Zola = Love | Bantu = People

Love – Purity – Justice

Our 5 key strategies


To awaken the conscience of Humanity


To move away from western media


To produce what we eat


To restore women to their original purpose


To protect our people, land & resources

Zola Bantu Class (5 Modules)


Understand the African problem

Life 101

Spiritual History of Humanity

Mission of a Woman on Earth

Discover the spiritual purpose of a woman

Spiritual Awakening

Wake up! Spiritually

Dead in Spirit

80% of humanity are spiritually dead

Zola Bantu Trust Fund

Vision: 100 Members that contribute 20$, 30$, & 55$ a month

Goal: To raise 10,000$ to finance African projects that lack funding

Current Members: 12/100

Amount raised so far: 1,695$

Become a Member TODAY!


Arvy Ngayaka Ngala-Ngala

Zaheer Ernest

Lebohang Bernard Matamane

Lebohang Nkosi

Email: zolabantumuntu@gmail.com

Phone: +91-9811039660/+243-832467855/+27-826904780

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