third step, we shall have a political, economic transition. As we are in the paradigm of the west, we will not do a revolution as they have arms and a lot of interests. We will see what sort of approach we should take, and we will talk between us and also speak to them in a way that we can negotiate a transition of civilization. We will let go of a barbaric civilization and move to the civilization of reign of peace on earth, but it will be in a transitional phase. There is a need for elders who have done that sort of political elite to be able to see off and negotiate that transition. The people will be made aware of this and also the force of progress in the western world. 

 And at the last the fourth step. We will enter into the emerging new civilization. These thereby are my reflections in 4 steps I have spoken to you of the current dominating paradigm that is an accident of history because the paradigm that drove history over a long time was the paradigm of our Afrikan ancestors, the paradigm that the Son of Man came to restore. 

 so, 4 steps

1. Wake up the conscience.

2. Constitution of an elite group according to that wake up.

3. Create a situation of transition of civilization as the people begin to take charge of their lives and see how to negotiate with the western civilization of violence.

so that finally,

4. And then we can then make a reign of peace on earth. 

Our Muntu’s

For the preparation of the reign of Kwatulendo

Name: Afonso Diassonama Luafu

Purpose: Conscience Awaker

Source: Kingdoms of Light

Identity: Spirit of Evolution

Earth Nationality: Angola

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Name: Ekumanyi Wetshi

Purpose: Conscience Awaker

Source: Constellation of Philadelphia

Identity: Spirit of Evolution

Earth Nationality: Kongolese

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Name: Arvy Ngayaka Ngala-Ngala

Purpose: Conscience Awaker

Source: NA

Identity: Spirit of Evolution

Earth Nationality: Kongolese

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